100 Powerful Words (and Phrases) to Use in Your Job Interview

woman using powerful words to succeed in a job interview

You have finally been able to get your resume in front of the right hiring professional. They’ve looked it over, perhaps checked your references, and decided to schedule an interview. This is that one-time opportunity to make an impression that will ultimately determine whether you get the job or not. Therefore, you want to ensure you present yourself in the most positive way possible.

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As you likely realize, words matter. The phrases used in a job interview can optimize your chances and are therefore important to know. Some common responses are cliché and can actually hurt your odds. But by knowing which words to use, you can better convey your talents and skills. With this in mind, download these hundred powerful words—and phrases—to use in a job interview, broken down into 10 subsections by desirable traits. Good luck!



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