Top 7 Best Professional Development Courses for Your Career Growth

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In recent years, career and job opportunities are consistently changing to meet the needs of all industries worldwide. Along with these fast-paced, ever-changing professional communities, managing your career is key to job security. Professional management means recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and the desire to improve. While pursuing higher education increase your chances, attending short courses for career growth also works. Here are the top seven best professional development courses to add more skills and knowledge in your field.

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  1. Career Management 2.0

One of the best ways to create job security is to make necessary updates to your fundamental knowledge of career management. Career Manage 2.0 is an online course focused on helping you find more effective styles of handling your professional growth, like individual branding. Each lesson teaches you how to improve your networking skills to broaden your connections with the right people.

The course content is easy to understand and is an excellent skill and knowledge update for anyone who needs to improve their job management skills. Unlike other programs, students can finish the five-unit course in under three hours. Its flexible schedule allows people to complete the lessons during their free time instead of having them clash with their working schedules.

  1. Career Discovery Specialization

Creating a fulfilling career by active participation and using your strengths and skills is essential to developing value from your duties at work. The Career Discovery Specialization offered by the University System of Georgia focuses on career planning and leadership. In addition, students also learn necessary skills and concepts and their benefits in their line of work.

The course content begins with career planning as a road to employment before introducing successful career development. The unit provides people with the essential tools for networking and making the most out of LinkedIn. Moreover, it also shows what you need when researching a new career while providing the necessary skills to succeed.

  1. Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding

Branding is one of the most critical methods of promotion and marketing. Learning newer techniques is essential for promoting your professional image to stay competitive and relevant in the industry. In Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding, you can discover better methods for designing and enhancing your brand and how to use strategic marketing.

In this online course, students will learn how to use network marketing and impression management to present their skills to prospective employers or business partners. Moreover, the program will teach you the importance of marketing orientation and brand building for professional development.

  1. How to Manage a Remote Team

Remote management is one of the significant industry changes to keep businesses thriving during the pandemic. However, there’s more to it than applying the work-from-home policy. While the idea of remote work exists pre-pandemic, it only handles small teams and not multi-department groups. Remote management is one of the best online courses for mid-career professionals to ensure high and consistent performance and outputs.

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How to Manage a Remote Team is an online training course that teaches remote work practices and the better way of applying them. In addition, it also aids in building your work policy and preparing your team for success.

This online program is ideal for people in managerial and human resources positions handling a remote team or department. The course shows how to scale, lead, and manage a high-functioning team. Each unit provides in-depth lessons for leaders to build remote organizational practices and strategies to perform tasks.

  1. Professional Skills for International Business

Reaching the managerial position means more responsibilities and skills to ensure your team performs and functions at its best. In addition, it also widens your area to network and build connections. Professional Skills for International Business is one of the top online courses for mid-career growth and new managers at all company levels.

The course provides a better understanding of the professional skills you need to create positive first impressions, more productive time and resources management, and networking. Moreover, it has parts of specialization from the University of London intended to help develop and build the different business, academic, and cultural skills critical for international business success.

  1. Business Etiquette 101: Social Skills for Success

Networking is integral for any business socialization and extending your personal brand’s reach within the industry. Building your social skills is essential for professional development. In this course, you can learn the fundamentals of business etiquette.

This short online training teaches you how to act professionally at work and build better relationships with prospective clients and partners to like and trust you. It also helps those with difficulty engaging with workmates to connect with them easily and comfortably.

  1. Essential Skills for Your Career Development

Essential Skills for Your Career Development is an online course by FutureLearn to achieve your career goals. It introduces you to the tools you need to climb the career ladder and how to use them to your benefit.

With these business tools, you can establish clear and definite goals that will help you plan to reach them on time. In addition, you can also learn how to navigate the job application processes and interviews, including the significance of transferrable skills and the proper professional networks.

In this two-week professional development course, you can also learn from like-minded figures on how they reach success using similar career plans.

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Finding the Best Online Courses to Develop Professionally

Professional development is an essential factor for job security and in achieving career goals. In recent years, industry practices and needs have been evolving faster, and workers keep up by updating their knowledge and skills. In doing so, work performance in the organization is higher, and the teams produce high-quality outputs. Finding the best online course to develop professionally is critical to completing the milestones you set.


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