The Project Bold Life Guide for Giving Back in 2022

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It’s a new year, which means it’s another chance to make giving back a priority! Given the lasting effect of the pandemic, there are many in need of support. Specifically, many struggle with loneliness and isolation, and some may be dealing with health issues or homelessness. Other common problems facing us in 2022 include environmental concerns as well as a host public health and safety issues. As a result, there are many great ways to help give back in 2022 that you can consider–in fact, here are ten options!

  1. Volunteer at Local Senior Center or Nursing Home

When it comes various ways to help give back in 2022, you have the choice to donate different things. You can certainly donate money and possessions. But donating your time is always highly valued. This is particularly true when you volunteer your time with senior adults who may be feeling lonely or isolated. Likewise, a shortage of staff at senior centers and nursing homes may truly appreciate volunteer supports as well. If your local centers permit such volunteerism amidst the pandemic, this might be a way of giving back to explore.

  1. Donate Food and Clothing to Local Shelters

Many individuals and families are struggling in the aftermath of the pandemic. Some are having difficulty making ends meet, and others may be facing homeless for the first time. Therefore, one of the ways to help give back in 2022 involves donating food and clothing to various support shelters. Many of us have a number of items that we can gladly donate to help those in need. Also, the pursuit of minimalist living is never a bad thing. Making this one of your consistent resolutions for the new year could make a huge difference in someone else’ life. (Read more about how exploring a minimalist lifestyle could be the ultimate form of giving back in this Project Bold Life story!)

  1. Lead Community Recycling Efforts

Just as it has been in previous years, concerns about climate change and the environment persist. Naturally, it is important that we all do our part to address these concerns. However, one of the great ways to help give back in 2022 could involve leading your own community recycling program. Not only is this a wonderful way to make a positive difference I your community. But it also encourages others to get involved in promoting healthy environmental habits. If this is something you’re passionate about, it might be among your resolutions for the new year.

  1. Become a Youth Mentor for Underprivileged Kids

When it comes to ways to help give back in 2022, mentoring is something all of us should consider. Each of us has knowledge and skills that others may value. This is particularly true for underprivileged children who are in need of support and guidance. There are dozens of ways that you might mentor a child, whether it’s in academics, sports, or a specific skill. Coordinating this through a local youth center or church can also provide a way to recruit others to mentor as well. If you’re looking for more targeted resolutions for the new year, mentoring commitments might be just the thing. Plus, these types of community volunteerism have been shown to not only help community health but personal health as well.

  1. Offer Shopping or Lawncare Support to Neighbors

Keeping up with life’s responsibilities can be tough for all of us. But when individuals have health issues or are at risk for COVID complications, it can be even more challenging. In this regard, some people in your neighborhood and community could use a little help with the basics. Offering to do some shopping or help them care for their lawns are great ways to help give back in 2022. This can greatly ease their burden both physically and mentally. And it shows them that others in the community truly care about their wellbeing. These are the types of resolutions for the new year that could turn into great long-term habits.

  1. Start a Community Fitness Activity

When thinking about resolutions for the new year, you might want to focus on activities that truly interest you. For those actively into health and fitness, one of the ways to help give back in 2022 might involve community fitness programs. This can be done through local community centers. Or you could arrange your own meet-up groups in the park. By giving your time, energy, and expertise in these areas to others, you promote better community health. Not only can this encourage others to adopt healthy fitness lifestyles, but it also can be social and fun!

  1. Get Connected to Charitable Donation Sites

Today, there are many ways to help give back in 2022 through digital sites and services. From apps that allow you to donate extra change to target specific charities, amply opportunities exist. Naturally, it can be confusing at times to make sure you are doing all you can. So, one of your resolutions for the new year may be to get better organized in how you use various charity apps. In doing so, you can not only maximize your giving back. But you can also give to charities and nonprofits in which you truly believe and want to support.

  1. Create a Petition for Positive Change

Many of the above ways to help give back in 2022 involve donating time, money, or other resources. But likewise, you can also make a difference by encouraging others to help make important changes to improve the community. Especially for those of you who are socially and politically minded, this type of activism can be powerful. Creating a petition for a change you believe is important can therefore be an excellent way to give back. In fact, it might lead to even bigger and better ways for you to give back over time.


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