Giving Back After Vaccination – 8 Ways to Use Your Immunity Shield to Help Others

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According to recent reports, roughly 10 percent of the country has received a coronavirus vaccination. This includes not only those receiving the Pfizer and Moderna two-shot regimens but also the Johnson & Johnson one also. For these individuals, and for many who’ve recovered from a COVID infection, they enjoy what some call an immunity shield. In other words, they are largely protected from becoming severely infected by the virus. This immunity gained after COVID or after vaccination is empowering. But it also offers a great opportunity for helping others.

Helping others after vaccination is a great way to give back to those who are either vulnerable or in need. Notably, the majority of the country continues to be at risk for catching COVID. Community supports are therefore needed. (Read more about five community areas that could use a helping hand in this Project Bold Life story.) This is particularly concerning for those who are higher risk including the elderly and those with chronic illness. In fact, many eligible for the vaccination may be unable to arrange or travel to receive their injections. Understanding this, there are several things you can do once you have immunity after COVID vaccination. The following offer some examples of how you might best use the immunity shield you now enjoy.

  1. Offer Transportation Services – Many communities remain in partial lockdown given the ongoing risks of infection. This has resulted in a boom in delivery services and online shopping. But even so, transportation services are needed, especially among older adults how may need to get vaccinated. Thus, one way of helping others after vaccination is to offer to take them to their appointments. While your mask should still be in place, this can be a great way to use your immunity after COVID vaccinations.
  1. Provide Household Assistance – For individuals or older adults with disabilities, it can be challenging to keep up with household responsibilities. Lawncare, taking out the trash, and other routine housing chores can be a burden. This is certainly true for those who are frail with limited family support. But with immunity after COVID vaccination, you can perform these tasks for others safely. They’ll feel much relieved, and you’ll be happy you helped.
  1. Run Errands and Make Deliveries – One way of helping others after vaccination can involve running errands for them. If they’re at high risk for having a severe infection, these types of offerings could literally save their life. Making trips to the post office, the grocery store, and other destinations are still required periodically. These are things one can readily do once immunity after COVID vaccination is attained. And doing these tasks for others who are vulnerable lets then stay safe at home.
  1. Help Troubleshoot Technology Challenges – As most of us are aware, the pandemic has made all of us more dependent on technology. Zoom calls are the norm, and where would we be without streaming? Until everyone has immunity after COVID vaccinations, technology will remain in high demand. But not everyone is tech savvy, which can be a real inconvenience. Therefore, one way of helping others after vaccination might be offering technology assistance. This is one way of giving back that may be poorly appreciated for its impact. (Read about 10 individuals who made the most of 2020 by giving back in this Project Bold Life story.)
  1. Assist in Making Vaccination Appointments – It seems nearly every day unused vaccination doses are being thrown away. Likewise, many elderly in need of these doses aren’t aware where they can receive them. If you enjoy immunity after COVID vaccination, helping such individuals make these appointments is a wonderful way of giving back. Likewise, making others aware that your experience with the vaccine was favorable is similarly important. Helping others after vaccination in this way can speed up the entire process.
  1. Volunteer at Local Churches and Charities – Overall, those who have immunity after COVID vaccination are much less infectious. Studies suggest if they come in contact with the virus, they produce less than a quarter of the viral particles. This doesn’t mean one shouldn’t wear a mask or continue to take precautions against spread. But it does mean you can resume normal charitable activities fully, including volunteer work. These traditional ways of helping others after vaccination is naturally important too.
  1. Give Blood to the Red Cross – For those who have developed some immunity after COVID infection, blood donations are appreciated. Many of these individuals have COVID antibodies that can be used in medical care settings. But even without experiencing an infection, donating blood is an important way in helping others after vaccination. Without the same risk as before, you can safely visit your local Red Cross. Given the rise in hospitalizations this year, blood donations are notably in demand.
  1. Spend Time Having Conversations – We all have experienced a tremendous amount of social isolation this past year with the pandemic. Videoconferencing can only go so far. But many older adults and individuals with limited mobility have felt these effects even more. Therefore, spending some time talking with someone can be a great way of helping others after vaccination. The immunity after COVID vaccination is not 100 percent. But with face masks in place and proper distancing, these social interactions can occur safely.
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Helping others after vaccination is a great way of giving back.

Current CDC Guidelines After Vaccination

Recently, the CDC announced guidelines that those who have gained immunity after COVID vaccination can safely gather in small groups. Likewise, if everyone is healthy and low-risk, they do not have to wear face masks or distance in these situations. This invites many opportunities for helping others after vaccination. The above are among some of the most important needs that many people have. But there are likely others in specific instances. The more important thing is to approach your successful vaccination with a sense of gratitude. In doing so, you’ll naturally look for ways to give back. And in doing so, you’ll play an important role in helping all of us get through this more safely.


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