7 Steps to Get More Recognition at Work

There is a lot of talk about owning ones career. To be in the driver seat means not relying on other people for your career growth. One way to take an active role in your career is to make sure that you get noticed at work.

7 Steps to Get More Recognition at Work

Becoming the Office Rock Star

If you are being passed over for a promotion or not getting the proper recognition for your contributions, take matters into your own hands. Blare the horn, wave your flag and get everyone to notice you. Here are seven steps to rocking the office scene.

  1. Take credit when you deserve it.
    The spotlight will one day shine on you.Whether you submitted a really great proposal or a customer sent a well-placed commendation, you will get your moment under the spotlight. Most companies have employee recognition programs such as performance awards, peer to peer nominations and customer citations. When that moment comes, take it, bask under it. A great job definitely deserves appreciation.
  2. Always keep your boss in the loop.
    Your boss should be your greatest fan. You have to make sure that when it’s time for a raise or when a promotion is under way, your boss will be the loudest voice cheering and advocating for you. And you can only do this if he or she knows what you have been up to. Keep him up to date with project status, progress and delays. Keeping your boss in the know also allows him to inform others of your successessomething that could be extremely important when looking to climb the corporate ladder.
  3. Hoot the horn for others.
    Give credit where it is due and be sincere when conveying it.Drop your helpful colleague’s name in meetings and mention his or her contribution on the project. This helps you create a network in the office. Not being stingy with compliments creates a grateful and appreciative work environment. And remember, compliments and credits given to colleagues will often be returned down the road.
  4. Bond with your colleagues.
    Accept that Friday Night Karaoke invite. Join team buildings and other company events. Know your colleagues beyond work. By establishing good working relationships, you are able to create a network that can be your support group within the company.
  5. Be gracious in accepting compliments.
    Do not fall into the trap of false humility. Saying “Thank you” or “I appreciate the recognition” is way better than explaining why you don’t deserve the commendation. This also emphasizes your confidence in the quality of your output. The great work that you have done is a product of your efforts and abilities and not just occasional burst of brilliance so be humble but accept the compliments.
  6. Build your credibility by speaking up.
    Contribute ideas and ask sensible questions.This will not only inspire dialogue amongst peers, but managers will also recognize your ability to process ideas and give critical insights. Speaking up is also an indicator of an employee’s level of engagement. An engaged and committed employee gives suggestions on how things can be improved. Leaders will notice an employee who shows genuine interest in growing the business.
  7. Job description is a baseline that details the minimum requirement of your job.
    It should not stop you from accepting additional responsibilities or taking on additional tasks, of course within the bounds of your schedule and capacity. The experience and exposure from these ad hoc projects can teach you valuable new skills. In the process, it can also prepare and equip you for a future promotion or job advancement.

Reaping the Accolades

4 people holding up signs for good recognition at work

Being proactive and sharing your ideas are just some of the things that can help you stand out and shine bright on the office stage. Getting noticed for the right reasons will help you be in control of your career. Being tagged as someone who is up for the challenge opens up more opportunities. You will notice that people will come to you for insights and suggestions. Your name will be dropped more often in meetings. You may be considered to take part in special projects. This also increases your chance to be considered for the next promotion.

But more than the chance to climb up the ladder, getting proper recognition at work is crucial to an employee’s overall wellbeing. The primary reason Americans leave their jobs is that they feel unappreciated. According to a 2017 study conducted by Atta Coin and Survata, about 53% of employees feel unappreciated at work. This can lead to disengagement, low performance and high turnover. Companies are realizing the importance of showing their appreciation for their employees by creating a work environment that fosters engagement and recognition. The employees, on the other hand, should rock on and be in command of their own career.

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