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Seven Essential Skills Your Kids Should Have Before They Leave for College

Stressing out about getting your kids college-ready? Here are seven meaningful skills your children need for an easy transition to living alone.

10 Ways to Avoid Loneliness After Retirement

Are you having difficulties adjusting to life after retirement? This guide features ten helpful ways of battling aloneness during retirement.

52 Things To Do In 2019

PBL is challenging you to accomplish these 52 things in 2019! These easy-to-achieve “mini” goals can make you laugh, learn, step out of your comfort zone, and bring a little more joy to your life!

How to Demonstrate Healthy Financial Habits for Kids

+5 Age-Appropriate Concepts to Teach Them About Money

Financial habits start forming around the age of 7. Use this guide to start them early.

Your Bold Life Checklist: 48 Simple Actions that Yield Big Results

It’s time to start living your best life! This checklist of 48 simple actions across 7 pillars will help you take the next steps! Are you ready to start seeing life-changing results?

100 Most Powerful Words for Interview Success

Words matter! The words and phrases used in a job interview affect your chances of getting the job. Be prepared and improve your chances of interview success with these 100 most powerful words.

20 Stress-Free Ways to Declutter

Decluttering isn’t always easy and parting with certain items can be emotionally exhausting. But the advantages are worth it. This guide provides you with strategies to accmplish this task.

Guide to Better Sleep: 20 Habits to Overcome 'Tired'

Tired of feeling…well… tired? With better sleep comes more energy, a positive mood, and clarity of thought. These 20 hacks will help you overcome exhaustion and sleep soundly.

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