What’s Your Post-Pandemic Travel Wishlist? – Here’s 10 Vacations After COVID to Consider

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For many us, travel is important to our livelihood. Visiting destinations abroad invites a sense of excitement and wonder. We yearn to experience different cultures and cuisines and to marvel at incredible sights. But the last year has put all of that on hold. Certainly, many of us have explored places close to home, especially those outdoors. Staycations have also become the norm amidst COVID lockdowns and travel restrictions. There are now multiple recreational apps to help with this. (Read more about apps that facilitate socially-distanced outdoor fun in this Project Bold Life story.) But hopefully, things will begin resembling some sense of normalcy and again allow us to explore beyond our own backyards.

With this in mind, many people have already created their own post-pandemic wishlist for vacations after COVID. Some are planning extended escapes, having saved up their travel funds from a year of staying at home. Others want to travel to faraway places to regain a sense of freedom and adventure. And still others yearn to return to places they previously enjoyed out of a sense of nostalgia. Regardless, post-pandemic travel is expected to boom, and it’s not too early to think about where you’ll want to travel. The following are 10 vacations after COVID that you might consider in this regard, depending on your own travel desires.

  1. The Greek Islands – After being cooped up inside for months, an island vacation after COVID will sound appealing to many. Thus, one vacation after COVID to consider might be a trip to the Greek Islands. Santorini and several other destinations offer white sand beaches and a view of the crystal-clear Aegean Sea. And in the summer, the islands will be bustling with activity as post-pandemic travel increases. This is one escape that will provide a truly liberating experience.
  1. Costa Rica – This potential vacation after COVID is one that some are taking already. In fact, some digital nomads have made Costa Rica their preferred remote workplace. (Read more about digital nomads and remote working in this Bold Business story.) As a destination for post-pandemic travel, however, the country has much to offer at an affordable price. Rainforests, ziplines, beaches, and wonderful ocean views are just of a few of the attractions. If you’ve never been to Costa Rica, it’s definitely an escape worth considering.
  1. Tokyo, Japan – One of the more exciting vacations after COVID to add to your list could certainly be Tokyo. This highly modernized big city has anything you could want. Its cultural landscape not only includes futuristic skyscrapers but also centuries-old temples, sophisticated hotels, and tantalizing restaurants. From high-speed trains to space-conscious concepts, Tokyo is also a wonder to behold. Many tourists will be including this destination in their post-pandemic travel wishes.
  1. Rome, Italy – After China, Italy was among the first countries to experience the pandemic. As such, they’ve been in some type of lockdown ever since, closing their borders to international travel. That’s why this spot, particularly Rome, will be a post-pandemic travel hotspot. Rome’s history, wine, ruins, and incredible foods will be a magnet for anyone looking for a great vacation after COVID. In fact, for those who miss Rome’s romantic appeal, this will be a top-of-the-list destination.
  1. New Orleans – In essence, the world has been in lockdown for nearly a year because of the pandemic. So, once restrictions are lifted, what better place for a party vacation after COVID than New Orleans? The French Quarter will be serving up great entertainment as well as some delicious cocktails. And without question, New Orleans’ incredible cuisine will be just what we need for a little self-indulgence. Expect this to be quite a popular post-pandemic travel spot in the near future.
  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands – After a year of tremendous stress, the perfect vacation after COVID might involve somewhere known for its laid-back atmosphere. Amsterdam is definitely a place that will satisfy that need. But in addition, the city’s incredibly walkable, home to some incredible art museums, and bustling with nightlife. Water tours and a variety of historical experiences are also available. For a chill experience, this might be an ideal post-pandemic travel consideration.
  1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – For those on a budget who want to get away, a variety of travel experiences in Mexico might be considered. Mexico is actually currently open to U.S. visitors now including places like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta. But for those wanted to celebrate with a vacation after COVID, Cabo San Lucas might be the place. Great beaches, delicious seafood, and excellent parties offer a great recipe for post-pandemic travel.
  1. The Maldives – Located south of the Indian continent, the Maldives is a stereotypical island escape in many ways. But it’s also unique in that its culture has been influenced by adjacent nations like India, Thailand and the Middle East. Its crystal-blue waters make it a great diving vacation after COVID. It also boasts bungalows, resorts, and a vibrant entertainment nightlife. For a destination that will feel like a real escape, the Maldives is an ideal post-pandemic travel choice.
  1. Iceland – if you’re looking for something a bit more unusual, Iceland might meet your needs. Post-pandemic travel to exotic places is expected, and Iceland certainly fits the bill. Tall waterfalls spilling over cliffs, volcanic terrains, and black sand beaches are some of the more unusual sights. At the same time, hipster cafés, designer boutiques, and public pools with mineral-rich waters exist. Though not your typical getaway, Iceland might be an exhilarating vacation after COVID.
  1. New South Wales, Australia – What better vacation after COVID than traveling to the other side of the world? New South Wales, home to Sydney, as well as vast countryside, is worth considering for post-pandemic travel. It offers not only beaches and bushlands, but also diverse wineries, sophisticated dining, and incredible national parks. Roam the outback, experience the sights of Sydney, or both. It’s a great option for an escape in the “after.”

No Time for Planning Like the Present

While it’s not recommended that you start booking flights or hotels just yet, making a post-pandemic travel wishlist is fine. Right now, it’s hard to know when international travel will resume and foreign restrictions lifted. Many suspect travelers will also need a vaccination passport for vacations abroad. Regardless, the end of the pandemic looks to be in sight, and it’s time to start dreaming. A little bit of regenerative travel is something we will all appreciate once normalcy finally returns.


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