Reasons to Make an Autumn Adventure a Reality

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As we turn the calendar to October and the fall season descends on the northern hemisphere, the days become shorter, the air grows crisp and the leaves start to turn colors. Often the realization also hits us that the end of the year is fast approaching. Yikes, how many shopping days till Christmas?

At this time we often also ask ourselves about our year, “Did we live a bold year?” “Did we accomplish what we wanted to accomplish”? And most importantly, “Did we travel like we wanted (and probably planned) to in 2019?“ If not, don’t worry at all, there is still plenty of time to make an autumn adventure a reality. And below we have some advice, tips, and inspiration to make a fall filled with fun.

Go Somewhere New Each Year

Sometimes we need a reason, and if we haven’t been anywhere new this year yet, don’t worry—you have a great one. The Dali Lama states, “Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before.” We can’t disappoint his holiness, right?

The reason is simple: such a trip enables us to learn from other cultures and grow as individuals while understanding how we are all connected. So make a point to venture out somewhere new, perhaps take a scenic drive this season or take on a bold adventure in Mexico.

Plan an Event-Focused Weekend

We often travel for events. Family reunions, weddings, other such milestones can take up a good chunk of our holiday time. But why not take a trip just with your immediate family or a group of friends for something fun? Fall is filled with reasons to book such an adventure.

Sporting events are just beginning to heat up as the weather cools. Fans of hockey, football, basketball, college sports and more all have something to cheer about. There are plenty of epic sporting events to make travel plans to attend, but if you are not a sports fan…not a problem. Musicians often continue summer tours as more urban areas start the classical concerts or even theater season in September.

Add a Day to the Annual Holiday Trip

Saving your last vacation days for the holidays? Certainly visiting family and friends remains one of the joys of the season.  But why cut corners on limiting holiday time away? Just ask for (or take) an extra day. You deserve it.

With the extra time away, decide to do something fun instead of the bare minimum of visiting family for the season. Visit a local tourist attraction or do something fun locally. Trust me, the office and business will survive without you and chances are you may enjoy the holiday break a little more than normal.

Take a Staycation

Boring. Wait, are you sure? No, this isn’t stay-home-and-work-on-the-never-ending-“to-do”-list staycations. Take a day for yourself and do something fun in your town or city. When was the last time you were a tourist locally (without visiting family) in town?

Are there local events you wish you could attend or places you want to visit? What about a state park to walk among the trees and do some forest bathing in the fall colors. There are also fall festivals to attend, museums to visit, and there are always plenty of reasons to take a spa holiday.

Start a New Tradition

Often as we approach the end of the year, we focus on traditions. What if we decided to create a new one? Invite friends, take family and make a day to go somewhere fun, something different.

We often are creatures of habit. But we can be in the habit of creating a new tradition, an autumn adventure each fall season. We could find plenty of surprises in a new destination, and perhaps find ways to give back on your holiday. So why not? The only thing stopping you is you.

Regardless of which reason you choose to make your autumn adventure a reality, the chances of remembering the day (or days) in the office more than the time away experiencing the world remain slim. Create memories and live bold this fall. There is still is plenty of time to make 2019 a year to remember.

About the Author

Craig Zabransky is an ex-global management consultant for top-tier banks gone rogue. After a year-long travel sabbatical, he decided to leave Wall Street to pursue his passion for travel. With the belief travel is a gateway to positive life change he podcasts, writes, blogs, and photographs his adventures to inspire others to take and make adventure in their life. To date, he has traveled through more than 55 countries, 40 U.S. States, 5 continents, and is still traveling from his home in the Florida Keys. For more of his story visit his site
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