Top Must-Have Resume-Builder AI Tools for Sharpening Your Resume

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AI-powered tools are now part of the job-seeking world’s future. By knowing the best AI resume builders of 2023, you can sharpen and enhance your resume to kickstart your career. But how does one turn their resume into a competitive edge in the challenging world of job-seeking? Well, that’s where AI-powered tools come in. Know the top must-have AI tools and applications to build and sharpen your resume to be the best with this bold AI resume builder guide.

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1.   Zety

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Resume-builder AI tools can give you a real competitive edge over other applicants.

AI resume builder tools are one of the most helpful AI-powered apps and software to give your resume that competitive edge. One of these tools is Zety, a resume builder full of elegant and rich features.

Like other resume builders in this list, Zety offers its users numerous modifiable templates. It allows you to change your chosen template’s fonts and colors and reorganize your resume’s sections to make them more understandable and visually appealing. In addition, Zety’s AI-powered attributes do spell checks and word and sentence suggestions to make your content more effective.

But more than their AI-powered suggestions, Zety’s AI resume-building software is more valuable because they analyze your resume in real-time. It has easy-to-edit templates, guides, and understandable examples.

Although resume creation is free, users need to pick one of their subscription plans to download them.

2.   Novoresume

Novoresume is one of the most popular AI-powered resume builders on the web, often featured on numerous sites like Business Insider and Their popularity and success are due to their smooth interface and efficiency in creating brilliant, job-offering resumes.

In addition, they’re also more transparent with their resume’s pricing and notify users upfront of the required payment before they start crafting their resume. Although most of their templates are available for download after paying, Novoresume offers a free plan for a one-page-long resume with numerous predefined layouts plus relevant keywords for more compelling content.

3.   Enhancv

Enhancv is a top-performing AI-powered resume-building tool that has produced over two million resumes, and they also stated having their average customers hired by their chosen companies within 29 days. Enhancv’s resume’s efficacy is due to its template designs.

Unlike some AI resume builders, they design their templates to fit into the ATSs or application tracking systems recruiters use for job application management. In addition, they provide thousands of resume samples for all professionals in every industry, helping users enhance their resumes to land an interview. They also offer LinkedIn revamp and cover-letter writing services on some plans.


Recruiters sort hundreds of resumes daily and use scanning software to separate promising ones from the rest based on resume content. This software goes through stacks of resumes and often filters them by looking for appropriate keywords indicating the applicant’s experience and industry knowledge.

With, users can customize their resume’s content with the app’s suggested keywords and help include them to increase the chances of catching the recruiter’s and the software’s attention for free. In addition, you can also personalize the layout and sections of your resume and build it to better qualify for some jobs. It also offers an evaluation service for instant improvement feedback.

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Is your resume perfect? Or could you use a little help from an artificial intelligence?

5.   Jobscan

Jobscan helps sharpen your resume by using its AI-powered systems to build effective resumes that portray your relevant experience and industry knowledge better than ever. Its intelligent scanner also aids in correcting the user’s writing mistakes while infusing them with the appropriate industry keywords.

In addition, Jobscan comes with a Chrome extension and job-tracking feature to keep you updated for interviews and other job-seeking-related notifications. But it’s best to know that they’re a pricey AI resume builder with monthly premium pricing of $49.95.

6.   HyreSnap

Recent studies showed that 8% of job-seekers with AI-assisted resumes have higher chances to get the job and earn higher wages. Due to that, more people are going for AI resume builders, especially with user-friendly interfaces like HyreSnap. This AI-powered tool provides users with a step-by-step guide to creating an effective resume.

HyreSnap also offers various customizable resume templates that suit their industry and personal tastes. In addition, the tool has predefined sections and provides content suggestions that assist users in their resume content creation.

7.   Rezi

Rezi is a high-performing GPT-powered resume builder that focuses on sharpening your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) or recruiter scanning software. Rezi’s AI-driven system ensures that your resume has a format and structure compatible with ATS to increase its chances of passing the initial job-screening process.

Although other AI resume builders have this feature, Rezi’s real-time feedback for resume content improvement is better for numerous reasons. They analyze your resume section’s efficacy, suggest the most relevant keywords, and improve your resume’s overall presentation.

8.   Aragon

Professional headshots are another feature that could make your resume more appealing. Like any other sections of your resume, AI-powered headshot generators could enhance its look and content. One AI tool you should consider is Aragon.

Aragon is the best AI-driven tool for all your headshot-related needs. It helps users to turn simple photos into professional headshots without the hassle by providing a retouching process in under half an hour. Job-seekers can also use Aragon-created professional headshots to enhance their LinkedIn profile pictures for a lasting first impression.

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