Bold Virtual Experiences to Explore During Social Distancing Lockdown

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As social distancing policies request millions stay at home, the world is turning to virtual experiences. This not only includes working from home but also leisure-related activities. Understanding this, it is important to appreciate that this is a great opportunity to engage in some completely new activities. The chance to participate in some pretty exciting virtual experiences now exist. And by taking advantage of this moment, we can actually enhance our lives and become bolder in the process. From this perspective, social distancing looks to offer some bold life experiences that we might have otherwise ignored.

In considering specific virtual experiences that can enhance our lives, several exist. However, two of the most notable activities involves sports and travel. Just as in real-life, virtual sports and travel can help us expand our perspectives and insights. Thus, exploring these unique opportunities now makes perfect sense. The goal of pursuing bold experiences is to promote personal growth through challenging and new activities. In many ways, social distancing can interfere with these pursuits. But through virtual experiences, you can overcome these barriers and continue to lead your boldest life possible.

The words lock down, but actually locked down
We may be on lockdown, but there are still some bold experiences to be had.

Esports – Bolder Virtual Experiences Than You Might Think

It’s no secret that esports has grown tremendously over the last couple of decades. Esports events now attract millions of spectators on streaming platforms. Likewise, high profile athletes are now engaging in these virtual experiences as well. Without question, these trends will continue to advance with social distancing. But what’s important to realize is that esports appears to be gaining ground on traditional sports in popularity. Advances in virtual reality platforms and lower-cost gear are making esports increasingly attractive. And at the same time, these technological changes are making the experiences so much bolder.

If you think esports is simply playing a video game on a console, then think again. Modern esports activities range from simulated car races, to athletic events, to arena-like competitions. As a result, these virtual experiences have much to offer in your pursuit of a bold life. For instance, esports can be used to enhance both physical and mental health. These activities also improve hand-eye coordination, concentration abilities, and memory. And actively engaging in these virtual experiences boosts critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In this regard, these activities can notably offer bold experiences that foster personal growth.

Virtual Travel – A Great Choice While Social Distancing

In addition to esports, virtual travel is another great activity to explore while social distancing. These opportunities to explore remote destinations from the comfort of your home continues to evolve. For example, there are several famous world museums that offer virtual experiences online. These include the Louvre, the Guggenheim, the Rijksmuseum, and many others. Likewise, a number of iconic national parks can also be explored through virtual media. The Grand Canyon, Yosemite, the Royal Park in London, and even New York’s Central Park are currently accessible to explore. These types of virtual experiences are ideal activities when you find yourself social distancing at home.

Just as traditional travel enriches your life in many ways, so does virtual travel. By exploring remote destinations and sites, you naturally gain greater cultural awareness and appreciation. Likewise, these offer profound educational opportunities to expand your knowledge and global awareness. And through these virtual experiences, you invite greater creativity and imagination. All of these advantages of virtual travel foster personal growth while making your life richer and more diverse. This is why virtual travel provides a great chance to invite boldness into your life. Despite social distancing from others, virtual travel still allows you to enjoy deeply rewarding experiences well beyond your home.

Deciding Which Virtual Experiences to Try

When it comes to virtual experiences, both esports and virtual travel can greatly enhance your life. Depending on the experience you are seeking, each can offer the chance to expand you mind, insights, and awareness. Remarkably, this can all happen while social distancing from others. But choosing which virtual experiences are best for you varies based on your bold life goals. For those seeking physical activity and improved mental skills, esports has much to offer. And for those who want to gain greater knowledge while broadening cultural perspectives, virtual travel is ideal. And of course, those who want a more holistic experience may engage in both of the activities.

With this in mind, most virtual travel experiences often require little in the way of different equipment. For example, the previous museum and national park sites can be readily accessed using your home computer. Others, like Travel World VR, only require you to have an app to access 360-degree virtual experiences of remote destinations. In contrast, virtual experiences involving esports are often enhanced through additional devices and peripherals. In this regard, you may choose to add a gaming mouse, a mechanical keyboard, and a VR-headset to your library. Thus, depending on the type of bold experience you prefer, these types of choices can be made.

From Social Distancing to a Social Norm

Even before social distancing was in place, advances in virtual experiences have been rapidly occurring. For esports, 3-D platforms have been developed to enhance the overall experience that users encounter. And in virtual travel, some companies, like Marriott, are creating 4-D experiences where individuals can experience remote locations. In these instances, 4-D adds additional elements (such as vibrations, wind, and noise) to further enhance the virtual experiences. Thus, it is evident that these experiences are only becoming bolder as time passes.

Understanding this, it is probable that these types of bold encounters will become more a social norm in the future. Social distancing, and its push many activities to a virtual environment, will accelerate these shifts. As a result, the opportunities for us to enjoy unique and amazing activities through virtual reality will markedly expand. While real-life experiences will remain important in your pursuit of a bold life, virtual experiences will as well. And based on current trends, it appears esports and virtual travel will be leading the way.

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