Top 10 Holiday Season Gifts for the Bold Traveler

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The leaves are falling, and the temperatures are beginning to cool. Before you know it, the holidays will soon be upon us. That means it’s time to start thinking about gifts for the holiday season so we can make things a bit less stressful later. Plus, considering gifts now gives you plenty of time to choose the right item for that special friend or loved one. With this in mind, it’s likely that many people you know love to travel. Especially with post-COVID travel being atop many people’s list, travel gifts this holiday season may be something to consider. Fortunately, there are many great travel items that make perfect holiday gifts for such individuals. The following offers Project Bold Life’s top 10 gifts for that bold traveler on your holiday list.

  1. Cowin SE7 Active Noise-Canceling Headphones – As always, one of the best travel gifts this holiday might include noise-canceling headphones. Whether it’s on an airline or other forms of busy transit, these are great gifts for the holiday season. And Cowin makes some of the best. Cowin’s SE7 model uses AptX and Bluetooth technology to provide smooth, crisp sounds. Likewise, they can be folded into a nicely compact case while also offering 30-hours on a single battery charge. Prices range from $80 to $140 depending on sales promotions.

  1. July Carry-On Pro Luggage – Have someone who travels often but isn’t likely to splurge on themselves? If so, the July Carry-On Pro suitcase is one of the best travel gifts this holiday. It boasts heavy-duty polycarbonate shell protection and an extra-long telescoping handle. It also includes a hidden laundry bag, detachable laptop component, and ejectable USB power-pack. With a retail price of $345, it may not be one of the common gifts for the holiday season. But for that special traveler, it might be the perfect choice.
  1. Nimble Champ Portable Charger – With all the gadgets and techy gizmos, every traveler needs a portable charging device. The Nimble Champ charger is among one of the best in this category making our top list of travel gifts for this holiday. It is lightweight, compact, and has universal compatibility. It also provides super-fast charging capacity while allowing you to charge two devices at once. Priced reasonably at $60, the Nimble Champ is not just for travelers but also a great gift for college students.
  1. ZGGCD International Power Adapter – If a portable charger isn’t the thing, perhaps an international power adapter is. The ZGGCD International Power Adapter is a great consideration for travel gifts for the holiday season. It offers four USB ports as well as four different types of retractable plug adaptors. This allows it to accommodate power needs in 150 countries. Likewise, you can power multiple devices on it at once and enjoy fast recharging times. These features plus a $20 retail price make it one of the excellent travel gifts this holiday season.

  1. Prosafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Travel Backpack – If you know someone worried about theft while traveling, the Prosafe Venturesafe Anti-Theft Travel Backpack is a great gift choice. In addition to a 45-liter capacity and carry-on size, it offers many unique features. These include lockable zippers, cut-resistant construction, and a steel cable attachment to secure the bag. Similarly, it’s design is comfortable and evenly distributes the bag’s weight. At $240, this item is one of the best-value travel gifts this holiday.
  1. Away Insider Packing Cubes – Anyone who has been on an extended trip appreciates a well-organized suitcase. Understanding this, Away’s Insider Packing Cubes may be one of the best gifts for the holiday season. These water-resistant nylon cubes allow one to organize clothing and outwear neatly within a suitcase. The cubes also offer a mesh top for easy visibility while naturally compressing contents to optimize the use of space. For the frequent traveler, this is one of the best travel gifts this holiday. A set of four cubes starts at $45 and comes in different color options.
  1. Nefeeko Collapsible Water Bottle – Health experts routinely stress the importance of proper hydration, and this can be challenging for traveler. However, Nefeeko makes it easier with its collapsible water bottle. The 18-ounce bottle is composed of aluminum, steel, and food-safe silicone. This not only permits its lightweight nature but also its ability to keep cold beverages ice cold and hot ones hot. And unlike other similar bottles, the Nefeeko won’t tip over when extended. At $13, it is one of the gifts for the holiday season that might be ideal for several on your holiday list.

  1. Native Union Tech Organizer – Perhaps the traveler on your holiday list already has a portable charger and adaptor. If so, then they will also need something in which to organize these items along with cords and other things. In this regard, the Native Union Tech Organizer is among the travel gifts this holiday to consider. Its minimalist and modern design has several pockets, loops, and slots for great organization. Its canvas exterior also has a water-repellant coating. For $60 retail, it represents another high-value travel gifts for the holiday season.
  1. Dagne Dover Large Hunter Toiletry Bag – Not only do tech devices and paraphernalia need organizing when one travels. It’s also essential to have one’s toiletries also neatly packed and easy to access. Understanding this, the Dagne Dover Large Hunter Toiletry Bag is another great travel gifts this holiday. Complementing its water-resistant neoprene material is its minimalist and fashionable design. And it naturally offers many compartments while providing strong sturdy zippers. It also comes in several colors with a retail price at $65.
  1. Leatherology Bordeaux Medium Snap Journal – For the bold traveler, new destinations and experiences foster personal growth. And one of the best ways to help capture these moments and learn from them involves journaling. With this in mind, Leatherology’s Bordeaux Medium Snap Journal is one of the great travel gifts this holiday. It is a stylish, refillable travel journal with nickel hardware and leather casing. Plus, it offers plenty of space with 128 pages that are 8”X6” in size. Though $80 in price, it’s one of the select gifts for the holiday season many travelers will appreciate.

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