No Better Time Than Now for Continuing Education

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A number of paradigm shifts have occurred in the last six months. Amidst the quarantines and lockdowns, many of us are finding we have some extra time on our hands. Others are exploring new careers or thinking about going back for different degrees. If any of these situations apply, then the time is ideal to reinvest in yourself with continuing education. These types of investments provide you with the power of learning that paves the way to greater achievements–achievements that not only potentially involve your career, but your personal life as well.

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When it comes to continuing education, there’s some really great news. In today’s world of online connectivity, hundreds of thousands of online courses are now available. In fact, these are routinely called Massive Open Online Classes or MOOCs. And better yet, thousands are available for free from some of the top universities in the world. Likewise, with skills in online interactions and videoconferencing advanced, most of us are well primed for this type of learning. Depending on your specific goal, MOOCs offer a tremendous opportunity and experience.

Opportunities for Continuing Education

MOOCs are available from many different continuing education sites on the web today. Some of the best-known companies offering the power of learning have been around for almost a decade. These include Coursera, edX, Futurelearn and more. Each of these sites offer thousands of online courses from premier universities throughout the world. For example, Princeton, Yale, MIT and Harvard are just a few of the colleges and universities offering a variety of courses. And this fails to include the many other platforms offering courses like YouTube as well as museum and library sites.

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The lockdowns may have derailed countless plans for achievement, but there’s no better time than now for continuing education.

Some great resources to help you find MOOCs include other websites like Class Central and Open Culture. These provide an overall category of continuing education course online from a number of MOOC sites. Notably, many of these online courses are free of charge and are meant to simply enhance your knowledge. But some pay a fee for online courses in order to receive a certificate of completion. This may then be used for career advancement purposes or, in some cases, academic credits. In fact, nearly three-quarters of users have used the online power of learning to receive career benefits through these platforms.

The Power of Learning Unleashed

There are a number of benefits of continuing education whether online or via traditional in-class learning. Obvious ones include the leverage ongoing education offers in your career and occupation. Many employers reward their employees for such efforts through advancement and higher pay. And if you’re looking to change jobs or pursue new responsibilities, the power of learning can be very helpful. Interestingly, many businesses are now developing such opportunities for their workforce because of these benefits. Likewise, they are finding that employee satisfaction increased when these offerings are readily available.

You don’t have to have specific plans for continuing education in your job or academic pursuits, however. The power of learning extends into your personal life as well. Through ongoing education, you allow yourself to constantly grow and expand. You invite new perspectives and better integrate various concepts in new ways. All of this makes for richer life experiences while also opening up new opportunities to explore. For those wanting to pursue their boldest life, continuing education provides a great way to do just that.

Online Versus Traditional Continuing Education

If you’re considering your online opportunities, especially during this pandemic, there’re many advantages here as well. Many online continuing education courses offer tremendous flexibility in your schedule. Many are self-paced, as well, which means you can invest time in learning when it’s convenient. Others may require more of a set schedule and a regular weekly commitment. Depending on your specific situation, online educational opportunities provide a variety of subjects while also accommodating different needs. Likewise, online courses have made the power of learning more accessible to all.

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Continuing education also offers much more than a screen filled with images and texts. These platforms often consist of a variety of learning environments that includes text, images, and videos. Likewise, recorded lectures, study questions and discussion forums are also part of many courses. These enhance the learning experience regardless of the subject and strives to recreate many aspects of in-classroom learning. And notably, online courses during COVID has an advantage currently given safety concerns associated with in-person learning.

Thing to Consider with Continuing Education

In considering continuing education, it’s notably important to appreciate your learning goals upfront. If you are wanting to advance your degree, then free online learning can help you test the waters. You can sample free courses and get a feel for online education before committing to this approach. If you want to use the power of learning to advance your career, then you should consider other aspects. In these instances, enrolling in fee-based courses that provide a certificate of completion is probably a good idea. As always, knowing which bold goals you are pursuing makes for better decisions.

If you’re investing in continuing education for personal pleasure, then you’ll consider different areas. For example, you’ll definitely want to explore what interests you and what subjects can help you evolve. You may also consider the power of learning to help you achieve some of your most valued personal goals in life as well. Some individuals even explore online educational courses to deepen their relationship with their children. Given the vast opportunities free continuing education offers, why not make the most of it?

A Great Time to Explore Ongoing Education

In this informational age in which we live, knowledge is power. The power of learning offers much more than simply a means to get a degree or improve your resume. Knowledge opens doors that let you enjoy life to the fullest. And as accessible as continuing education is today, the chance to take advantage of these learning opportunities is tremendous. Whatever your ultimate goals are, continuing education offers a way to better achieve them in some form or fashion.

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