Looking to Shed Pandemic Pounds? – Consider These Top 10 Weight-Loss Supplements

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Over the course of the last year, many of us have packed on a few pounds. Stress, cooped up in the house, and disrupted routines can be blamed for much of this. But no matter what the reason may be, you likely want to return to a healthier lifestyle. And for some of us, that means losing the extra weight we gained during the pandemic.

Certainly, returning to a healthy diet and an exercise routine will help. But you can also get results by taking a few weight loss supplements at the same time. By selecting the right ones, you can further your natural weight loss efforts in a healthy fashion. With this in mind, the following are 10 of the best weight loss supplements you might consider.

  1. Green Tea Extract – Most of us known green tea has some beneficial health effects. But green tea extract, and its main ingredient EGCG, is known to help with natural weight loss. It is believed to boost norepinephrine levels, which helps burn more calories. Likewise, it is a powerful antioxidant and selective targets belly fat. One of the best-selling brands is Nobi Nutrition Green Tea Fat Burner, but several on the market are available.

  1. Berberine – This substance has become one of the more popular weight loss supplements as of late. It is naturally found in grapes and blackberries, but berberine is also sold as a natural weight loss product. A plant alkaloid used in Chinese medicine, berberine improves glucose levels and improves insulin response. It also activates AMPK, which is believe to ramp up your metabolism.

  1. Glucomannan – This natural weight loss product comes from the root of the elephant yam known as konjac. It is highly fibrous, and after eating, it absorbs water and becomes gel-like in the stomach. This helps suppress appetite and boost satiety while also promoting a healthy microbiome. (Need a refresher on the importance of a healthy gut biome? Read this Project Bold Life story!) In addition to being one of the better weight loss supplements, it also helps lower triglycerides and cholesterol. One of the more popular selling formulations of glucomannan is made by Nature’s Way.

  1. Spirulina – You have likely heard of Spirulina, the blue-green algae that is high-potency when it comes to minerals and vitamins. But it is also a great natural weight loss agent and often combined with other weight loss supplements. Its antioxidants, phenols, and tocopherols reduce inflammation, promoting digestive health. At the same time, it suppresses appetite and reduces overall body fat. For these reasons, it’s often called a true superfood.

  1. L-Carnosine – This natural weight loss substances is an amino acid that you may normally consume. However, vegans and vegetarians commonly have lesser amounts in their diet. In addition to improving blood sugar levels and insulin response, L-Carnosine also reduces advanced glycosylated end-products (AGEs). AGEs are linked to aging effects, and therefore, this is one of the weight loss supplements that can slow aging. NOW Foods Supplements make one of the more popular formulations of L-Carnosine, but there are other great brands as well.

  1. Probiotics – There has been much written about the health benefits of probiotics. But probiotics are also a great strategy for natural weight loss. As weight loss supplements, probiotics enhance healthy bacteria in the gut, which reduces inflammation. In turn, this improves metabolism, fat loss, and better glucose metabolism. There are several probiotics on the market, but many prefer Physician’s Choice 60 billion CFU product.

  1. Green Coffee Bean Extract – Unlike roasted coffee beans used for coffee beverages, green coffee beans have not yet been roasted. Extract from these beans is used as weight loss supplements. The extract contains both caffeine and chlorogenic acid. The former increases fat burning by raising your metabolism. The latter slows carbohydrate metabolism. In addition to these effects, green coffee bean extract may help lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and provide anti-inflammatory effects.

  1. Medium Chain Triglycerides – These weight loss supplements are intriguing and relatively new to the natural weight loss market. Despite being triglycerides, they are not absorbed in the intestine but instead go right to the liver. In the liver, they are metabolized to fatty acids, which boosts energy and stimulates the metabolism of other fats. Plus, medium chain triglycerides are not stored as fat by our bodies. This means they are ideal for boosting energy and stimulating metabolism with the threat of extra pounds. NOW Foods Supplements sell this product made from coconut.

  1. Garcinia Cambogia Extract – This unusually named natural weight loss product is a small green pumpkin-shaped fruit. Extract from the fruit contains hydroxycitric acid, which inhibits the production of fat. This naturally helps reduce weight, but at the same time, the extract also reduces cravings. By increasing serotonin levels in the body, you are less likely to be hungry. Though the benefits are slight over time, research supports it as one of the natural weight loss supplements.

  1. Omega 3s – Fish oil and Omega 3s have a variety of health effects as well including your heart health. But they also are helpful as natural weight loss substances. By reducing inflammation in the body, they improve digestion and metabolism. Specifically, Omega 3s are known to improve sensitivity to insulin and glucose metabolism. This reduces the overall amount of stored fat in the body over time. Therefore, this might be one of the weight loss supplements to include in your daily regimen.

A Balanced Approach to Weight Loss the Best

The weight loss supplements listed can all provide some benefits in your efforts to lose weight. But alone, their unlikely to yield the results you want. Developing healthy habits related to your lifestyle, diet and activity must also be pursued. These too are important when it comes to natural weight loss efforts. But for that extra boost, these supplements can be of great assistance. Choose those that best fit your own personal needs and give them a try. With a balanced approach, and a commitment to succeed, you’ll reach your health goals in no time.


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