Best International Destinations for Solo Travel

Traveling to foreign countries is both exciting and intimidating at times. This is particularly true when traveling alone. But foreign destinations can be the best places to travel alone for a number of reasons. In addition to offering the opportunity to learn about diverse cultures and see exotic sights, you will learn a great deal about yourself. While domestic travel also offers these opportunities, several international cities provide some of the best places to travel solo.

Why Travel Solo in the First Place?

For some, traveling alone is not something they prefer to do. But for many, choosing to travel solo is a conscious decision. Why? Because traveling alone offers so many benefits! This is particularly true when you travel to some of the world’s best places. To travel solo means you get to make your own decisions, solve your own dilemmas, and set your own itinerary. In addition, traveling alone allows you the opportunity to gain independence, confidence, and self-assurance. And when traveling by yourself, you learn to go outside your comfort zone and grow as a person.

What Makes a Destination One of the “Best Places to Travel Alone?”

Traveling solo requires some forethought and planning. One of the most important decisions involves identifying the best places to travel alone. But what exactly makes a specific location one of the best places to travel solo? Many factors should be considered including the climate, accommodations, and transportation offerings. At the same time, cost, entertainment, and personal interests play a role in defining the best places. To travel alone, however, also requires paying attention to the number of other tourists, the maneuverability of the destination, and its level of safety. Using these factors to determine the best places to travel solo, we’ve curated the 10 following international travel sites to be some of the best!

Project Bold Life’s 10 Best International Places to Travel Solo

Barcelona, Spain

best places to travel alone - Park guell colors in Barcelona, Spain
Park Guell colors in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the world’s most popular tourist destination with over 30 million tourists a year! Though you might have to work a little to be by yourself, companionship is never far away. Barcelona has a mild climate, a wonderful transit system, and an array of tapas bars, nightclubs, and pastry shops. Barcelona also offers a range of accommodations no matter what your budget is. This is why Barcelona makes the list of our “best places to travel solo.”

Reykjavik, Iceland

best places to travel alone - Downtown Reykjavik, Iceland
Downtown Reykjavik, Iceland

While dining in Reykjavik may cost significantly more than other destinations, Iceland is still one of the best places to travel solo. Iceland offers an incredible backdrop of glaciers, hot pools, and exotic scenery. In addition, Iceland offers a great escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Some of the best places to travel alone are serene, peaceful environments where you can get to know yourself better. Iceland offers this in addition to plenty of cosmopolitan treats when desired.

Dublin, Ireland

best places to travel alone internationally - beautiful street in Dublin, Ireland
Beautiful street in Dublin, Ireland

Walkability, a mild climate, and a rich heritage makes Dublin one of the best places to travel alone. Despite being a popular destination, Dublin maintains a small town feel with trendy cafes, Irish pubs, and dozens of historic sights. Likewise, Dublin offers many options in accommodations, and its culinary scene is impressive. Because Dublin readily allows for solitude or socializing, it makes our list of best places to travel solo.

Queenstown, New Zealand

best places to travel internationally - Skyline, Queenstown, New Zealand
Luge track in Queenstown, New Zealand

Compared to Australia, New Zealand is smaller, less expensive, and much easier to get around. This and the array of solo outdoor adventures makes this one of the best places to travel alone. In Queenstown, you can choose to kayak, jetboard, raft or hike. Or you might just try one of the 75 wineries in the region. Whether you choose to enjoy nature alone or join in a group adventure, Queenstown offers many choices for the solo traveler.

Paris, France

Cafe Terrace in Paris, France

It may surprise you to see Paris on our list as one of the best places to travel alone. After all, Paris is for lovers, right? While romance may abound in this city, Paris is also a great place for the solo traveler. From some of the best museums and architecture to hundreds of bistros, brasseries, and cafes, Paris is sure to please. Take in the Louvre, read a book on the Seine, or indulge in Paris’ nightlife. Options abound for the solo traveler in Paris!

Munich, Germany

best places to travel alone internationally - munich, germany
Aerial view on Marienplatz town hall and Frauenkirche in Munich, Germany

As one of the most intriguing cities in Europe, Munich is home to many festivals and sights. For the solo traveler, Munich is safe, bustling with activity, and is remarkably easy to navigate. This makes Munich one of the best places to travel alone. Though traveling to Munich for Oktoberfest might be pricey, traveling from March to May can be very reasonable. Depending on your preference, you can taste the authentic Bavarian cuisine, partake in the city’s many festivals, or visit many historic sites.

Venice, Italy

best places to travel alone - scenic venice italy
Scenic canal with ancient buildings in Venice, Italy.

Home to the Biennale and incredible sculptures, Venice is certainly artistically and aesthetically enchanting. Often touted as a romantic city for couples, Venice is clearly one of the best places to travel alone. The city is inherently friendly, safe and accommodating to visitors. While the city is very walkable (and delightful), several options for transportation exist. From water taxis to gondolas on the canal, the solo traveler can immerse themselves in their beautiful surroundings. And despite parts of Venice being rather expensive for hotels, more affordable areas of the city can be easily found.

London, UK

best places to travel internationally - british telephone booth and big ben in london
Iconic British telephone booth and Big Ben in the center of London.

In many ways, the English culture can be comforting to the solo traveler. But this is not the only reason London is one of the best places to travel alone. London offers easy transit options including the Tube (London’s underground rail) and hundreds of rental bicycles. Yes, the weather can be a little soggy at times. But, the solo traveler can easily manage this by packing clothes that can be layered. Likewise, many areas of London are quite affordable, and dining for one is almost the norm in most English pubs.

Melbourne, Australia

best places to travel internationally - melbourne australia beaches
Bathing boxes on Brighton beach in Melbourne, Australia.

This international city is another popular destination for the wayward solo traveler. You will likely meet many other solo travelers on your journey to Melbourne as a result. Filled with beautiful art, musical venues, and an endless supply of cafes and coffee shops, Melbourne offers much. Likewise, the city has numerous hostels to make for a very affordable getaway. Melbourne has been consistently cited as one of the best places to travel alone.

Chang Mai, Thailand

Best places to travel alone internationally - chiang thailand
Wat Pra Sing Chiang Mai Temple, Thailand

Located in Northern Thailand, Chang Mai rounds out our list for best places to travel alone. For one, Chang Mai is very affordable, and it boasts wonderful Thai cuisine. You might choose to explore the markets during the day or night, but both are engaging. English is readily spoken, and music, art and entertainment abound. Likewise, its ancient Asian architecture and temples are stunning to see. With this in mind, Chang Mai is a “best place” to travel solo when seeking to explore a completely different culture.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Sometimes pulling the trigger on travel plans can be difficult, especially when traveling alone to a foreign country. But if you do your homework and choose your destination wisely, foreign travel offers some of the best places to travel alone. In considering several factors, the above destinations are wonderful places for the solo traveler. If any of these international sites sound exciting to you, make the decision to make your trip alone happen. You will be amazed at how empowering solo travel abroad can be.

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