Best Goal-Tracking Apps for a Bolder Life in 2022

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Well, a new year has arrived, and with it comes aspirations to become a better you. That means getting rid of some bad habits and replacing them with healthier ones. It also means establishing some stretch goals in an effort to achieve the life you desire. (Read more about the importance of stretch goals, and how inspiration makes all the difference, in this Notes From Ed!) Of course, we all know this is easier said than done, which is why many New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside. But fortunately, there’s some excellent online goal-tracker tools and apps to help us for 2022. Regardless of the goals you’re pursuing, there are a variety of inexpensive and engaging apps you might want to try. The following is a list of the best goal-tracking apps for 2022 that certainly deserve some consideration.

  • Strides

If you think you might enjoy a highly flexible online goal-tracker with great visuals, Strides may be for you. The app allows you to choose from four different tracker types, which includes habits, targets, averages, and projects. These allow different options like setting goal milestones and time durations as well as charting your progress. Strides also is easy to use and helps you develop and prioritize SMART goals. Plus, you can synchronize it among all your devices so you’re better able to stay focused. Strides offers both a free version and a premium service for a monthly subscription fee. All of these features make it one of the best goal-tracking apps today.


Perhaps, you need a little more than just an online goal-tracker. Maybe, you could use a bit of coaching as well. If that’s the case, may be a better choice. This application not only lets you establish and track goals. But it also lets you access personalized coaching instructions by specialized coaches to boost results. In addition, has a social sharing feature that lets you connect to a community of individuals pursuing similar goals. This helps provide motivation and accountability to your specific pursuits. Thus, this is one of the best goal-tracking apps for those who perform better in social settings. This app also can be downloaded for free, but coaching services require additional investments.

  • Way of Life

Some of us prefer an online goal-tracker app that’s simple and easy to use. If this describes you, then Way of Life is likely appealing. Basically, you can choose a specific habit or goal to pursue, and the app does the rest. It provides vivid visuals that includes graphs, charts as well as stats. Plus, it has a color-coded goal-tracker making it easy to see your progress over time. Other built-in features include note-taking opportunities and daily reminders. And like most of the best goal-tracking apps, it too comes in a basic model that’s free for downloading. Users may also choose a premium platform for a monthly subscription cost.nTask

In addition to being a well-known project management app, nTask is also among the best goal tracking apps as well. Its platform is highly user-centric, making it quite engaging. Plus, it offers a variety of specialized features to help you attain your goals. These features include the creation of milestones and subtasks as well as alerts, notifications, and reminders. It also allows third parties to access your progress if you desire. With over 100,000 users, nTask is well recognized as an online goal-tracker tool. This is a great app, especially for those who enjoy project management from the start.

  • Goals on Track

In order to increase the chances of success, goals should often be broken down into smaller ones. This is one of the unique features that Goals on Track encourages. This online goal-tracker offers a way to create your own SMART goals and then develop a personalized action plan. This plan typically consists of several small subtasks to promote success. The app has many other unique features including bar graph progress displays, note-taking features, and journaling. Plus, the visuals can be customized to your liking. Despite an annual subscription fee, Goals on Track is among the most popular and best goal-tracking apps on the market.

  • LifeRPG

Of the online goal tracker tools mentioned so far, none use gamification as a motivational strategy. LifeRPG, however, certainly does. Instead of calling them goals, LifeRPG labels them as “missions.” Plus, each mission has sub-missions that must be accomplished along the way. User can prioritize their missions based on scored levels of difficulty, urgency, and stress. They also receive reward points for successful completion of submissions and missions. Other additional features of the app include reminders as well as repetitive exercise that help create new habits. For the gamers in the crowd, this would likely be one of the best goal tracking apps to consider.

  • ATracker

For those who struggle with time management, ATracker is one of the best goal-tracking apps. First, it is also simple and easy to use. But likewise, it provides a number of ways to monitor progress. Bar graphs, pie charts, and calendar views are among the options available, and users can customize color coding. ATracker also allows device synchronizing, which makes it more efficient to use. Plus, you can share your progress with others to help hold you accountable. Finally, for a one-time minimal fee, you can enjoy an upgraded version of this online goal-tracker tool.

  • Dreamfora

Sometimes, simple and basic are the best. Dreamfora and its designers pride themselves on this concept. As an online goal-tracker app, Dreamfora requires minimal effort in setting up goals and plans of action. Using the app’s Planning Wizard, users can establish a goal with a single tap. They then receive a goal achievement plan with specific, actionable steps to perform. It also provides several additional features that create milestones, tasks, and habits to enhance success. Dreamfora also provides excellent visuals along with quotes and tips for motivation. Notably, it is currently only available on Android. Regardless, for those that like things simple, it ranks among the best goal-tracking apps today.


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