Project Bold Life Checklist: 48 Simple Actions That Yield Big Results

project bold life checklist

What does it mean to live boldly? In short, it means living your best life possible. But let’s explore the depths of this question. A bold life reflects one that embraces life to its fullest in every possible aspect. To live boldly means pursuing your wildest dreams and passions. It means living life with values and standing up for your beliefs. Living your best life also requires knowing yourself while honoring community and diversity. And living boldly requires generosity, compassion and deep reflection.

From this perspective, living your best life entails several areas. Not only does it consider your life’s achievements and career successes, but it also involves relationships and meaningful experiences. To live boldly also involves taking care of yourself as well as others.

Everyone’s definition of a Bold Life may be different. However, upon analyzing countless self-help books, talking to numerous experts and asking everyday people what it means to live a bold life, we found that there are seven areas of focus that most people would agree are key to living a bold life. These key areas—or seven pillars—are:

project bold life pillars - health, achievement, career, finances, relationships, giving back and experiences

With this in mind, we’ve created a checklist of activities in each pillar that can help you live your best life possible. By living boldly, you not only honor who you are but everyone and everything else around you.

checklist for living a bold life - project bold life
Download Your Checklist for Living a Bold LIfe: 48 Simple Actions that Yield Big Results

Review each section of the checklist and place a checkmark in the box of the activity that you are already accomplishing. This will allow you to understand the steps that you still need to take. The checklist is just a starting point. It’s up to you to take the next step and act on the knowledge you gained from completing the checklist. Put a plan in place to incorporate those activities that still need to be achieved. Then come back to the checklist every few weeks to track your progress.

Living a bold life is a process that takes time and effort. The checklist is meant to help you reflect on how you are currently living your life and providea guide to help you live your best, boldest life. The more actions you can check off the list, the more likely you are to live the life you desire without any regrets. Post this list somewhere you can refer to it often and get started today.

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