Top 10 Best Places to Travel Alone in the U.S.

Looking for the best places to travel alone in the U.S.? Look no further than your own backyard. Solo travel in the U.S. offers incredible sights and experiences! It’s no wonder millions of tourists flock to the U.S. each year. Domestic destinations are perfect for the solo traveler. Many cities are safe, have great transit systems, and offer a chance for unique self-experiences. Because of this, Project Bold Life has identified our list of the 10 best places to travel alone in the U.S.

Project Bold Life’s 10 Best Places to Travel Alone in the U.S.

San Francisco, California

best places to travel alone in the US - san francisco, painted ladies
Evening skyline of the Painted Ladies in San Francisco.

Many people think of the “city by the bay” as being too pricey for solo travel. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Areas like Chinatown and North Beach are quite affordable and reasonably priced, exquisite cuisine abounds. Visit the Market, walk along the waterfront, and visit the Mission District. Getting around town is easy, and if you want to visit Napa Valley, renting a day car or tour is simple. Whether you want to be social or solo, the choices in San Francisco make it one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

best places to travel alone in the US - Yucca Art Gallery in santa fe, new mexico
Yucca Art Gallery entrance in old town Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Home to the second largest art market in the country, Santa Fe is also one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S. Located north of Albuquerque, the downtown area is active with cafes, bars, and tons of art! From a visit to historic San Miguel Mission to walks along Canyon Road, solo travelers will enjoy plenty of intriguing experiences. In addition, Santa Fe’s downtown is very safe with opportunities to meet new friends or spend time self-reflecting. Santa Fe is not called the “Land of Entrapment” for nothing!

Boulder, Colorado

best places to travel alone in US - popular Pearl Street Mall with people, tulips and lights in boulder, colorado
Pearl Street Mall in downtown Boulder, Colorado.

Looking to escape into the tranquility of nature? How about a chance to stroll quaint streets lined with shops and cafes? Boulder is one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S. for these and many other reasons. Whether skiing in the winter or hiking in the summer, Boulder’s beauty is astounding. In addition, its easy access to Denver appeals to many solo travelers. Visit shops, microbrews, and cafes along Pearl Street for your social fix. Or take advantage of bike-sharing and see the sights along Boulder’s creek path. This is a great place for solo travel if you want some time to recharge!

Austin, Texas

best places to travel alone in the us - south by southwest promotion in business window
South by Southwest promotion on window in Austin, TX.

Known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Austin is certainly one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S. In addition to its infamous SXSW Music Festival, Austin is home to dozens of bars, brewpubs, cafes and restaurants where fun abounds. Choose to live it up along Sixth Street or take a casual walk or bike ride along Shoal Creek trail. Austin is safe, affordable and active offering the solo traveler a variety of options for fun.

Nashville, Tennessee

best places to travel alone in the US - strip along broadway in Nashville, TN
Neon signs light the strip along Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee.

If you think of Nashville as simply a country music destination, you are way off the mark. Nashville has emerged as one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S. For one, it’s a hot spot for all genres of music. A walk down Broadway Street at night with tons of live music will quickly convince you of this! But Nashville has much more to offer including steamboat rides, tours of amazing home architecture, and an actual Parthenon replica. Likewise, museums and several “halls of fame” offer additional delights. Safe, affordable, and vibrant, Nashville is sure to please!

Asheville, North Carolina

View from Devil's courthouse in Asheville, NC - best places to travel alone in US
Morning view from Devil’s Courthouse, near the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, North Carolina.

The secret is out. Many solo travelers have realized that Asheville is one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is surrounded by incredible natural beauty. But this is just the beginning. Asheville offers rich and unique experiences in food, drinks, art, music, and architecture as well as culture. The city is small enough to be walkable and safe, yet diverse enough to be mesmerizing. From the River Arts District to the Biltmore Estate, Asheville is a perfect place for the solo traveler.

Boston, Massachusetts

architecture at sunset in Boston, MA - best places to travel alone in US
Mix of modern and historic architecture at sunset in Boston, MA.

You may want to avoid travel here in the heart of winter. However, Boston is clearly one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S the rest of the year. In addition to its rich heritage and historic sites, the solo traveler will run out of time before running out of things to do. Take a Duck Tour, a Swan ride, visit Quincy Market or kick back on the lawn at Boston Commons. From its enchanting Italian North End to a baseball game at historic Fenway Park, unique experiences are everywhere.

Portland, Oregon

Best places to travel alone in the US - portland, OR
Powell’s Bookstore in Portland, Oregon.

If you enjoy great eats, drinks, and music, then Portland is the place for you! In addition to being safe and having an exceptional transit system, Portland is booming with entertainment. It is known as the microbrewery capital of the world and is home to incredible distilleries, markets, and eclectic cuisine. The Pearl District, where many of these abound, is very walkable. Solo travelers can also tour unusual sights like Powell’s City of Books among others. All of these choices show why Portland is one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S.

Washington, D.C.

best places to travel alone in the U.S.- Washington, D.C.
Tidal basin with Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.

It’s not surprising that the nation’s capital is one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S. Washington’s transit system makes it easy for the solo travel to get around. Likewise, most places in the district are safe and filled with tourists. You could spend weeks seeing Smithsonian museums, national monuments, and dining in trendy cafes and still have more to see. From peaceful walks along The Mall and Potomac River to experience the nightlife at Adams Morgan, Washington offers much and is a great destination for the solo traveler.

Seattle, Washington

best places to travel alone in the U.S. - seattle washington
Pike Place Public Market in Seattle, WA.

The waterfront alone makes Seattle one of the best places to travel alone in the U.S. The array of waterfront restaurants, shops, and, of course, Pike’s Place Market offers entertainment for hours and hours. But Seattle offers much more for the solo traveler. Using Seattle’s highly reliable transit, you can explore outlying neighborhoods like Capitol Hill and Fremont. Likewise, Seattle is home to the Space Needle, the Woodland Park Zoo, and the Chihuly Glass Museum. If your destination is Seattle, you will not be disappointed.

Permission to Explore Solo—Granted!

Traveling solo offers great opportunities to self-reflect while seeing extraordinary places that provide inspiration and perspective. As evident in our top 10 best places to travel alone in the U.S., you have so many choices! Solo travel may not be something you have thought about previously. But given the incredible destinations that await you here in the U.S., you might want to reconsider. No need to go overseas for the experience of your life. Some of the best travel destinations await you right in your own backyard.

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