The Essential ‘Bold Living During a Lockdown’ Reading List

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With restaurants, theaters, and entertainment venues shut down, those of us in lockdown will have ample time on our hands. Despite the challenges, however, this is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with a great book. In our pursuit to life a bold life, an inspirational book has much to offer. Such reading can offer motivation and new perspectives that push us in the right direction. From fiction to non-fiction, we can learn a great deal about bold living from reading others’ insights regarding life. So, what better time than now to take advantage of such an opportunity.

Of course, with so many books available, it can be tough knowing which ones might offer the insights we need. Depending on our bold life goals, we may have different preferences than someone else. Or we may prefer a particular style of book over another. Understanding that tastes will vary, the following reading list offers some excellent selections certain to inspire. Each of these have important messages that can help all of us pursue a bolder life. And by selecting those most relevant to your life, you can make the most of any quarantine, self-imposed or otherwise.

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Don’t let your lockdown go to waste – tackle this essential reading list!

The Essential Reading List

  1. Educated by Tara Westover – If you believe in the power of education, this inspirational book is an essential read. In this memoir, the author described her journey through life that began with her survivalist family in Idaho. After years with any formal education, she self-educates herself well enough to enroll in Brigham Young University. But her education would forever change her life in nearly every capacity. In essence, this book highlights the power of education and its role in achieving a bolder life.
  1. Talking to Strangers by Malcom Gladwell – it is difficult to find a reading list that doesn’t have a Malcolm Gladwell book on it somewhere. But this inspirational book is notable for its ability to show how we evaluate people we don’t know. Through unique stories, Gladwell identifies common strategies in this regard and how they lead to conflicts and miscommunications. And in the process, he shows us how we can avoid these pitfalls and improve our communication skills.
  1. The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel A. van der Kolk – While this read may not be for everyone, there is little doubt it is a truly inspirational book. The author is a trauma expert who has worked with trauma victims for over three decades. In the book, he shares how trauma rewires key parts of our brains. And he demonstrates how many alternative approaches (like yoga, mindfulness, and play) can help us. This is a great read for anyone who has experienced trauma in life and seeks to overcome its residual challenges.
  1. The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes – Also making the reading list is this book of fiction that is based on a true story. The setting occurs in the aftermath of the Great Depression and is based on the courage of five incredible women. Together, they agree to deliver books to inhabitants of rural Kentucky as part of Eleanor Roosevelt’s traveling library. Their ability to overcome rugged terrain, unexpected hurdles, and social conventions makes this a truly inspirational book. In reading about their journey, you will appreciate the benefits of pursuing a better life through bold living.
  1. Tiny Habits by B.J. Fogg and Doug Adams – Change is hard. It’s hard when it is imposed on us. And it is difficult to achieve when we strive to adopt better habits. However, in this book, the authors demonstrate how small is actually better than big. Through straightforward advice and strategies, a recipe for success in the pursuit of better habits is offered. Given that we are being confronted with major changes with the pandemic, its inclusion in the reading list is rather timely.
  1. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero – As a success coach, Jen Sincero has many stories that help guide and motivate her readers in achieving their goals. In this inspirational book, she uses personal stories, advice, and specific exercises to help us overcome our fears and limitations. In essence, she encourages you to seek to understand yourself while identifying things you can and cannot change. For anyone who desires to live a bold life worth living, this how-to-guide is excellent.
  1. Radically Happy by Erric Solomon and Phakchok Rinpoche – Would you like to find the path to being radically happy? Who wouldn’t?! As part of this reading list, this book highlights how meditation and mindfulness can help in dealing with life’s stress. Using Tibetan strategies proven over centuries, this inspirational book teaches you how to access your happy place at any time. By using mindfulness and meditation to alter your perspective, you can accept any life change that you might encounter.
  1. Eat That Frog by Brian Tray – Despite being its second release, this inspirational book remains an essential read. The premise of the book encourages us to tackle our most challenging tasks at the beginning each day. Then once this is done, we will be empowered to proceed with less difficult tasks. Through his 21 tips in overcoming procrastination, Tray teaches readers how to be effective time managers. And this is a great asset for anyone trying to embrace bold living. 
  1. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis – Based on the title, it is evident that Hollis is directing her message to women in this inspirational book. Implied in the title is that women need to remove something in order to excel. And this something involves lies that women repeatedly hear that limit their capabilities. In an honest and straightforward way, Hollis exposes these lies and explains how women can overcome these barriers. And in the process, they achieve greater self-confidence and the success they were intended to have.
  1. 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs – The final book included on this reading list is a daily devotional book. Over the course of 100 days, the author shares personal stories and short devotional readings. These devotions serve to help people overcome their fears and be courageous in their daily lives. Equipped with greater confidence, Downs inspires her readers to pursue a bolder life free from irrational fear.

Preparing for a Bold Life Ahead

In your pursuit of a bold life, preparation and knowledge are key elements that enhance success. Given our current situation that demands we isolate ourselves to promote public well-being, it’s an ideal time for these pursuits. As is often said, there is a season for everything. Thus, indulging in some inspirational books aimed at bold living seems like a logical choice at the moment. By selecting from the reading list provided, you will gain insights and perspectives that will help you later. And this will provide a great foundation for your future pursuits of your boldest life possible.

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