10 Wellness and Fitness Gurus to Help You Lead Your Boldest Life

When it comes to being your absolute best, investing in your health and wellness is essential. When we adopt a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to our fitness, we gain confidence and a positive self-image. But sticking to a wellness plan can be challenging. Life gets in the way, distractions are inevitable, and, as per Ed Kopko’s upcoming book–Project Bold Life: The Proven Formula for Taking on Challenges and Achieving Happiness and Success–sometimes true inspiration is elusive. For these reasons, seeking advice and motivation from wellness and fitness gurus can help you significantly.

A number of wellness experts are readily accessible today to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. From blogs to Instagram, to full video programs, many resources now exist to help you in your pursuit of wellness. Understanding this, the following are 10 of the top wellness and fitness gurus today to help you along your journey.

1. Lee Tilghman

Known for her blog and Instagram titled “Lee From America,” Tilghman is well-recognized as a wellness expert. In addition to a passion for cooking and being a master food stylist, she also embraces the personal journey. She acknowledges that sleep, hydration, and exercise are very important. And she believes the way we treat our bodies can create positive perspectives and experiences in our lives.

2. Joanne Encarnacion

Joanne Encarnacion of GO FIT JO - top wellness guru
Photo by Jonathan Encarnacion/Encarnacion Photography

Based in San Francisco, this wellness and fitness guru blogs under the name “GoFit Jo.” Previously suffering from depression and anxiety, Encarnacion became a holistic health coach focused on exercise, diet, and self-compassion. In addition to encouraging constant movement and whole, simple foods, she also stresses the importance of self-care. This includes making time for relationships and journaling as part of her wellness expert program.

3. Alison Wu

Wellness guru Alison Wu of Wu Haus posing on a couch in front of an open window
Photo courtesy of Wu Haus.

As a wellness expert blogger and stylist, Wu also embraces a holistic approach to health. Her blog, “Wu Haus,” offers great recipes focusing on a plant-based diet. Likewise, she recommends adequate sleep, hydration and quality time in life. This includes disconnecting from technology and making sure you have time for family, relationships, and yourself.

4. Kayla Itsines

This Australian personal trainer, author, and entrepreneur is well recognized internationally as a wellness and fitness guru. As a high school basketball player, she began training some of her sister’s friends in fitness. She recognized most women are concerned about their inner thighs, abs, and the tone of their arms. This led her to establish the Bikini Body Guide workout series and the widely successful SWEAT app.

5. Rachel Brathen

rachel brathen known as yoga girl, top wellness guru
Photo courtesy of YogaGirl.com.

You may recognize Brathen as the author of Yoga Girl or follow her on Instagram under the same name. Born in Sweden, she dove deep into the practice of yoga after moving to Costa Rica. She gained a tremendous following sharing her experiences, good and bad, in a truly authentic way. She advocates finding balance in your life, taking time for self-care, and listening to your inner wisdom in the here and now. Her wellness expert approach focuses on making sure you adopt a yoga practice right for you and always listening to your own body.

6. Joe Wicks

This British wellness and fitness guru might be better recognized as “The Body Coach.” He is best known for his high-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions and his 15-minute meal plan. In fact, these are the focus of his book, Lean in 15. Wicks encourages home meals, plenty of water, and making alcohol and sweets a rarity. And he strongly advocates tailoring your meals and workouts to fit your life goals.

7. Emily Skye

This wellness expert is a well-known fitness model who adopts an expansive, holistic view of health. In addition to her workout programs available on apps and video, she has cosmetic and athletic shoewear products. And she offers truly authentic interactions with her followers, including challenges associated with losing her pregnancy weight.

8. Cassey Ho

This wellness expert has become quite popular through her YouTube series, “Blogilates.” Though she was initially a fashion designer, she began taking Pilates, which led to a new lifestyle. Today, Ho promotes holistic health focusing on balanced diet and lifestyle, exercise, and maintaining a positive body image. She is best known for her POP Pilates series as well as her campaign against body image cyberbullying.

9. Natalie Jill

lifestyle shot of natalie jill, wellness expert and fitness guru
Photo by Sarah Orbanic, Courtesy of NatalieJillFitness.com.

Natalie Jill’s evolution into a wellness and fitness guru began when she was under a tremendous amount of stress. Within a short period of time, she lost her job, became pregnant, and experienced a divorce. After facing depression and weight gain, she adopted a no-pressure approach to lose weight and get in shape. By eating natural, unprocessed foods, using vision boards for inspiration, and performing brief daily exercises, she changed her life. Today, she is a licensed sports nutritionist who helps millions enhance their wellness.

10. Anna Victoria

After experiencing health problems, Anna Victoria dedicated herself to become a wellness expert. Now she promotes exercise and healthy eating through a love of the body rather than out of dissatisfaction. By choosing quality foods and focusing on inward beauty, her wellness approach highlights the importance of mental perspective. This allows a more balanced approach to overall health.

These wellness and fitness gurus are among some of the best-known wellness experts in the world. In addition to encouraging proper diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes, they also stress holistic health. This includes self-care and taking time for important relationships in your life. Likewise, they support effectively managing stress and a positive body image. Because of this comprehensive approach, millions have sought their advice and guidance.

But these fitness gurus also have another thing in common: they embrace an attitude of authenticity, honesty, and humility in offering wellness advice. Many share less-than-flattering stories about their own lives and acknowledge that none of us are perfect. As a result, they are better able to develop trust with their audiences while motivating them to achieve better health. Regardless of which wellness expert you choose, each offers the opportunity to advance in the journey of becoming a better you.

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