Possible Careers in a Post-COVID-19 World

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Without question, the coronavirus pandemic has made us realize just how fragile life can be and how suddenly things change. The changes in our lives have been tremendous, especially to work and career. In fact, over 30 million people in America have filed for unemployment, wiping out a decade of gains. And to make matters worse, no one knows which companies or industries will still be around after COVID-19. Understandably, this is causing many of us to consider our future career and jobs.

As with any major crisis, however, there are always opportunities as well as setbacks. Looking for a silver lining is important as is being open to change. Likewise, crises and major disruptions in our life can invite an opportunity to reassess our priorities and passions. This can apply to many aspects of our lives, and it certainly can apply to the careers we pursue. With this in mind, reassessing your future career at this moment in time might be a worthwhile endeavor. If this is the case, then the following future career pursuits might be some worthy of consideration in a world after COVID-19.

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Future careers in a post-COVID-19 world will likely involve a lot of telecommuting!

6 Hot Sectors for Future Careers After Covid-19

Despite the major economic impact of this global pandemic, not all sectors have been negatively affected. In fact, several have enjoyed a major boom as we have dealt with this coronavirus and its effects. As you have noticed, platforms like Zoom are doing rather well as are companies like Instacart. At the same time, many of the current trends will persist after COVID-19 is over. Understanding this, the following describes several future careers that will likely be in high-demand for some time to come.

  • Future Careers in Healthcare

It’s obvious to all of us the demand placed on healthcare providers and services in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But after COVID-19 is controlled, these demands will only increase. Even before the pandemic, a shortage of nurses and providers were present. After COVID-19, expect to see continued demand for these future careers as well as others. Specifically, expertise in telehealth, case management, healthcare administration, and public health will all be needed. If healthcare is your passion, you may wish to consider these pursuits in a post-pandemic world.

  • Future Careers in Information Technology

As you can guess, technology careers will be quite popular after COVID-19 is controlled. But they may not be the same ones that you anticipate. Certainly, business and organizations will want experts in networking infrastructures and systems. But at the same time, a tremendous demand for cybersecurity expertise will increase as more people work remotely. And also, people with passion for app and software development will continue to be quite popular. These future careers not only offer job security but bold opportunities for innovation and creativity.

  • Future Careers in Education

With the coronavirus pandemic, educators have had to scramble to figure out how to manage classrooms remotely. While colleges and universities were more prepared, primary and secondary schools were not. With this in mind, future careers in education that will be in demand will relate to those focused on remote learning. Online curriculum development, multimedia platform expertise, and online authentication knowledge will be needed after COVID-19. Educators and administrators with special skills in these areas will recruited quite heavily.

  • Future Careers in Virtual Entertainment

After COVID-19 is controlled, we will happily return to sporting and entertainment venues in-person. However, the appeal may be less given our familiarity with virtual entertainment offerings over the last few months. In fact, many fans are engaging in virtual sporting events with these numbers expected to rise. This includes virtual games where people participate as well as spectator opportunities while viewing action online. Future careers that can help entertainment companies and event venues capitalize on these trends will be quite popular. From virtual gaming, to interactive concerts, to major sports leagues, virtual entertainment will be another area recruiting new talent.

  • Future Careers in Retail

Retail sales have certainly evolved and changed during the pandemic crisis. Delivery services are in much higher demand. Online shopping and automated storefronts are also becoming more popular. While much of these services will be automated in time, included some delivery solutions, retail careers will still be needed. Future careers related to data analytics and data mining will be in increasing demand. Likewise, call reps and chat bot creators are examples of other retail needs. And drone and robotics careers will be increasingly embraced within retails sectors. These reflect truly interesting careers that can make a positive difference in the future of retail.

  • Future Careers in Architecture and Design

Interestingly, we have seen many businesses transform their operations overnight to accommodate pandemic restrictions. Glass and plastic barriers, sanitizing procedures, and personal protective equipment are among the more obvious ones after COVID-19. But moving ahead, building and space design will change to reduce infectious threats. This means individuals with interest in architectural planning, design, and materials will be needed. By hiring these types of experts, infrastructures can be created that allow operations to continue without interruption. If you enjoy this type of innovation design activities, this career might be for you.

A Highly Dynamic Situation After COVID-19

While the above considerations of future careers after COVID-19 are likely be in higher demand, the list is not comprehensive. As you know, we are living in rapidly changing times, and how life resumes after COVID-19 is not fully known. Therefore, future careers not yet imagined will appear as needs arise. However, the sectors mentioned here are among those that will likely see heightened demand. If you are unemployed, or simply lack passion in your professional life, then reexploring your options might be needed. Pursuing a bold life often requires reassessing where you are and where you would like to go. This certainly pertains to one’s career, and what better time to explore this than after COVID-19.

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