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From Millennials to Baby Boomers, everyone wants to be his or her healthiest, and trying to achieve wellness (and maintain it) has become a lifelong pursuit. Eating healthy is important, but real health means more than just choosing the right foods to eat. True health demands a holistic approach that encompasses all areas of one’s life.

For nearly four decades, Dr. Frank Lipman has been helping others be the healthiest they can be. As a self-described perennial (an aging Boomer wanting to stay healthy), Dr. Lipman has shared his insights with millions. In his most recent book, How to Be Well, he goes into detail about the dos and don’ts regarding total wellness. Project Bold Life was fortunate to hear firsthand some of Dr. Lipman’s pearls of wisdom.

Being Well and Your Diet

“A cleanse is just really an entry point into healthy living. It’s a two-week way of taking foods out of the diet that might be pro-inflammatory. Once you make someone feel good, they say, ‘Wow, I want to stay feeling like that!’” – Dr. Frank Lipman, Author of How to Be Well

Most of us have a pretty good idea about healthy choices regarding our diet. But there are some insights you may not realize. In How to Be Well, Dr. Lipman acknowledges the importance of eating natural, whole foods. But at the same time, some foods should be avoided completely. Did you know vegetable oils tend to be harmful to your health? These industrialized seed oils contain pro-inflammatory chemicals when heated that undermine real wellness. In fact, Dr. Lipman in How to Be Well notes these may be as bad as refined sugars when it comes to our diet.

Dr. Lipman also notes that processed foods and those that are highly manufactured can also be unhealthy. Instead, he suggests eating whole, natural foods. Healthy oils like coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, and avocado oil are great choices when cooking. Likewise, supplements (such as Vitamin D, omega-3s, and magnesium) are important but should not replace a good diet. Lastly, Dr. Lipman is a big proponent of bone broth, which is loaded with collagen. Good for your hair, joints, and skin, collagen can significantly enhance health and keep that youthful glow.

Being Well and Your Mind

“It’s so important to just be aware of what you eat, how you sleep, and how you deal with life in general.” – Dr. Frank Lipman

Much of Dr. Lipman’s touts the importance of being present in the moment. For example, mindful eating can greatly enhance the quality of your diet. By being conscious of every bite you take, you naturally make better food choices. The same goes for all aspect of your life. Being aware of your sleep patterns, your level of activity, and your coping mechanisms for stress is essential. According to Dr. Lipman, being mindful of these aspects of your everyday life raises your chances for health success.

Being Well and Healthy Sleep

“You have this system in the brain that only works when you sleep called the glymphatic system. If you don’t sleep, this glymphatic system doesn’t clean out chemicals and toxins from the day. And over time, this will cause you to experience brain fog.” – Dr. Frank Lipman

In today’s highly pressured world, sacrificing sleep is not an uncommon practice. Dr. Lipman explains how we really need 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night in order to be healthy. A glymphatic system drains our brain’s cells of chemicals that build up over the day. This allows us to start each day with clarity of mind and full attention. But when we cut our sleep short, brain fog ensues. As you can imagine, it’s hard to be mindful when dealing with a foggy brain!

Being Well and Connecting with Others

“I think good, healthy, happy relationships are really important with your family and with your friends.” – Dr. Frank Lipman

In How to Be Well, Dr. Lipman describes 6 pillars of health. These pillars involve eating, sleeping, moving, unwinding, protecting and connecting. Of these, connecting pertains to how we interact with others in our lives. We are naturally social beings, and being connected to friends, family, and a community is important to our total wellness. As Dr. Lipman notes, too many people are isolated, lonely, and disconnected today. Finding ways to connect with others in a truly authentic way is an area where we should pay close attention.

Being Well and Enjoying a Bold Life

“If you are passionate about what you’re doing, if there’s meaning in your life, I think that’s three quarters of leading a bold life right there.” – Dr. Frank Lipman

Dr. Lipman sat down with Project Bold Life President, Dawna Stone, and discusses a variety of other important subjects related to wellness. These discussions include information about the importance of proper hydration, maintaining a healthy gut, and even IV nutrient therapy. Dr. Lipman provides a comprehensive perspective on what it means to boldly pursue health. Combining this with passion and meaning in life can greatly enhance your ability to realize the bold life you desire.

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