Looking for a Career Change? – Here’s 10 Careers in Demand for 2021 and Beyond

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When it comes to careers, last year has produced some pretty notable shifts in job trends. The effects of the pandemic caused major changes in the way we live. So, it’s not surprising that new growing career opportunities have emerged as a result. The careers in demand for 2021 will therefore be quite different when compared to those of the past. And even as the effects of the pandemic subside, many of these careers will remain popular. It’s therefore worth taking a look to see where the hottest job opportunities will be as we move forward.

For many, this past year has forced them to reconsider their future. Unemployment has risen amidst lockdowns, and many businesses have been forced to close. At the same time, all of us have adopted different behaviors and have embraced a world that’s more virtual. This has caused some industries to boom while others have faded. If you’re one of those considering a career move, there’s several growing career opportunities available. With this in mind, the following are 10 careers in demand for 2021 that you might ponder.

  1. Nursing Careers

Nursing positions have been growing career opportunities for some time. Given the ongoing shortage of nurses and primary care providers, this is no surprise. But recent pressures placed on healthcare services have further identified this as one of the careers in demand for 2021. Not only are all levels of nursing wanted, but nurse practitioners specifically are preferred. This career is expected to grow over 50 percent in the next decade.

  1. Information Security Careers

As the world has become more virtual and digital, information security has become more important. Therefore, one of the hot careers in demand for 2021 will be those with expertise in cybersecurity. Information security analysts, for example, is expected to see a 31 percent increase in demand in coming years. These types of jobs will represent growing career opportunities for some time.

  1. E-Commerce Careers

In 2020, we made a global shift toward a Come-to-Me Economy. We embraced e-commerce, home delivery, and virtual services. With this shift came growing career opportunities for warehouse positions, delivery services, and personal shoppers. And careers in demand for 2021 will continue to include these e-commerce positions. For the foreseeable future, these positions will remain in high demand.

  1. Renewable Energy Careers

With global concerns regarding climate change, leaders are pursuing policies that invite sustainable and renewable energy. As a result, one of the careers in demand for 2021 are those involve support services for these products. Specifically, growing career opportunities for solar panel installers and wind turbine technicians are booming. Both will see over 50 percent growth over the next 10 years according to some projections.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion Careers

Like nursing careers, those involving diversity and inclusion expertise have been increasing in demand for several years. But with increased virtual connectivity and shifts toward team collaboration and network, these jobs are expanding. (For more on networking in the age of lockdowns, check out this Project Bold Life story.) Growing career opportunities for diversity officers and consultants will exceed 90 percent in coming years. These positions will soon become the norm for most companies. This makes diversity and inclusion positions notable careers in demand for 2021 and beyond.

  1. Digital Marketing Careers

For any company today, digital marketing is a must in order to remain viable. Thus, it’s no surprise that one of the careers in demand for 2021 involves those related to digital marketing. Expertise in social media, blogging, video production, and other digital resources will open many doors. These growing career opportunities are expected to grow 33 percent over by the end of the decade.

  1. Data Science Careers

Artificial intelligence and data analytics were already becoming big before the pandemic. But COVID catalyzed their use significantly. Therefore, growing career opportunities for all types of data scientists, software developers, and statisticians will exist. Careers in demand for 2021 specifically will include AI engineers, whose demand is projected to increase 46 percent. Investing in education and experience in these areas is a great consideration for the future.

  1. Healthcare Support Careers

In addition to nursing, a variety of healthcare positions will be careers in demand for 2021. Specifically, support positions such as home health aides, physical therapists, and occupational therapists will be needed. Also, mental health specialists, given the rise in anxiety and depression, will be growing career opportunities. Each of these health-related positions will see growths in excess of 25 percent over the next many years.

  1. Digital Content Careers

In order to perform digital marketing, you’ll need digital content. Therefore, specialists in digital content creation will also have growing career opportunities. Careers in demand for 2021 will include those with talents in video creation and editing, web design, and SEO content. In particular, short-form and vertical videos will be in increased demand. Not only do these positions pay well, their expected growth rate in the next decade will approach 50 percent.

  1. Genetic Counseling Careers

COVID has served as a major driver for impressive scientific advancement. New techniques have been developed for vaccinations in the process. Likewise, genomic and genetic advances have occurred in its wake as well. Understanding this, new genetic therapies and tests will continue to emerge that will require specialists to explain them. Thus, growing career opportunities for genetic counselors and others will take place. Estimates suggest this increase will hover around 20 percent in coming years.

A Career Shift Towards Science and Technology

Notable concerns exist about job displacement in the coming years as new discoveries and technologies emerge. There’s little doubt that many of these will perform tasks currently completed by human workers. But that doesn’t mean growing career opportunities will be scarce. In fact, high demand for workers to oversee these developments will be needed. Likewise, creative crafts will remain relevant for careers in demand for 2021 and beyond. Depending on your interests and abilities, an abundance of opportunities will exist for hooking your dream job. And as the list above shows, these opportunities will be quite diverse.


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