Bold Goals for Fall – Taking a Holistic Approach in Setting Bold Goals

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When it comes to goal-setting, most of us immediately relate this activity with the New Year. As the calendar year switches, it seems like a great time to identify new targets to better ourselves. This makes perfect sense. But the New Year isn’t the only time when we should reassess our life’s objectives and future endeavors. Fall also represents an excellent time to reflect on our progress and to make some needed adjustments. In our efforts to achieve bold goals, most of us probably experienced a few setbacks along the way. Thus, it’s worth stepping back and reassessing these goals as the year comes to a close.

Of course, autumn is a great time for setting bold goals anyway. Summer vacations are over, and kids are back in school. As a result, many of us have more structured schedules that often helps us achieve bold goals more readily. In addition, we may have had some extra time over the last few months to reexplore our life’s priorities. Notably, life is dynamic, and we are constantly discovering new insights and enjoying new experiences. It’s therefore only natural that our goals might change as a result. With this in mind, the following explores 8 areas you might want to consider in setting bold goals this fall.

  1. Bold Learning Goals – For many of us, learning goals might come naturally as we embark on a new academic school year. But for those who aren’t enrolled in education, setting bold goals for learning should be a lifelong endeavor. Not only does learning offer progressive insights about life and humanity. But it is also linked to better mental and cognitive health. Whether it’s an online educational program or self-study, learning goals are worthy of our attention. (Thinking of taking an online educational course? Check out this list, courtesy of Project Bold Life!)
  1. Bold Creativity Goals – When life gets busy, it’s easy to sacrifice those activities that bring out our creative side. But efforts to achieve bold goals should never ignore those things that foster our artistic pursuits. Whether visual, literary, or musical, creative art activities are essential pursuits in our efforts to be our best. Therefore, we should make time in our weekly schedules to ensure such bold goals receive the attention they deserve.
  1. Bold Self-Reflection Goals – In setting bold goals, self-reflection is an important activity. But self-reflection is essential on a more routine basis in our effort to better realize our true selves. Opportunities for meditation and mindfulness activities are much more prevalent today. Likewise, they too have been linked to improved health and wellness in a variety of ways. Similarly, journaling represents another approach to achieve bold goals in self-reflection. Self-reflection will not only support better decision-making but also lead to better goal achievement as well.
  1. Bold Charity Goals – Many of us are used to setting bold goals for giving back each year. That’s perfectly understandable since these charitable acts helps us grow and feel better connected. The fall is therefore a perfect time to check in and see if we’ve been able to achieve bold goals in this area. If so, perhaps we might want to give back in additional ways. If not, then recommitting to charitable acts might be worth exploring as well. With cold weather months ahead, opportunities for giving back will certainly increase. This is why now is a good time to make sure we take advantage of these moments to help others in need.
  1. Bold Relationship Goals – The ability to achieve bold goals in our relationships is always challenging. For most, making time to invest in those we care about can be difficult when other responsibilities mount. This is particularly true for old friends and family members who live a long way away. Understanding this, setting bold goals to strengthen these bonds is important and something that deserves our attention. Even if it means prioritizing those relationships most in need, this is a great area to consider for bold goal-setting.
  1. Bold Self-Care Goals – One of the important areas for setting bold goals today involves self-care goals. With so many roles and responsibilities, it’s easy to forget about taking time for one’s self. But without self-care, we soon lose the capacity to be our best, which makes it harder to achieve bold goals. Understanding this, consider some self-care goals like getting adequate sleep or regularly performing relaxation techniques. Each of us have different needs, so spend some time identifying those that will best serve you.
  1. Bold Career Goals – Many of us have bold goals related to our careers and to our professional development. As we get comfortable in a specific job or position, it is easy to get complacent and lose focus in these pursuits. Understanding this, the fall is a great time to check-in and to see if we’re on target. It’s also a great time to see what new opportunities might exist that allows us to advance our careers. And if we have already achieved some professional goals, it might be time for setting bold goals anew.
  1. Bold Health Goals – In discussing setting bold goals, it’s worth noting that all of those listed help us achieve holistic wellness. But at the same time, it’s also important to identify specific health goals also. Many of us have dietary goals we want to achieve or exercise schedules we want to perform. Others have made it a priority to focus on their mental health or spiritual wellness through specific activities. In any case, fall is ideal for revisiting these goals and see if there’s ways to improve.

As with any bold goal, it is always important to use the SMART approach. That means making sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. At the same time, it’s similarly key to define bold goals, since these are those that bring out the best in ourselves. Without question, setbacks will occur, and adjustments will need to be made. But by periodically reexploring old goals and setting new ones, progress will certainly be made. And ultimately, this is the best bold goal we can hope to attain.


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