Eight Apps for Outdoor Experiences and Socially-Distanced Fun

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It’s summer, and normally that means many of us usually hit the beaches, parks and campsites. It’s a time when the kids are out of school and families go on vacation. But in light of all the changes with the coronavirus pandemic, planning such outdoor experiences are a little tougher. Everyone wants to have fun, but at the same time, be safe without putting anyone at risk. Fortunately, technology can help in this regard. Several recreational apps now exist to help make your summer getaway more interesting and fun.

Most people won’t be planning vacations out of the country given the concerns present with COVID-19. But many safe and fun vacations can still be enjoyed, and several recreational apps exist with this in mind. Staycations will likely be quite popular for many families this summer. Likewise, outdoor experiences offer not only entertainment but also healthy ways to exercise. Understanding this, you’ll probably want to check out these 8 great recreational apps to help you with your vacation planning. Depending on the type of escape you’re planning, several might be perfect.

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Socially-distanced fun and outdoor experiences go hand-in-hand – figuratively, not literally.


  1. Rambler – This is one of the popular recreational apps among hikers and mountaineers. The app allows you to journal about your outdoor experiences, recording several details of your trip. For example, in addition to your route and hiking speed, it lets you record audio, video and texts as you hike. Each of these are geotagged so you know exactly where your journal entry described. Whether traveling solo or not, this is a great way to document your vacation and relive it again later.
  1. Iexit (Interstate Exit Guide) – If traveling along the interstate, exit signs are rather limited in the information they provide. A few places for lodging, gas, and food may be listed along with occasional state or national park signs. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a comprehensive list of amenities at each exit or have this information in advance? The Iexit app does just that. In addition to the above information, Iexit also lists attractions including outdoor experiences that may be present. For families on the open road, this is one of the best recreational apps to have.
  1. Roadtrippers – If you’re planning some outdoor experiences this summer, this is by far one of the recreational apps you will want. It’s ideal for locating beaches, parks, lakes, preserved, botanical gardens and much more. It even assists with locating camping and RV site as well as public art events. The nice thing about this app is the ability to filter by the type of outdoor experiences you are seeking. Also, it provides directions, travel guides, and other nice amenities to make your journey a pleasant one.
  1. Allset – For families with teens and kids, it’s inevitable someone is going to get hungry during your travels. But with concerns about eating at restaurants with COVID-19, it would be great to have some safe options. With this in mind, Allset is not necessarily considered one of the true recreational apps. But it locates restaurants and coffee shops that have contactless or curbside pickup options. Plus, the app provides information about many different cuisines and types of restaurants. Thus, with this app, you don’t have to rely on snacks and fast food to meet your family’s hunger needs.
  1. StarWalk – If you’re looking for one of the coolest outdoor experiences, you might want to try StarWalk. This app provides an augmented reality star chart that shows you star constellations, planets, and more in the skies above. Even more impressive is a feature that lets you see how the skies change over time. In this way, you can see past and future star patterns. If you or anyone in your family is an astronomer wanna-be, StarWalk is sure to be a hit.
  1. Roadside America – Sometimes, it’s important to travel off the beaten path and explore some rather unique attractions. Roadside America is one of the best recreational apps for those who prefer to explore the unusual and the odd. For example, gigantic sculptures, bizarre tribute museums, and strange historical sites are among the common attractions listed. Not only does the app let you search by city and route, but you can also search by theme. Likewise, the you can also search by region to better identify your options.
  1. Alltrails – For some time, this has been one of the most popular recreational apps among travelers. And for good reason. Alltrails has over 100,000 trails for hiking, running, and biking throughout the country. It highlights the length, elevation, level of difficulty, and even nearby attractions. And it provides numerous reviews of each trail along with images of the sites. For these types of outdoor experiences, Alltrails is a must-have app.
  1. Just Ahead: Audio Travel Guide – While this app has a limited number of outdoor experiences available, it is expanding its offerings. In essence, Just Ahead uses your phone’s GPS location to locate your destination. It then provides audio stories about an array of things relevant to that site. These stories include information about history, wildlife, people, points of interest, as well as geology. Many of these involve national parks and well-known destinations, but sites are expanding. This is a major reason why it is also considered among the best recreational apps when traveling outdoors.

A Summer to Remember

One way or another, the summer of 2020 will definitely be one to remember. But why not make the memories ones that involve outdoor experiences that are fun and safe? Outdoor experiences offer natural options of entertainment, and often, they are quite affordable. Plus, a lack of exposure to nature can undermine your health. Likewise, the fresh air and ability to socially distance well in these settings are obvious. With the help of these recreational apps mentioned, you can create a great getaway for you and your family. Whether it’s for the day or a longer period of time, these types of vacations are ideal for the times.

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