A Matter of Perspective – 10 Great Achievements in 2020

Space-X orbiting the Earth

For those pursuing bold achievements, challenges and setbacks require a positive perspective. Instead of seeing them as obstacles to goals and dreams, they must be embraced as opportunities to excel. Few would question that 2020 has given us more than our fair share of challenges. But that doesn’t mean great achievements in 2020 didn’t occur! In fact, many positive things in 2020 took place, highlighting how bold accomplishments never cease occurring. With the right point of view and effort, anything is possible…even in 2020.

In considering positive things in 2020 that did take place, several come to mind right off the bat. For example, a 67 million-year-old fossil revealed the world’s oldest bird that just happened to be a duck-chicken combo! Of course, the negative effects of the global pandemic overshadowed many of these accomplishments. Trying to survive lockdown and avoid infection was a fulltime job, not to mention securing toilet paper. With this in mind, it’s important that we recall some of the great achievements in 2020. While the list is not meant to be comprehensive, the following are 10 of the ones we thought were noteworthy.

A family all chilling out in their living room
One of the positive things in 2020 was all time spent with family – right?
  1. Greater Focus on the Family

Though it may have been forced upon us by the pandemic, each of us spent more time with our families. In the process, relationships grew, and new traditions were formed. For a moment in time, our lives slowed, and we acknowledge the importance of those around us. When it’s all said and done, this may be among the greatest achievements in 2020.

  1. The Bushfires in Australia Stopped

One of the positive things in 2020 was when the bush fires in Australia finally stopped. After 240 days, heavy rains finally put out the blaze, bringing tremendous damage to a halt. Though thousands of homes, millions of animals, and 28 people died, we have to be thankful for the fires’ end. Hopefully, we’ll soon see the pandemic come to a close as well.

  1. Africa Was Declared Free of Polio

One of the truly great achievements in 2020 was the declaration of Africa as being free of poliovirus. The last reported case of wild polio was 4 years ago on the continent. This means that both smallpox and polio have been eradicated from Africa. Given the devastating effects poliovirus can cause, this is a truly remarkable feat.

  1. Healthcare Workers Received Respect

As the coronavirus raged across the globe, healthcare workers stepped up to the challenge. Facing tremendous risks, these heroes answered the call despite PPE shortages and hospitals at capacity. In the process, they finally received some well-deserved recognition. With all the negative things involving the pandemic, this is one of the more positive things in 2020 to occur.

  1. Air Pollution Dropped Significantly

After lockdowns and quarantines occurred, millions found themselves no longer having to commute. Likewise, the demand for travel became nearly non-existent. All of this led to some pretty incredible improvements in pollution figures. India alone saw pollution drop 60 percent within a week of lockdown. Even though it’s perhaps temporary, this still represents one of the great achievements in 2020.

  1. A Cure for HIV Was Discovered

One of the more positive things in 2020 involved patients receiving an apparent cure for HIV via a bone marrow transplant. While both patients had cancer, the bone marrow received had a gene mutation that protected them from the HIV virus. Of course, bone marrow transplants are not feasible for large populations. But the discovery has now given researchers keen insights into developing more specific cures.

  1. Pet Adoption Skyrocketed

From our furry friends’ perspective, one of the greatest achievements in 2020 had to do with pet adoptions. Rescued animals and pets increased a whopping 400 percent amidst lockdowns and quarantines. We essentially rediscovered that pets are great company, especially when stuck at home! Perhaps, this is one trend that will persist well after the pandemic is over.

  1. SpaceX Made Space History

The pandemic didn’t stop space exploration moving forward aggressively this year. SpaceX and Elon Musk made history with the first commercially approved manned space flight. It then sent a second mission to the International Space Station carrying 4 crew members. Given the lapse in U.S. manned space missions, this is certainly one of the great achievements in 2020 to celebrate.

  1. Our Digital Skills Leaped Forward

Office shutdowns, school closures, and many other restrictions forced us to consider different strategies this year. The obvious solution involved digital technologies, and we embraced the challenge well. Not only has videoconferencing and other collaborative digital tools boomed. But so has our virtual etiquette and skills in using them. Like it or not, one of the positive things in 2020 has been the incredible improvement in our digital skills.

  1. Global Collaboration Occurred in Vaccine Development

In normal times, national pride and varying ideologies can create barriers among countries. But with the pandemic, every nation faced serious challenges in dealing with the coronavirus. But through global collaboration, numerous pharmaceutical companies pooled resources and knowledge to come up with a solution. Today, a number of vaccines look promising with vaccinations already begun in some regions. The vaccines are certainly great achievements in 2020, but so has been the global collaboration that allowed it to occur.

Scientists in a lab developing vaccines
Sure the pandemic was a downer, but the rapid development of a multitude of vaccines is a heck of an achievement!

Rising to the Occasion

When it comes to bold achievements, sometimes it’s not the actual outcome. In some instances, it’s the effort, persistence, and determination required to overcome obstacles. The great achievements in 2020 above are just some of the bold accomplishments for the year. But they provide great examples because they were able to achieve these feats amidst a world in chaos. Without question many negative events will always be associated with this year. But it’s important to remember the positive things in 2020 as well. These are the achievements that provide inspiration to help us overcome obstacles in our own lives in achieving our own goals.


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