The Top Ten Nutritional Gurus to Help You Reach Your Bold Health Goals

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When it comes to healthy nutrition, dozens of diets claim to be the best for us. Whether your Bold Goal is weight loss, enhanced energy, or simply to be your healthiest, good nutritional expert advice is important. But where can you get the best nutrition information? Which foods, recipes, and diets offer the lifestyle and results you want? Fortunately, there a number of excellent nutritional gurus who can steer you in the right direction. The following is a list of 10 of the best nutritional experts!

  1. Alexis Joseph – This nutritional guru may be best recognized for her nutritional blog “Hummusapien.” In addition to offering sound dietary advice, Joseph provides recipes and insights to help you attain your health goals. Joseph is also overseer of Ohio-based restaurant “Alchemy,” which focuses on health food recipes and cuisines. As a blogger and well-recognized published author, she strives to encourage a healthy nutritional relationship with the foods we choose.
  2. Joy Bauer – Most people know this registered clinical dietician from NBC’s “Health and Happiness” television program. But she is also a regular contributor on “The Today Show” and has published 12 best-selling books on nutrition. Bauer is well recognized as a nutritional guru, and she even serves as the nutritionist for the New York City Ballet. Check out her cookbooks and website, as well as her frequent commentaries on NBC for nutritional expert guidance.
  3. Anne Mauney – Residing in the Washington, DC area, Mauney reaches thousands as a nutritional expert coach and guide. Through her program, Intuitive Eating, she strives to help others create a positive relationship with food while reducing stress. Her blog “fANNEtastic food” is popular, with thousands routinely reading Mauney’s advice. Mauney is also an advocate for physical health, and that includes include yoga, running, and other healthy activities.
  4. John La Puma, MD – As an internal medicine physician, Dr. La Puma has a broad and interesting perspective as a nutritional guru. He was a professor of nutrition at Kendall College and has over 250 publications. Consequently, he is well-recognized as a nutritional expert, chef and author. Overall, his nutritional philosophy combined culinary arts with science as a means to improve weight control, stress management, and health. In fact, Dr. La Puma describes his dietary health approach as one involving culinary medicine.
  5. Jessica Sepel –Sepel’s knowledge about nutrition stems from her position as a clinical nutritionist. But at the same time, this nutritional guru has numerous best-selling books published on nutritional topics and recipes. She is also the founder of JSHealth, which offers advice on how to choose and include healthy whole foods in one’s diet. Sepel’s nutritional philosophy supports a balance in life with food choices while avoiding calorie-counting, scale-watching, and dieting.
  6. Marion Nestle – This highly-decorated nutritional guru is the Paulette Goddard Professor of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University. Though she began with an advanced education in biology and biochemistry, her passion has since turned to food. She seeks to appreciate how food affects culture, society and health. She has been recognized as one of the most powerful nutritional experts by Forbes, and thousands follow Nestle on her “com” blog and Twitter.
  7. David Katz MD – Trained in internal medicine, public health, and preventative medicine, Dr. Katz has over a million social media followers. As a nutritional expert, he seeks to combine nutrition with weight management and the prevention of chronic illness. In his pursuits, he serves as founder and director of both the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center and the True Health Initiative. He is also responsible for developing Diet ID (a digital dietary assessment tool) and the Nutritional Quality Index.
  8. Chris Kresser – This nutritional guru became interested in nutritional health after suffering from his own bout of chronic illness. In response, he dedicated his profession and life to the reversal of these types of disorders through nutrition. Specifically, Kresser adopted an ancestral approach to nutrition and embraces the Paleo Diet among other practices. He also founded the Kresser Institute, which has trained over 1,000 other nutritional experts. He is the best-selling author of The Paleo Cure.
  9. Monica Reinagel – Reinagel’s status as a nutritional expert stems from two areas. First, she is a trained chef from L’Académie de Cuisine out of Maryland. Secondly, she has a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition. Her podcast, “The Nutrition Diva,” has been listed as one of the top 10 nutritional podcasts, and she routinely makes appearances and publishes commentaries for national media outlets.
  10. Mark Sisson – Some may believe Sisson is more focused on physical fitness than nutrition. After all, he is a well-recognized fitness blogger, long-distance runner, and an Ironman competitor. But he is also a notable nutritional guru and nutritional author. He founded Primal Kitchen, which strives to help individuals make healthy choices about condiments, sauces and dressings. He has also authored The Primal Blueprint Diet and posts daily on his blog, “Mark’s Daily Apple.” As a believer in the Paleo Diet, Sisson offers a comprehensive approach to healthy lifestyles through both fitness and nutrition.

Great Options for the Best in Nutritional Advice

While the list of nutritional experts provided offers excellent health resources, this list is by no means comprehensive. However, these nutritional gurus described are well-recognized as excellent sources of dietary knowledge and advice. With this in mind, you can be rest-assured that the nutritional recommendations they provide are backed by knowledge and experience. As a result, you can better reach your nutritional goals by following the advice they offer.

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