An Ice Bath: Bold Recovery or Just Torture?

a dude exploring the benefits and risks of ice baths

How far would you go for wellness? Fads come and go, but of the recent “cool things” people are doing related to workouts and recovery, nothing looks more uncomfortable than ice baths. Although they’re a favorite of professional athletes and other celebrities, people are asking the same question: “Uh, do I have to do that?” In this Project Bold Life guide, learn the benefits and risks of ice baths. Brrrr!

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What Is an Ice Bath?

a couple feeling the benefits and risks of ice baths
Know the benefits and risks of ice baths before taking the plunge.

Ice baths, also called cold water immersion (CWI), is a therapy that involves immersing a person’s body in ice water for a short period. It falls under cryotherapy, a therapeutic practice of exposing the body to cold temperatures for a limited time. Although ice baths are a go-to recovery method for many professional athletes, it’s becoming a wellness craze for many fitness buffs, celebrities, and other influencers.

The practice uses cold water at around 10-15 degrees Celsius or 50-60 Fahrenheit by athletes after intense physical activity. Although it could take five to fifteen minutes, experts state that an ice bath for ten minutes would do the trick if they make it with a 3:1 water-to-ice ratio. But the time would lessen if you decide on plunging into a tub full of ice.

Benefits and Risks of Ice Baths

Although ice baths have often been used as therapy by the fitness community for decades, many are still skeptical about the benefits of immersing oneself in ice-cold waters. Despite the skepticism, several studies back up the truth about ice baths, proving them beneficial, all while identifying notable risks. Not all therapeutic practices are 100% effective, as their effects could depend on the person using them. Here are the pros and cons of an ice bath.

The Benefits of An Ice Bath

Water has been integral to healing and therapeutic practices for thousands of years. Ice baths and other cold water immersion methods are no exception. But knowing the proper technique of immersing your body in ice is essential. Once you do, you can reap all the benefits of an ice bath.

Enhanced Recovery

One of the most cited benefits of ice baths is their ability to speed up recovery after intense physical activity. By reducing muscle temperature and blood flow, ice baths help diminish inflammation, muscle soreness, and tissue breakdown post-exercise. Studies suggest that CWI can significantly reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), a common ailment following vigorous exercise.

Improved Circulation and Lower Body Temperature

Immersion in cold water can improve circulation by encouraging blood to rush to the core organs as the body works to maintain its temperature. This process can help flush out metabolic waste from the muscles and supply them with fresh oxygen and nutrients, aiding in faster recovery.

The historical purpose of ice baths is to lower one’s body temperature and is a treatment for heat stroke. The practice immediately lowers the core temperature, but it doesn’t work on reducing illness-induced fevers.

a guy swimming in a frozen lake
Nothing steels the mind like painfully cold water. Just know the dangers!

Mental Resilience

Regularly subjecting oneself to the discomfort of an ice bath can strengthen mental fortitude. The practice demands a high level of discipline and tolerance, traits that are transferable to other areas of life, including sports and personal challenges. In addition, ice baths can also help people to focus and act like a post-workout meditation.

Immune System Boost

Some research suggests that regular cold exposure through ice baths can stimulate the immune system, increasing the production of white blood cells and other defense mechanisms that protect against illness.

The Potential Risks of Ice Baths

Health experts note that while there is an increasing number of studies about the effects and benefits of ice baths, there are still risks involved when trying cryotherapy. The health hazards of an ice bath aren’t discomfort alone, and most of these risks depend on the individual’s body.


One of the most significant risks associated with ice baths is hypothermia, especially if the immersion is too long or the water is excessively cold. Hypothermia occurs when the body loses heat faster than it can produce it, leading to dangerously low body temperatures.

Cardiovascular Stress

Ice baths can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate, posing risks for individuals with underlying heart conditions. The shock of cold water can also lead to an arrhythmic heartbeat in susceptible individuals.

Skin Irritation and Nerve Damage

Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can lead to skin irritation and, in extreme cases, nerve damage. People with sensitive skin or peripheral neuropathy should exercise caution or avoid ice baths altogether.

Impaired Muscle Strength Gains

Some studies suggest that while ice baths can reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, they might also blunt the muscle adaptive response to exercise. This means that overuse of CWI could potentially impair long-term muscle strength and growth gains.

A Safe Experience in Ice Bathing

There are no downsides to exploring the best way for your body to recover after intense physical activities. But with ice baths, it’s essential that the people are interested in trying to do the therapy in the safest way possible. Understanding how this type of cryotherapy affects the body in the best and worst ways can help you be more cautious. In addition, it would also lead you to learn how to make and take ice baths properly.


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