Hooking Your Dream Job: Advice from Career Coach Maggie Mistal

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On average, people change their jobs a dozen times throughout their career. And as Millennials begin to overtake the workforce, this figure will certainly increase. Life’s pace is faster, and advances in technology continue to open new doors and opportunities. But how do we know how to land our dream job? Or more specifically, how do we ace that interview for the job we want so badly? These are common questions many of us ask in the pursuit of a highly satisfying, bold life. Fortunately, Project Bold Life had an opportunity to sit with Maggie Mistal, one of the nations best career coaches. The following are some of her insights about interviewing, dealing with your boss and achieving a truly bold life.

Insight #1 – A Job Interview is Not a Popularity Contest

“Remember that it’s another human being that you’re talking to [in the interview] and don’t get so caught up in the evaluation.” – Maggie Mistal

According to Maggie Mistal, we often want to be liked when we walk into a job interview. But this approach is all wrong. In almost every case, employers are not looking for the most likable person. They are looking for the right person! But just as they are seeking the right fit for their company, you should do the same. In pursuit of a bold life, know what jobs and environments are ideal for you. Relax, smile and be yourself. But likewise, make sure the job you are seeking matches what you most want out of a career. According to Mistal, pursuing a bold life starts with knowing which job best fits your own personal needs.

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Insight #2 – Don’t Apologize for Time Away Parenting

“I think it’s time for people to stop feeling bad for taking time off [parenting] and start noticing that there are so many transferable skills.” – Maggie Mistal

Not only do many women take time off from their careers to raise children, but many men do as well. As Maggie Mistal explains, taking time off for this important life role should never be something for which you apologize. Prioritizing your children and family are a natural part of a bold life. At the same time, parenting roles demand many important skills and abilities that are valuable to employers. If an employer fails to appreciate this fact, then you are likely not going to be a good fit for the job. Be proud of your decisions to make parenting a priority. And continue to highlight the strengths the experience has awarded you.

Insight #3 – A Bold Life Comes to Those Who Ask

“I’ve talked to managers, I’ve talked to leaders. They say, ‘I’m going to give it to the person who asks. I’m not just going to proactively give money around.’” – Maggie Mistal

Let’s face it…it’s uncomfortable asking your boss or employer for something. Whether it’s a pay raise, an increased work budget, or simply time off, asking can be hard. According to Maggie Mistal, making these kinds of requests takes us out of our comfort zone. We get nervous, anxious, and hesitant. Why? Because our boss might say no, and we will leave feeling dejected. But the majority of the time, that is not the case! As Maggie Mistal explains, rarely does such a request result in complete rejection. In a majority of situations, the request is approved. And even if it is not, the issue is usually revisited at a later time. Though you should do your due diligence when asking for something, don’t let fear keep you from asking.

Be Bold and Define Your Own Meaning of Success

In a world that is so competitive, we often define ourselves by others’ standards. Maggie Mistal notes that breaking this habit is perhaps one of the hardest things to do. But if we want to lead a bold life in our careers and in other areas, we need to make a shift. Instead of measuring success based on others’ standards, we need to determine our own definition of success. Each of us has more power and control over our lives than we realize. As Maggie Mistal explains, we should take responsibility for your own pursuits and realize the bold life we seek. Everything is in our grasp!

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