7 Ways to Take a Spa Destination Holiday Beyond Typical Treatments

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Look to the next spa destination retreat as a chance to go well beyond the typical treatments. Of course, getting a seaweed wrap, float therapy, or the classic deep tissue massage remains a worthy delight along with countless other pampering offered on any spa services menu. Yet destination spas offer more to patrons who decide to make it an enriching holiday.

It all starts with the calendar of classes that encourage guests not just relax on-site, but pursue dormant passions, discover (or uncover) themselves in a new way, set the artist free, learn cooking techniques, focus on physical, spiritual and mental health, and more. In fact, there can be so many options, it may become a struggle to choose which ones. To help you reserve a place in the right classes, here are seven concepts to keep in mind when scheduling your next destination spa holiday.

Don’t Leave “Work Out” of it

Of course, the reason we head to a spa is to escape and find time to relax and refresh from the daily grind, but that doesn’t mean we don’t do some work or make time for a workout or two. Choose from an extensive listing of guided workouts at the gym, in the pool, or better yet get outside with activities such as mountain biking, fitness kayaking, or strenuous hiking. Arrange for some cardio to pump in vitality and awaken your senses.

Take a Yoga Class

group yoga class outside at a spa destination

One of the top words associated with any spa retreat must be yoga.  Sunrise to sunset, Asana to Hatha to Vinyasa, beginner to skilled, destination spas will have you covered with guided yoga classes daily. So keep to your practice, create a new habit, or give it a try, yoga in all its forms will help open up and revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.

Follow the Artist Way

Often a resident artist will be on staff offering a multitude of classes to nourish one’s artistic side.  Classes may include simple watercolor to open air with acrylics and often go well beyond the brush stroke with paper marbling, mosaics, pen and ink drawing and much more.  Creating not only allows you to release your inner artist but also take home a souvenir from your spa holiday.

Meditate to Zen

woman enjoying a beauty treatment at a spa destination

Take a journey inside to calm the mind and even help heal oneself. Often classes will focus on journaling and/or guided meditation to clear the chakras, search for one’s inner smile, and even harness energy through practices like Chi Gong. Mediation shows up in many forms at a destination spa, but the key remains to try a method that speaks to the individual. There are many paths to take up the mountain of discovery.

Refresh in Nature

Regardless of the season, spas will provide activities in nature to allow guests to experience the wilderness and all its benefits. Hiking trails stay open and at times classes head outside to educate about wild herbal medicines, the practice of Japanese Forest Bathing, or even fitness strategies in a boot camp and more. While you’re in nature, don’t forget to notice and appreciate local wildlife.

Follow Your Heart

Read the class descriptions and focus on one that illuminates hidden (or even forgotten) interests. Don’t ignore the urge, follow your heart and take a class if it intrigues you. Learn and ignite the passion inside. Sometimes such a solo mission will enable pathways to deeper discovery about oneself, plus they often make the best conversation at dinner when catching back up with one’s partner or friends.

Learn Something New

The amount of knowledge available for those who seek it at top destination spas is incredible. Staff and guides are often experts in their fields plus destination spas often bring in top-notch outside guest speakers from cuisine to career to self-help and healing.  Every visit is a chance to learn something new whether it’s the art and science of beekeeping, learning how to fly fish, cooking new culinary recipes or even steps on how to focus on one’s life purpose when returning home.

With a plethora of classes, making the right choices and scheduling can provide an ounce of stress. Don’t fret.  Book that massage and schedule an hour to soak in the hot tub or start reading that book you’ve been carrying in your bag for months.  Sign up for classes the inspire you, choosing one experience from each of these seven types and you may just create the ideal spa destination holiday.

About the Author

Craig Zabransky is an ex-global management consultant for top-tier banks gone rogue. After a year-long travel sabbatical, he decided to leave Wall Street to pursue his passion for travel. With the belief travel is a gateway to positive life change he podcasts, writes, blogs, and photographs his adventures to inspire others to take and make adventure in their life. To date, he has traveled through more than 55 countries, 40 U.S. States, 5 continents, and is still traveling from his home in the Florida Keys. For more of his story visit his site StayAdventurous.com.
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