Looking to Get in Shape? Here Are the Top 10 Fitness Apps to Help You

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It’s been a long year since the pandemic began, and many of us may not be as fit as we would like. Working from home and helping kids keep up with schoolwork wreaked havoc with our regular routines. Likewise, lockdowns and quarantines meant more sedentary time for a lot of us as well. Fortunately, COVID vaccines offer hope that there may soon be some return to normalcy in the coming months. And with this return comes increased opportunities to get in better shape. All we need is a little motivation, commitment, and some of the best fitness apps to help us.

While many industries have been challenged by the pandemic, those with advancing technologies have mostly flourished. This is true for exercise apps and platforms like Peloton, Mirror, and others. But there are many other physical fitness apps that can also help us get in better shape–no fitness gurus required! (Read more about top fitness and wellness gurus in this Project Bold Life story.) Of course, these apps range in the types of exercise offerings they provide as well as in price. Thus, choosing one that best meets your needs is important. With this in mind, the following are 10 of the best fitness apps available today.

  1. JEFIT If you’re looking to do a little body-building, JEFIT might be ideal. This is among the best fitness apps for strength training with thousands of routines available. Each offers the ability to target different body areas so you can get in better shape. The app also offers detailed instruction guides, a workout planner, and a progress tracker. Free ad-versions and paid ad-free versions are available.
  1. Seven – Still too busy to commit to a longer workout routine on a regular basis? If so, Seven may be among the best fitness apps for you. Seven requires you to perform exercise for seven minutes a day for seven months. In doing so, you’ll get in better shape and reap the benefits of better health. In addition to hundreds of quick workout routines, Seven also lets you workout and compete with friends.
  1. Skimble’s Workout TrainerSkimble is one of the best fitness apps for all levels of abilities ranging from newbies to veterans. After completing an initial questionnaire, you’ll receive a personalized fitness plan. You can pick form a large number of exercises and training routines. You can also integrate this app with your own fitness tracker. The app costs $6.99 a month with additional options if one-on-one training is desired.
  1. Shred – As the name implies, this app is designed for those who truly want to get in better shape. Daily workout routines are offered that include gym, body-weight, and cardio exercises. Interactive visuals are also provided along with activity tracking. It also offers a Shred community to help with motivation. Despite its cost at $12.99 a month, Shred is one of the best fitness apps that yield great results.
  1. Wakeout – If you’re looking for some lighter exercise routines, then Wakeout might be more your speed. This is one of the best fitness apps designed to increase your activity level without hard-core exercise routines. The app still provides thousands of exercises to get you moving as well as reminders to stand throughout the day. At only $4.99 a month, it’s a great app to help you get in better shape without going to an extreme.
  1. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach – If you prefer audio coaching and something that is hands-free, this is one of the best fitness apps. Guided workouts are provided to help you get in better shape. The app also accommodates a variety of fitness levels and workout intensities. Plus, you can choose from different music compilations and link to your fitness tracker. PEAR comes in a free version with limited workouts or a $5.99 per month subscription with unlimited access.
  2. Fitbit Coach – You might be someone who loves your Fitbit. If so, the this could be one of the best fitness apps for you. This app uses data from your Fitbit as well as your target goals and feedback to create a personalized plan. It also offers hundreds of different exercise routines from which to choose. Choose a monthly subscription at $7.99 a month or pay for a full year for $39.99.
  1. All Out Studio – This mobile exercise has been ranked as one of the best fitness apps because of the expertise behind it. Fitness gurus from Runners’ World, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health helped contribute to this app. On-demand workouts range from strength training, to HIIT, to barre to help you get in better shape. Plus, workouts can be tailored to different body types, lifestyles, and fitness goals. All Out Studio costs $14.99 a month, but this is cut in half for annual subscriptions.
  2. Centr – If you want to combine exercise with meal planning, Centr may be one of the best fitness apps for you. It also includes mindfulness and meditation routines with a focus on holistic health. Exercises include a variety of options including HIIT routines, strength training, boxing, and Pilates. It also provides guided meditations, sleep tips, and a variety of healthy recipes.
  1. 8Fit – This is another fitness app that combines exercise and effective meal planning. Whether you want to gain or lose weight, or simply get in better shape, 8Fit is a good choice. After an initial fitness assessment, a workout and meal plan is created for you based on your goals. Most of the exercise routines are focused on HIIT regimens that do not require equipment. 8Fit also provides food and grocery lists to make things easier for you as well.

Time to Lose Those Pandemic Pounds

There’s little question the pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways. As a result, many of us have added a little weight or have become less fit. Fortunately, there are many fitness apps that can help get us back on track. Those listed here are among the best fitness apps today, and they can certainly help you get in better shape. Pick the one that sounds appealing and give it a try. Many offer free initial trials so you can test them out before committing. With so many options, you’re certain to find one that’s ideal for you.


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