Got Plans After Lockdown Ends? Here Are Some Safe Travel Experiences

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After being cooped up for several weeks, most of us are understandably a little stir-crazy. This is especially true for those who like to experience the world through travel. According to recent surveys, roughly 20% of Americans plan to enjoy some type of getaway after lockdown ends. This might seem rather high given the safety concerns many still have concerning the coronavirus pandemic. But those thinking about travel experiences are not jetting off to explore major metropolises of the world. Instead, most are planning completely different types of excursions.

For those jumping for the chance to travel after lockdown ends, most are planning road trips rather than jet escapes. Domestic car travel experiences are naturally safer and allow social distancing. In addition, gas prices are expected to stay quite low for the near future. With many on a tight budget and having employment concerns, vacations close to home have advantages. And with the summer months upon us, many opportunities for some great travel experiences nearby certainly exist. If you’re among those itching to hit the road, here are a few safe vacation suggestions to consider after lockdown ends.

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Got an itch for some travel experiences once the lockdowns are over?
  • Be a Happy Camper

One of the best travel experiences you may want to consider after lockdown ends involves the great outdoors. As state and national parks reopen, you can take advantage of the incredible natural beauty that our country has to offer. From the Grand Canyon, to Niagara Falls, to Yosemite, tremendous opportunities await. Likewise, these excursions naturally allow social distancing, which helps keeps you healthy and safe. In terms of accommodations, you may choose to rough it in a tent, or you might arrange a rustic cabin for your family. Some may even want to rent an RV as part of their travel experiences. If you’re looking for an escape that’s bold yet safe, exploring our nation’s parks is a great way to go.

  • Take a Road Trip to Reconnect

For many people, it has been weeks if not months since we saw extended family. But after lockdown ends, taking a road trip to reconnect with loved ones may be at the top of your list. This may not be one of the life-changing travel experiences you initially envisioned in your life. But after facing so many unknowns with the COVID-19 pandemic, it well could be. For all of us, relationships are essential in our pursuit of our boldest life. Therefore, taking advantage of this time to visit close relatives is worth considering. And if they’re within driving distance, you can again be comforted that the trip will be both rewarding and safe.

  • Charter a Boat Trip

While you might not want to embark on a cruise ship, that doesn’t mean the water is off limits. After lockdown ends, one of the best travel experiences to consider is a small vessel charter. At the same time, keeping your crew to a small number makes social distancing and safe practices easy. Taking your family or a few friends on a chartered boat trip can be incredibly exciting. For one, seeing the world from a different point of view invites new perspectives in life. Likewise, such an experience creates fond memories for all while strengthening relationships. Choose to kick back and enjoy the scenery, learn to sail, or include some deep-sea fishing on your voyage. This type of vacation offers a great way to safely enjoy your freedom from coronavirus lockdown.

  • Plan a Secluded Beach Escape

While social isolation may not be what you crave, it’s hard to resist the sun, sand and waves. Whether you want a romantic escape with your partner, or a family vacation with kids, beach vacations are great considerations. And if you select a beach destination that is relatively quiet and secluded, you can do so quite safely. Many such beach destinations exist along our nation’s shorelines. Therefore, finding a beach escape that meets your needs while also allowing social distancing is not hard. And a range of options exist for accommodations including luxury resorts to home rentals. The natural beauty and the sense of freedom a beach vacation offers might be just the thing you need.

  • Make It an Active Getaway

For some, relaxing travel experiences are not a higher priority after lockdown ends. Instead, some will want to be active and participate in an engaging activity. If this is the case, there are a number of active travel experiences that might be considered. For example, choosing a rock-climbing expedition in nature is a great escape outdoors. Alternatively, you might want to consider a small group fitness bootcamp nearby. By traveling in your surrounding area, and by keeping your group small, these travel experiences are both safe and rewarding. Thus, if action is what you need after lockdown ends, these are some additional getaways to consider.

  • Enjoy a Staycation in a New Place

Perhaps the biggest thing you crave after lockdown ends is simply a change of scenery. After being in your own home for weeks, you might just enjoy being in a different place. One of the safest and least expensive travel experiences you might consider could be in your own backyard. For example, you might choose to rent an Airbnb home nearby that has great amenities or beautiful views. Airbnb now has new cleaning and turnover policies designed to make guests feel safer. Alternatively, you might do the same thing in a nearby destination you have always wanted to explore. In either case, this can be a truly rewarding experience allowing you to see things from a different point of view. And it also invites novelty and change for you and your family, which will be quite appreciated after the lockdown ends.

Pursuing Your Bold Travel Experiences Safely

Travel experiences are great way to expand your mind, your perspective, and your relationships. But during this time of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to consider those likely to be the safest. Social distancing will be with us for a while, but that doesn’t mean you cannot still have bold life experiences. Any getaway that permits safe social distancing can be considered, and certainly many opportunities exist. Just because caution is needed doesn’t mean meaningful experiences must cease. In fact, they may be more important now more than ever.

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