10 Tips for a Healthy Home Working Space – Cultivating a Positive Environment

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If you’re among the millions of people now working at home, you are likely aware of some of the challenges. Of course, you may not have to make that dreaded commute and suffer freeway traffic jams. But negotiating children’s schedules and other household interruptions can pose their own set of problems. For these reasons, it’s important that you cultivate a positive environment at home just like at work. And fortunately, it’s not as hard as you might think.

Based on recent surveys, more than half the people working at home prefer their current situation. Likewise, almost half describe their home working space being more productive than their office one. But at the same time, nearly a third said they were less productive in this setting. Therefore, there certainly remains some room for improvement. And one of the ways to achieve better results is to invite greater positivity into your environment. With this in mind, here are 10 important tips to help you create a more positive home working space vibe.

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A positive environment is essential when it comes to a home working space.
  1. Light Up Your Day

Light is naturally energizing, and it’s also essential when creating a productive and positive environment. In designing your home working space, do your best to include natural sunlight into your area. Being close to a window is ideal. But if this isn’t possible, make sure your workspace is well lit. Not only will your home working space be bright, but it will also be cheery.

  1. Comfort Is King

It’s tough to be positive and productive when you feel uncomfortable. This is true in most situations, and it’s certainly true for your home working space. If you’re trying to create a positive environment, then comfort matters. Make sure your seating and desk height are ideal, and do your best to eliminate unwanted distractions. Once things feel right, a positive attitude will be much easier to maintain.

  1. Use Color Strategically

Did you know that different colors can stimulate different moods and behaviors? It’s true! For example, the color blue helps us focus while the color green is associated with calmness. Yellow invites creativity and energy. What colors seem to make you the most productive and positive? By identifying the right combination of colors, you can decorate your home working space more effectively. This tip for a positive environment is one that keeps on giving even when you’re not even trying.

  1. Plant Lives Matter

For many people, working at home can be lonely and isolating. Though you may not be able to surround yourself with other coworkers, you can include other living things. Plants are great way to help create a positive environment in your home working space. Not only do they invite nature into your home office, but they also improve air quality and color. And there’s nothing wrong with talking to your plants (unless they start talking back!). Though it may not seem intuitive, plants are excellent additions that foster a more positive atmosphere.

  1. Positive E-Motions

Energy boosts positivity, and motion is a great way to become more energetic throughout your day. Understanding this, you can incorporate movement into your work day in your efforts to create a more positive environment. Walk around a bit while taking a conference call. Use a standing desk to improve your circulation and metabolism. It’s easy to get into a habit of sitting still all day. But by finding ways to move around while you work, you will improve your health and happiness.

  1. Preventative Tech Measures

Nothing can trigger frustrations and irritations like technology glitches. In fact, more than half the people working from home describe having these on a regular basis. Therefore, one way to improve your home working space is to stay ahead of these problems. Update your technology on a regular basis, and put safeguards in place to prevent catastrophes. In doing so, you might be able to avoid many setbacks that might otherwise interfere with a very pleasant day.

  1. Routines Are Rewarding

Positive environments at work tend to be those that are predictable. By knowing what to expect, we feel more in control. In contrast, chaotic home working spaces can promote the opposite. Therefore, one of the golden rules when it comes to working at home is sticking to a routine. Routines help balance the inherent flexibility that a home office offers by keeping you productive and on schedule. And these aspects are essential in creating a positive atmosphere for your work.

  1. Music and Meditation

Studies have shown that music actually enhances productivity when at work. By providing a melodic background, music reduces noise and other distractions. At the same time, workplace meditation may also achieve the same thing while also alleviating work stress. Therefore, one way to cultivate a positive environment when working at home is through the use of music and meditation. These practices are not only helpful for your home working space but when you’re not working as well.

  1. Create Your Own Positive Feedback

Each of us need some positive feedback from time to time. But when you’re alone in your home working space, you may not easily receive these affirmations. Therefore, it’s important that you create your own rewards when successes are achieved. This might be scheduling an activity you’ve have been wanting to do. Or you might purchase something as a gift to yourself. In doing so, these little rewards will motivate you to give your work your best. And this also creates a positive environment for ongoing success.

  1. Verbalize Gratitude

Positivity refers to the positive thoughts and feelings we have from moment to moment. A positive environment is therefore one that encourages these experiences and expressions. When we verbalize gratitude and expressions of thanks, we naturally promote these thoughts and feelings. By saying them aloud, they are given greater power to influence our moment-to-moment behaviors. By taking time throughout your day to express your appreciation, you will strengthen your capacity for positivity as well.

A Positive Work Space Is a Healthy One

Positive workplaces have been linked to many health benefits. By promoting positive thoughts, feelings, and relationships, they naturally reduce stress. Positive environments also make us more resilient and accepting of change. And such settings even have beneficial effects on our hearts and immune systems. Therefore, you should want to foster a home working space that is also positive and healthy. By following the 10 tips above, this can be readily achieved. And in the process, you will likely find that working from home is not so bad after all.

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