Invaluable Traits for Finding Success: Advice From a Hollywood Actress

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Rejection is hard. Just hearing the word “no” can trigger feelings of inadequacy, encouraging a decision to give up. Fortunately, for fashion designer and actress Jenique Hendrix, that was not the case. If so, she might have never had the opportunity to share the film set with Mark Wahlberg and Jon Malkovich. But more importantly, she might have missed out on the bold life she was destined to live. But guess what? Each of us has our own bold life to enjoy! Sometimes, it just requires us to keep knocking until the right door opens. As Jenique Hendrix explains, finding success means knowing that somewhere that wonderful “yes” awaits.

No Matter What, Keep Showing Up!

“No matter how many no’s I do get, inevitably there is a yes, because that’s what separates the successful people from the unsuccessful ones.” – Jenique Hendrix

Acting opportunities were not always abundant for Jenique Hendrix. Like most artists, she has struggled with her fair share of rejection. But as she describes, there is a lesson to be learned in the process. The seemingly endless denials never last. Eventually, that one awesome opportunity appears. Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking if it were around the very next corner and you quick just a moment too soon? Though no one likes to be turned away, these challenges build character. As Jenique Hendrix explains, these very struggles are what cultivate a spirit of resilience and perseverance. And for those seeking a bold life, these traits are invaluable.

Be Present and Appreciate the Moment

“There is a process that gets you prepared for what is to come. So, in this process, it is important that you absorb it and throw yourself into it a hundred percent.” – Jenique Hendrix

We’re often told it’s important not to miss the forest for the trees…but the trees are important too! When pursuing a bold life, sometimes we become overly focused on our ultimate dreams. But as Jenique Hendrix points out, every moment along the way is valuable. Even failures and rejections serve as unique opportunities to improve and excel. Even when she is not working, Jenique is diligently trying to improve her craft. Each experience along the way is appreciated for its advantages. This is another important aspect of pursuing a truly bold life. Be present in every moment possible, and in the process, your life will become so much richer.

Achieving Bold Life Goals—One Vision at a Time

“Seeing [my vison board] is a reminder as to why I’m here, what I’m doing this for, and why I’m feeling the struggle.” – Jenique Hendrix

One of the struggles many people have in pursuing their passion involves the overwhelming nature of the goal. Jenique Hendrix has some great advice in this regard. Rather than only focusing on her major life goals, she sets goals for a month, 6 months, etc. And most importantly, she recommends a vision board to help you visualize those goals. Simply having images of your goals in front of you every day helps motivate you to persevere. Likewise, making goals more manageable promotes success and builds confidence. It works for Jenique Hendrix, and it can work for you too!

We All Deserve to Lead a Bold Life!

As Jenique Hendrix notes, each of us is unique creators. For her, her passions involve acting and fashion. Over the course of her struggles, she has learned that accepting yourself for who you are is important. As she describes, “Know your own truth.” Find your passion, invest in it, and don’t take “no” for an answer. This is Jenique Hendrix’s recipe for finding success in pursuing a bold life.

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