Shake Things Up with a Workation – Taking Remote Work to a New Level

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With increased travel restrictions abroad related to COVID, many of us are anxious to for a travel escape. But while the promise of a vaccine looks tantalizing, it is still likely several months away for most of us. Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t go on a staycation for a little getaway locally. But work demands tend to limit just how long we can enjoy such an adventure. Even if you have vacation time accrued, you may want to save it up once pandemic safeguards are removed. But if you find yourself now working from home, there is one other great option…remote work vacations!

Remote work vacations (or workations) aren’t like your typical work-related escapes. Rather than taking a break from work altogether, remote work vacations take a break from the workplace. In other words, you’re still fulfilling your daily work responsibilities, but you’re doing it from in a different place. The great thing is this place can be almost anywhere, allowing you to get your travel fix as well. This offers a completely different way of looking at a working vacation, and one that has many advantages.

The Appeal of a Working Vacation

Remote work vacations are attractive for a number of reasons. For those who not work from home, these excursions allow opportunities to experience new places. In essence, these can serve as a sabbatical-like experience where you explore new locations and try new things. Though you still need to fulfill your job responsibilities, the change of environment is stimulating as well as liberating. This can have a positive effect on your mood as well as your creative capacities. It also provides a great opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

The other notable advantage of a working vacation is its potential length of stay. Unlike like traditional vacations, you can extend your escape by weeks or even months. Remote work vacations can therefore be used to truly get to know a new area. This might be ideal if you’re considering relocating to that area in the near future. Or it might be attractive simply because it better allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture. Some even choose an extended working vacation to achieve bold goals they have defined for themselves. In short, workations offer a number of potential benefits.

Destinations Are Also Finding Workations Attractive

At first glance, you might think some communities may not want extended stay vacationers. But in actuality, this isn’t true. Remote work vacations attract individuals and families who already have employment. So, their working vacation doesn’t result in local job displacement. Likewise, the earnings these remote workers enjoy are spent in local shops and establishments. This naturally supports the local economy and increases overall tax revenues as well. And for some areas, remote work vacations help diversify their community. Workations can bring together a variety of people from different walks of life. All of these are attractive features for many destinations.

These are not the only attractive features of remote work vacations for many areas. In communities that have been negatively affected by a lack of tourism, workations offer opportunity. For example, in places like Hawaii, COVID impact on travel has hurt their tourism severely. Significant losses in rentals and vacation stays have resulted. However, individuals coming to Hawaii for a working vacation can help fill this void. Hawaii has recently offered travel contests for free roundtrip travel to and from the islands for such individuals. The hope is that they can attract a different class of traveler until the tourism industry recovers.

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A remote work vacation may be just the right blend of relaxation and career-push.

Things to Consider for a Working Vacation

Despite the many attractive features of remote work vacations, there are several things to take into consideration. After all, you’ll want to be sure you’re able to fulfill your work duties while you enjoy your escape. With this in mind, the following offers a checklist of items to evaluate before leaving on your working vacation.

  • Will You Have a Dedicated Workspace?

Whether working at home or from a remote destination, you’ll need a dedicated workspace. This will allow you to be your most productive so you can enjoy more free time to explore. That’s the ultimate goal anyway, right?

  • How’s the Destination’s Wi-Fi Situation?

One of the most important features to assess with remote work vacations involves Internet connectivity. Always ask about the quality of the location’s Wi-Fi service and check others’ reviews. This can make or break your working vacation.

  • Is There a Significant Time Zone Difference?

Individuals from the East Coast choosing a working vacation in Hawaii need to consider the significant time zone difference. This might be a game-changer for you, or it might be ok. But weighing the pros and cons of this ahead of time is important.

  • Do You Have the Right Tools for Success?

If you’re used to working remotely from home, you likely have all the right software and hardware. But it never hurts to double check before leaving town. Plus, you might need some additional items if your workation is going to be an extended one.

  • Are the Costs Worth the Adventure?

Remote work vacations do have additional costs. For one, you’re likely still paying rent or a mortgage back home during your stay. Likewise, there are travel costs and other factors to consider. Make sure the cost is something you can afford before committing to a working vacation.

Making the Best of Your Working Vacation

In a recent survey by Airbnb, four out of five surveyed plan to relocate for remote work in 2021. Clearly, remote work vacations and relocations are a trend that may well outlast this pandemic. This highlights how we need travel experiences on a regular basis. A working vacation is a great option in this regard for many people today. And with a little bit of planning, it can provide a great opportunity for personal and professional growth alike.


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