Top 7 Canadian Destinations for Summer Travel

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Snow, skiing, and winter holidays are always the first thoughts when visiting Canada. Although winter activities are great when touring the country, it offers much more than icy wonderlands and meters-deep snow. Canadian summers are full of warm temperatures, charming cities, and incredible outdoor sceneries and activities. Whether they’re waterfront towns among natural landscapes or stunning sights in a metropolis, summer travelers in the country have abundant options for their itinerary. Here are seven great Canadian summer getaways for bold adventurers this 2023.

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1.   Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria is one of the best summer travel destinations in Canada. Located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, the coastal city welcomes its visitors by ferry or plane. In addition, it’s also the capital of British Columbia and is well-known for exciting food trips with a dash of cultural experiences.

Victoria is also called the Garden City due to its well-kept greenery, such as Beacon Hill Park. Many locals and annual travelers suggest visiting the city during summer to get a whole experience of what the city has to offer.

Bold family travelers this 2023 can add a tour of the Butterfly Gardens to their itinerary. The park allows children to interact with animals such as geckos, flamingos, tropical birds, and free-flying butterflies. There’s also the Butchart Gardens which are well-known for their rose gardens that reach their peak bloom from June to August. In addition, the gardens have night illuminations that turn the place into a fantasy land.

Summer in Victoria Harbor is also an iconic destination for tourists and locals. Every weekend, little ferries put on a show for the sightseers with their choreographed moves on the water. The harbor is also a notable area for people interested in historic buildings.

great Canadian summer getaways start with this sign
There’s no shortage of great Canadian summer getaways.

2.   Cape Breton Island

Summer vacations in Canada are never complete without visiting Cape Breton Island. The best way to enjoy the hot months is outdoors, and Cape Breton offers every bit of scenery and recreation you need for an active, nature-nurturing summer getaway. The Canadian island provides tourists with a beautiful sight of coastal life, delicious seafood, and breathtaking landscapes.

One of the places to visit at Cape Breton is the Cabot Trail. It offers an excellent ocean view and outdoor activities, like guided bicycle tours. But if you’re not into cycling, there are guided boat cruises that provide tours for tourists to see the island’s natural wildlife, like birds and whales.

Another way to experience Cape Breton is through Canadian Train Vacation. The ride gives you the best views of the country’s breathtaking scenery while moving from place to place.

3.   Prince Edward Island

A Canadian summer getaway destination list isn’t complete without mentioning Prince Edward Island. Many locals recommend it as the best place to spend a summer in Canada, and there’s a reason why. The scenery the island provides looked like it came out of a postcard. One example is Cavendish Beach, with its red sand banks and old, unique-looking lighthouses. In addition, the beach has the best areas to dig clams and have outdoor lobster dinners.

Another area worth mentioning is Charlottetown. The place has a walking tour with guides dressed in period costumes while offering history lessons about the city. In addition, a long-running production of “Anne of Green Gables” is also available to everyone at the local arts festival.

4.   Niagara Falls

No trip to Canada should end without visiting Niagara Falls. Summer is the best time to see it in its glory. Although Niagara Falls isn’t part of the official Natural Wonders of the World list, it’s still a wonder.

Niagara Falls, a combination of the Bridal Veil Falls, American Falls, and Horseshoe Falls, creates the highest flow rate of any North American waterfall. Besides visiting Niagara for the view, there are attractions within the area for couples, friends, and family tourists.

Some of the diverse activities you can do to enjoy the waterfalls at every angle are helicopter tours, underground mazes, and boat rides. There are also wineries near the waterfalls for adult travelers.

5.   Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, in Nova Scotia, is the best Canadian summer getaway for family travelers. During summer, the area offers numerous active and family-friendly recreations. In addition to the beautiful ocean views, the city also provides local history stories, like Citadel Hill, and abundant seafood dishes.

Public gardens are everywhere in Halifax, and many locals and travelers enjoy the greenery with summer picnics. The boardwalk provides a scenic coastal view that parents can appreciate while their children play in the ship-themed playground.

great Canadian summer getaways include this small island
Great Canadian summer getaways involve lots of nature and lots of sunshine.

6.   Whistler

Many travelers associate Whistler with ski resorts, but it’s also a beautiful summer destination. This town on the Coast Mountains of British Columbia is two hours north of Vancouver and a paradise for nature-loving adventurers.

Travelers can hike the Valley Trail to spot bears and raft the Cheakamus River. Besides hiking, there are other outdoor activities like biking, zip-lining, horseback riding, jet boating, and canoeing to keep active tourists busy. But if you’re looking for a place to unwind, there are break areas near the head lakeside and the Whistler Village.

7.   Quebec

Do you want a French summer experience without needing to fly halfway across the globe? Quebec in Montreal is the answer to that. Quebec City is one of the oldest North American cities, founded in 1806 by a French explorer.

The city is famous for its walled Old Town and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Quebec offers a charming vintage-vibed downtown area due to the cobbled streets and architecture. In addition, there are also Chateau de Frontenac and other buildings, such as Place Royale and Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church, that give the city a unique European look.

Great Canadian Summer Getaways in 2023

Summer getaways are a time for new and bold experiences, and travelers shouldn’t limit them to tropical countries with stunning beaches and hot weather. Although Canada is well-known for winter holiday trips, it’s also a contender for the best summer getaways for tourists of all ages. These seven Canadian places showcase a side of Canada people rarely consider. It also proves it can provide all the stunning ocean scenery, outdoor activities, and simple historical pleasures you seek for a good summer.


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