Don’t Wait, Get Right To It: Five Tips for Setting Bold Life Goals

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All successful people have goals — big ones, small ones. If there is one thing they have in common, it’s that. Why is setting a goal necessary to succeed? It is because a goal gives direction and offers the individual a road map on how to get where he needs to go. Needless to say, without a goal, one spends his life running around mindlessly.

The world is full of successful role models to emulate – the entrepreneur with a vision, the athlete with a dream, and the artist with an aspiration. The likes of Peter Diamandis, Tom Brady, and Shonda Rimes wouldn’t have made it without setting life goals. So, if the key to success is learning how to set bold life goals, don’t wait, get right to it.

While setting smart goals is an essential component of any goal-setting endeavor, here are few more tips to help you on your way to achieving success:

  1. Find a bold life goal that you can call your own. When setting bold life goals, you must take stock of your skills, values, and personal beliefs. The more personal the goals are, the stronger the drive to reach them. When a goal holds so much meaning for you, no amount of obstacle can stop you from achieving your goals. The right kind of goal can draw out the passion and energy deep within you.
  2. Be as specific, narrow, and refined as possible when setting bold life goals. For instance, to reach point C, you need to accomplish steps B.1, B.2, B.3, and so on. Success is a progressive realization of a goal or objective that you have set for yourself. Success does not happen overnight.
  3. Write down your bold life goal. You simply can’t rely on your memory to remember your goals, let alone remember the specific steps in achieving them. Set aside time to crystallize your goals and make sure to jot them down. You can create a vision board to help visualize these goals. Remember that what you feed your mind becomes your reality. A vision board can help you in that area.
  4. Devise a way to track your progress. It should be clear to you whether you’re near or far from achieving your goal should be clear to you as well. By tracking your progress, you will be able to fine-tune your actions. Say your goal is to be fit in six months. Knowing how much pounds you need to lose every month can help in planning your health goals.
  5. Be bold by setting life goals that will challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Setting a life goal that does not challenge you leaves you stuck below your true talents and potentials. Raise the bar. Set goals that will spur your resourcefulness, creativity, and grit. You will then be surprised by what you can achieve.

Life Goals: Own It to Achieve It

Investing and devoting time and energy on something, whether it is an object or an idea, triggers a sense of ownership within a person. This phenomenon called the “endowment effect” also states that the “owned” object or idea gets integrated with the person’s sense of self. Thus, the more one invests on a life goal, the more it becomes a part of his identity. As the goal becomes an inextricable part of oneself, achieving the goal then becomes even more necessary.

Tapping on this mechanism, success in life begins the moment we set our goals. As what famed motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “A goal properly set is halfway reached.” Learn the art of setting life goals that represent who you are. Own it and prepare to be amazed by the things you can accomplish.

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