How to Declutter and Simplify Your Life + 10 Proven Benefits

a beautifully organized closet with minimal clothing - how to declutter your life

Many of us struggle with clutter in our lives. Stacks of papers accumulate on the desk. Drawers are hard to close due to overflowing keepsakes. Hangers become a scarcity as poorly fitting or out-of-style clothes begin to dominate the closet. All of these are telltale signs that clutter is slowly taking over. And if we don’t figure out how to declutter, the potential for negative health effects becomes a real concern.

It might come as a surprise to you that clutter is associated with poor health. But several scientific studies show that clutter is linked to a variety of health problems. Therefore, knowing how to declutter effectively can enhance not just your life but your well-being. In fact, the benefits of being organized are quite numerous. And finding how to declutter our lives is an activity each of us should seriously consider.

Knowing How to Declutter Is Important for Your Health

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Did you know that piles of clutter can promote anxiety and stress that you may not even realize you are feeling? Likewise, clutter can trigger emotional distress from items that remind us of our past. And it has been shown to interfere with our ability to sleep and concentrate effectively. Unless we figure out how to declutter well, these unhealthy effects can eventually impact us in very negative ways.

On the extreme side are those who have a problem with hoarding. Hoarding is associated with a number of emotional and psychological issues. But even less extreme clutter can cause difficulties in these areas when it comes to our well-being. In this regard, clutter in your life can be viewed along a spectrum, with mild clutter on one side and hoarding on the other. In all cases, however, knowing how to declutter your life regularly allows you to optimize your overall wellness.

10 Benefits of Being Organized and Decluttering

three organized kitchen drawers - how to declutter your life

In contrast to the ill health effects of clutter, the benefits of being organized are numerous. This is why knowing how to declutter is so important. Rather than suffering the unhealthy effects of clutter, you can enjoy better health in relation to your mood, cognition, and physical well-being. The following 10 benefits of being organized highlight the positive effects that decluttering provides.

  1. Better ability to concentrate and focus: With less clutter, you’ll have fewer distractions and be better able to focus your attention on important things.
  2. Reduced anxiety and stress: Clutter has been linked to higher stress and the release of cortisol. Knowing how to declutter will, therefore, reduce stress and associated anxiety about being disorganized.
  3. Better time efficiency: Clutter naturally limits your ability to find things you need quickly. Therefore, one of the benefits of being organized is greater efficiency in locating the things you need.
  4. Improved mood: Another benefit of being organized is a more positive feeling about yourself. This promotes greater self-esteem and confidence in addition to a generally positive attitude.
  5. More sustained energy: Clutter can cause a sense of being overwhelmed while also wasting your time and energy. Knowing how to declutter is thus linked to an increase in energy as you become less burdened with clutter.
  6. Greater creativity: By appreciating how to declutter and reclaim your life, you gain a feeling of liberation and freedom. In turn, you enhance your creativity as the materialistic handcuffs of excess clutter are released.
  7. Improved sleep quality: Less stress, less anxiety, and a better mood all mean you are likely to sleep better. Studies have also shown that knowing how to declutter your life improves the capacity to sleep better.
  8. Better financial responsibility: Certainly, clutter can waste your time looking for things you need. But it can also cause you to buy things you already have but cannot find. Plus, once you declutter, you become more aware of what items you truly need. Both of these features enhance financial responsibility.
  9. Greater goal attainment: The benefits of being organized and decluttered include an ability to better pursue your goals without distraction. As you declutter your life, you will be better able to focus on your goals and direct your energy and time accordingly.
  10. Improved productivity: Less wasted time, more energy, better focus, and a positive attitude equals better overall productivity. Knowing how to declutter will provide tremendous advantages in helping you accomplish more in your life.

It’s Time to Declutter Your Way to a Better You!

Are you ready to enjoy all the wonderful benefits that decluttering offers? Naturally, knowing where to start can be difficult. And the process of decluttering can be quite stressful in itself. But the advantages of decluttering your life are worth it. In fact, Project Bold Life’s 20 Stress-Free Ways to Declutter offers important strategies to help you accomplish this task.

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