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Personal self-improvement is a process by which we all hope to improve. It involves taking a look at our personal and perhaps professional goals. It also examines our current abilities, skills and traits for any shortcomings preventing us from excelling. By pursuing personal growth courses, we gain the opportunity to enhance our lives and careers. And in today’s environment, there are a number of online self-improvement courses at our fingertips. But how do we know which ones are worthwhile to help us in our pursuits? Naturally, each of us will have different needs when it comes to personal growth courses. But in an effort o identify a few that you might consider, the following are among the best online self-improvement courses today.

  1. Manifesting Your Best Life with Ray Mears

This online course offered by Udemy is all about unlocking your overall human potential. Ray Mears is a well-known global spiritual mentor who leads the program with over 30 hours of on-demand video. You will specifically learn how to better define self-improvement goals, identify limiting beliefs, and let go of excessive needs for control. This program is considered one of the best online self-improvement courses today for those wanting to overcome self-limiting views. 

  1. The Ultimate Stress Management Guide with Robin Berzin MD 

There are several personal growth courses that deal with stress management available today. However, one of the best online self-improvement courses in this genre is available at MindBodyGreen. Taught by Parsley Health founder and functional medicine guru, Robin Berzin, the program helps individuals adopt better stress-reducing habits. This includes a 38-hour video course with specific instructions regarding lifestyle, diet, movement and breathing. For those with poor stress management skills and/or stress-related symptoms, this is an excellent program. 

  1. Inspiration and Motivation with Scout Bassett 

If you’re interested in inspirational programs, there are few personal growth courses more powerful than this one. Scout Bassett is a Paralympic track and field star who knows the pain and challenges associated with hardships. In her early life, she survived an orphanage in China and made her own makeshift prosthesis. These lessons taught her she could overcome any obstacle. In this program, Scout shares her insights with a special focus on athletics. For those looking for such inspiration, this is among the best online self-improvement courses.  

  1. Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learn and Discover Your Hidden Potential 

While many online self-improvement courses have an associated fee, this one presented by McMaster University is free. For those wanting to boost their career in a fast-paced world, this is one of the best personal growth courses. The program addresses how to leverage mentors, networks, change mentality, and knowledge to advance in your career. The course can also be easily completed as it comes in 4 modules totaling 11 hours of learning. With a bit of mind-shifting, anything is possible, especially when you adopt a success mindset. (Read more about how turning routines into rewards is essential for Bold success in this Project Bold Life story!) 

  1. The Science of Better Sleep with Matthew Walker 

At first glance, it may seem unusual that a sleep course is included among the best online self-improvement courses. However, sleep is critical when it comes to creativity, problems solving and overall cognitive functioning. In this program, Matthew Walker, a neuroscience and psychology professor at UC Berkeley, explains the effects of sleep deprivation. He also outlines effective sleep habits as well as activities that boost sleep abilities. In the process, you’ll become more productive and creative. 

  1. Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing 

Effective communication is essential when pursuing almost any personal or professional goal. For this reason, this course by Mignon Fogarty (aka Grammar Girl) is include among the best online self-improvement courses. Presented by LinkedIn Learning, the program explains tricks of the trade such as the use of active voice and syntactical rhythm. She also teaches more basic skills such as comma usage and how to avoid run-on sentences. Regardless of your communication skill needs, this is one of the best personal growth courses related to writing. 

  1. The Science of Well-Being 

Available at Coursera, this program by Laurie Santis is among the best personal growth courses about true wellness and happiness. Santos is a Yale professor in psychology who shares the existing myths about happiness many hold today. She also goes into detail about wellness and how the brain actually functions. Based in abundant research, the course helps you develop better habits leading to greater productivity. In terms of cultivating positivity, this is one of the online self-improvement courses that you might want to consider. 

  1. Modern-Day Guide to Stop Procrastinating 

Many of us struggle with procrastination. If you’re someone in this category, then this is one of the better personal growth courses to consider. The program covers how to use daily structure and focusing exercises to eliminate procrastination. It also helps you learn to leverage momentum to avoid unnecessary slow-downs between projects. For one fee, this course is also accessible indefinitely for repeated use. And it can be viewed on multiple devices. 

  1. Neuroplasticity: How to Rewire Your Brain 

You’ve heard the term, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” This might be true for dogs, but not for us. Evidence now shows that the brain’s neuroplasticity can be harnessed at any age to promote positive changes. That’s why this program explains how you can use neuroplasticity to learn new habits and develop new skills. The course specifically offers a blueprint for improvement and multiple exercises as well. For those who doubt their capacity to change, this is among the online self-improvement courses worth exploring. 

  1. Double Your Confidence and Self-Esteem 

When it comes to obstacles that many experience in pursuing personal growth and success, self-doubt is a common one. As a result, many personal growth courses deal with this subject. But this one presented by Udemy is one of the best online self-improvement courses covering the topic. Presented by Jimmy Naraine, a well-known entrepreneur and executive coach, this program teaches social confidence and a positive mindset. And it includes 5 hours of on-demand videos, 1.5 hours of on-demand audio, and 7 downloadable resources.


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