Make This Year Your Healthiest! 10 Holistic Health Trends for 2021

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With the challenges the past year has brought, it’s understandable that health is foremost on our minds. Personal hygiene, a healthy immune system, and clean air are top priorities. But at the same time, many of us have a renewed focus on diet, fitness, and even our mental health. The pandemic has brought about its fair share of stress. Likewise, some of us have adopted some poor habits during lockdowns and quarantines. With the new year ahead, and the promise of a vaccine, hopefully we can soon turn the page. And what better way to start the year on the right foot with some great wellness activities in 2021?

Wellness activities in 2021 will continue to build on scientific insights and new technologies. But as we have seen, the pandemic has encouraged some major shifts in health behaviors. For one, millions have embraced telehealth and virtual health platforms this year. These shifts will continue to expand in the coming year along with some other interesting developments. With this in mind, the following are 10 holistic health trends for 2021 you can expect to see. Considered together, it shows how not everything about the pandemic was all negative after all.

  1. Virtual Mental Health Apps to Boom

This past year has seen a tremendous increase in virtual mental health platforms for good reason. But in the process, many sites and forums have come to appreciate a new direction in mental wellness. Rather than the interaction between therapist and client alone, community supports have notably been more effective. As a result, one of the holistic health trends for 2021 will involve self-care apps focused on specific virtual communities. In addition to meditation and mindfulness apps, these will reflect important wellness activities in 2021.

  1. Outdoor Activities Will Remain Popular

With gym closures and lockdowns, many of us found ourselves seeking outdoor activities for exercise. In fact, bicycle shortages have been common since. Combined with people working from home, it’s therefore likely cycling, jogging, and running will remain popular wellness activities in 2021. Also, a resurgence of hiking and camping has also occurred. These types of outdoor excursions will remain popular holistic health trends for 2021.

  1. Look for “Speed” Workouts

Of course, the weather is not always conducive to outdoor exercise. Many of us have been forced to create our own exercise studios at home for our virtual workouts. Especially for those of us working from home, this hasn’t been a bad thing. Some want to continue this trend but take better advantage of intense yet brief exercise sessions. In fact, 10-15-minute virtual HIIT sessions are already on the rise. Short and sweet power workouts will therefore like be one of the holistic health trends for 2021 as well.

  1. Trends in Booze Alternatives

One of the not-so-wellness activities in 2021 involved alcohol consumption. Quarantined at home, the average intake of wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks increased. Understanding this, one of the holistic health trends for 2021 will involve a shift away from alcohol consumption. Instead, look for drinks like kombucha and those containing CBD and adaptogens to become more popular. Mood-enhancing beverages with added wellness effects will see an uptick this year.

  1. A Focus in Immune Dieting

With COVID, concerns about our immune health have been at the forefront. Therefore, holistic health trends for 2021 will continue to see attention to these areas. In addition to exercise, several dietary practices can boost our immune health. Antioxidants, prebiotics, probiotics, and key supplements will become increasing parts of nutritional considerations. As we learn more about the gut microbiome, expect personalized eating plans to be key wellness activities in 2021 also.

  1. Indoor Air Purification Systems

The transmission of the coronavirus via respiratory air droplets naturally increased attention to indoor air filtration systems. It’s therefore not surprising that such systems will be a focus of wellness activities in 2021. Affordable air purification systems with medical grade HEP filters and UV light will become popular. Plus, expect many of these devices to have their own “smart” systems as well. This will be one of the holistic health trends for 2021 that’s quite unique and specific to the COVID pandemic.

  1. Sleep Care Is Good Care

The benefits of a good night’s rest were already becoming popular before the pandemic. But remote work and lockdowns made many realize this to a much greater degree. Therefore, holistic health trends for 2021 will continue to see attention to sleep care increase. Sleep trackers and attention to our circadian rhythms will be common wellness activities in 2021. These insights to a better night’s sleep will help us adjust our behaviors that allow us to boost our overall health.

  1. Skin Care Comes Home

With spas and beauty centers being shutdown in many places, many of us took matters into our own hands. Manicures, pedicures and even spa treatments were increasingly performed at home. With this shift, many companies saw an opportunity and began creating products for these purposes. Thus, expect these types of products to increase further as one of the holistic health trends for 2021. Spa-quality offerings for the home will become more available as a result.

  1. Biometrics and a Health Data Revolution

Fitness trackers, wearable technologies, and smart devices will continue to advances as one of the wellness activities in 2021. But the scope of these biometrics will increase substantially and become a part of not only fitness activities but telehealth as well. Oximetry, glucose, weight, blood pressure, and a whole host of other parameters will be routinely monitored. This will create a sharp rise in the amount of health data available. In turn, we will gain much deeper insights into how biometrics can be used in the future.

  1. Increasing Popularity of Virtual Hypnosis

With the pandemic, many people began trying virtual hypnosis to manage a variety of health conditions. Traditionally, this has been used for pain management and sometimes addiction control. But with the pandemic, virtual hypnosis was used for anxiety and found to be highly effective. In fact, some experts expect it to increase in popularity the way meditation did previously. This may also be one of the holistic health trends for 2021.

Among a few key holistic trends for 2021 is a focus on immune dieting.

While other holistic health trends for 2021 are expected, these are among those most likely. Others might include things like virtual reality fitness or even regenerative travel. With a bit of luck, hopefully 2021 will bring some degree of normalcy back to our lives. But one thing is certain. Change is inevitable, and wellness activities in 2021 will include many new opportunities and adventures. By embracing these changes, we can make this year one of our healthiest yet!


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