Seven Adventurous Summer Camps… For Adults

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Summers are one of the most magical seasons people experience in their childhood. It’s also the season that quickly loses its charm once you reach adulthood. Summer vacations turn from months of fun, discovery, and adventure into hot days, stressful schedules, internships, and lots of work. But does it have to stay that way? Here are seven adult summer camps you can visit for a bold summer in 2023.

Summer Camp for Adults

The idea of summer camps being an exclusive experience for kids and teens alone has been a part of several generational perceptions and mindsets people need to break. Most adults think joining a summer camp is a thing of the past and not applicable to their new lifestyle. But the truth is that these facilities and programs can still benefit them in this life stage.

In an era where life is high-speed and hyper-connected, needing time to escape and unwind from the demands of reality is essential for people’s well-being. Summer camps allow adults places to get in touch with simple joys and decompress from the pressures of their personal and professional lives.

In addition, adult summer camps help you tap into a greater sense of purpose. Busy schedules and piles of work can make you lose sight of what matters to you. Due to that, it’s easier to get side-tracked and find yourself in months or years-worth of a slump. Recent studies also show that adults with a sense of purpose in life have lower risks of having chronic conditions and shorter lifespans.

Another thing that makes summer camp essential for grownups is their health. Many people spend their days indoors, sitting for hours in an office while staring at their computer screens. Studies note that prolonged hours cooped inside the workplace increase the risks of psychological stress, obesity, and back problems. Joining summer camps bring adults out in nature, breathing in the fresh air and engaging in healthy activities to stay fit.

“A higher sense of purpose in life is associated with lower risk of chronic conditions and premature mortality.” -Eric S. Kim, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of British Columbia

 1.   Camp No Counselors

Camp No Counselors is the top choice for adults who want to party and unwind. This adult summer camp takes all the fun things you do in children’s summer camps, like outdoor activities, swimming, and friendships, and adds alcoholic drinks and DJ dance parties for their adult component.

Camp No Counselors offers an all-inclusive, adults-only camp experience at nostalgic locations across New York, California, and Florida. Adult campers can enjoy different activities and events, plus themed soirees full of live music and alcoholic beverages.

They offer numerous camp traditions like the Olympics and talent shows. Their activities and offers make them a perfect place for corporate team-building, school reunions, and bachelor parties.

2.   Space Camp

Most kids dreamt of exploring space or becoming an astronaut. While not everyone can fulfill their childhood dream of being a space traveler, you can revisit them by spending an out-of-this-world experience at The Adult Space Camp in Alabama.

This adult summer camp offers a two-night weekend once per month from May to September for space geeks and fanatics. Adults can learn what it takes to be an astronaut, build and launch model rockets, and have hands-on experience on space missions.

3.   Epic Nerd Camp

There’s no time like the present, but if you can indulge your inner child and nerd for a week-long magical summer camp playing Quidditch, LARPing, and becoming mermaids, why not go for it? Epic Nerd Camp is the place to be to enjoy your childhood fantasies.

A cool-looking summer camp for adults
Summer camp for adults means roasting marshmallows and not having to share them with the kids.

Located on a 550-acre property in the Pocono Mountains, adults can enjoy different nerd-centric activities like wizard duels, lightsaber combats, mermaid swimming, and space quest adventures. But if you want a break from the myriad of events, they also offer Yoga and other traditional summer camp activities.

4. ‘Camp’ Camp

‘Camp’ Camp has become the country’s premier summer camp for LGBT adults for over two decades. This all-inclusive adult summer camp in Maine offers and delivers all the trappings of any grown-up getaway camp.

They offer traditional daytime activities like kickball tournaments, pottery-making lessons, and swimming and sailing lessons in their on-site lake. After sundown, campers can enjoy nighttime canoe trips, fancy alfresco dinners, night hikes, and ice cream socials. The place encourages acceptance, camaraderie, and lifetime friendships within the community.

5.   Camp Wandawega

Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin is everything you dream of and think of a chic adult summer camp to look like with a splash of unique history. Before becoming a summer camp for adults, the place was a Prohibition-era speakeasy, a gambling den, and a Latvian church. Now, it’s a summer retreat for creative adults who want an escape from the demands of work and adult life.

6.   Camp Halcyon

Camp Halcyon in Wisconsin stays true to the textbook definition of its camp name. This adult summer camp offers the right amount of nostalgia to campers with their traditional summer camping activities, like canoeing, campfires, and arts and crafts. In addition, they add an adult twist of wine tasting, campfire lounges, and a cocktail bar full of locally-made spirits and beers.

7.   Camp Bonfire

Most adult summer camps cater more to the adult components, meaning alcohol and parties. But that isn’t the case with Camp Bonfire in Pennsylvania. Unlike other adult summer camps, they promise the return of simple group experiences that made you enjoy summer camp as a child. Alcoholic beverages and parties are still available but aren’t the focus of the experience.

Camp Bonfire focuses on connecting with strangers through outdoor activities like rock climbing, archery, and other relaxing events like lawn games.

Seven Adult Summer Camps for A Bold Summer

Summer camps aren’t only exclusive to children and teenagers. Despite what many believe, adult summer camps are a thing and something working adults need to try. These places help you unwind, reconnect with your passion, rediscover your purpose, and remember the best things about summer. Not everyone seeks the nostalgia of old summer camps, but these seven options can narrow your choices to enjoy your summer week off work.


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