How to Be a Bolder Giver as a New Decade Begins

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You’ve probably heard this one before: with the New Year comes new opportunities for positive change, ranging from personal growth to specific achievements. But one of the most important pursuits many tackle in the new year is a commitment to giving back to others. And while giving back may not yield a tangible, it does something for us that’s far more important –  it increases our capacity to attain our highest potential in the pursuit of a bolder life.

As such, giving back without discretion is an approach that is not necessarily sustainable. A giver who contributes to anyone who asks soon becomes burned out and exhausted. Because they fail to take care of themselves, this type of giver limits their long-term capacity in giving back. Instead, the most effective giver is one who is proactive in their approach in giving back for the purpose of creating real value. In other words, they become a discerning giver who is both intentional and gracious.

The Right Perspective for Giving Back

Having the perspective when it comes to giving back is essential to be the boldest giver you can be. And that requires you to recognize that contributing to others and important causes involve more than financial donations. In fact, you can give to others in a number of ways that may not seem like giving at all initially. Certainly, donating our time to help others is a form of giving back. But so are other contributions, such as offering our undivided attention to someone or giving up control. When you adopt this type of giving back mentality, you will be amazed at the positive outcomes that often follow.

A true giver is one who gives to others unconditionally and without any expectations that something will be received in return. Interestingly, giving back in this manner allows you to become more empowered over time. Certainly, the positive feelings you will experience will leave you feeling stronger and bolder. But likewise, you will develop a stronger social network as you engage others and appreciate the value in community. A true giver is, therefore, someone that enhances the lives of everyone around them. And by having an abundant mentality, they come to see giving back as merely a way of expressing thankfulness.

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Aspire to be a better giver this coming 2020!

Ways to Be a Better Giver

If you aim to become a better giver for the New Year (and the new decade!), several options exist. The following are some simple ways that will foster a giving back attitude and help you achieve these goals.

  • Commit to Helping Others an Hour Every Day – Starting small and advancing your giving back goals is always a good approach. And one way to become a better giver is to dedicate an hour each day (or each week) to help someone. In doing so, you will make giving back a priority. And in the process, you will begin to appreciate the many benefits that giving back offers.
  • Express Encouragement and Gratitude Often – Saying “thank you” or complimenting someone is easy and takes little effort. But by making it a habit, you embrace a giving-back attitude. In turn, this simple act will help you become a better giver in many other ways.
  • Make Time to Listen to Others – Without question, time is a precious resource. When we decide to take the time to listen to others, we donate our full attention and demonstrate respect. While many don’t appreciate listening as giving back, it is actually one of the most powerful ways of giving.
  • Donate More than Money – Charitable donations to worthy individuals or causes are naturally a great way to be a true giver. Yet, at the same time, you can also donate some possessions or volunteer your time. Choose to leverage whatever skills, talents and resources you have in your goals of giving back.
  • Give Anonymously – Naturally, every opportunity to become a better giver will not allow you to be anonymous. But when such a situation arises, anonymously giving back can be truly rewarding. Not only does it show that you are giving unconditionally, but likewise, it fosters the right giving back mentality.

Make Giving Back Your New Year’s Goal

When it comes to personal growth and self-empowerment, giving back is a great way to enhance your life. By pursuing steps to become a better giver, you invite a thankful and engaging attitude with others. And that soon leads to positive changes in your own life that will benefit you mentally, emotionally and even spiritually. Even if you already are a giver, there is always room for improvement. If that is part of your personal life goals, then make giving back a priority for 2020 and beyond. In doing so, you will soon experience the many benefits that a giving-back attitude provides.

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