The Project Bold Life List of Health Trends to Watch in 2024

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Another year, another round of health trends to watch for. What will be big in 2024? Is this the year we all start eating meat and exercise with boulders on our backs? Or will self-care, gut health and fasting be the order of the day? Thankfully, Project Bold Life has compiled a list of health trends to watch in 2024 to keep you up to speed. Read and enjoy!

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1.   Prioritizing Self-Care

Living in a fast-paced society could quickly drain one’s energy and impact the body’s pace of rejuvenating itself. When people push themselves to the limit when working, it’s harder for their bodies to recuperate energy and cells needed to stay healthy, which leads to higher stress levels and lower immunity. Due to this, more people are advocating prioritizing self-care in different ways.

Although self-care isn’t limited to health and wellness, many fads this 2024 focus on health-related practices, like skincare health and promoting better sleeping habits. Unlike the past years, more people are settling for skincare products instead of makeup, as they help in physical and mental relaxation.

In addition, ensuring quality sleep and better sleeping habits bears more significance to the public since the pandemic. This has led to more health apps to help people with their sleeping cycles and specific diets and practices that induce deeper, longer sleep, aiding cell rejuvenation.

2.   AI in Healthcare

an AI is a Health Trends to Watch in 2024
AI use will definitely be one of the health trends to watch in 2024.

AI is taking every industry by storm, including healthcare, in 2024. Generative AI’s capability to process and interpret data for better personalization makes it easier for people to compile patient information without the usual hassle. Experts note that generative AI will also make synthetic data generation a more convenient use for medical AI algorithm training while maintaining privacy.

In addition, virtual AI chatbots are becoming a frequent addition in the field. These chatbots provide better services to patients and doctors by having chatbots and virtual assistance to support immediate inquiries and schedule changes. It also shows limitless potential that will continue to revolutionize healthcare and patient services in the next 12 months.


3.   Patient Empowerment and Personalized Medicine

Two of 2024’s global medical trends are the rise of patient empowerment and tailored treatment plans. Patients have gotten more control over their treatment plans and records in recent years, and it will become more prevalent in the next twelve months.

Patient empowerment isn’t only about giving patients more control over how they get treated but also with their records by providing patient portals to access their medical data and information. In addition, the rise of wearables or wearable technology gives them data-driven insights that could help as a guide for their daily lifestyle choices.

Creating tailored treatment plans for each patient is also more prevalent in 2024. Due to the help of technology and AI-driven data collection and management, analyzing patients’ data for diagnosis and treatment is more accurate and convenient. Medical experts and clinical studies also confirm the continual advances in personalized medicine and its notable benefits from the usual one-size-fits-all approach to medical treatment.

4.   Fasting

In 2020, 43% of Americans followed a specific diet or eating pattern to combat obesity and weight issues. A few years later, the number is only getting higher. Besides the increasing interest of people in all things fitness and wellness, they’re also showing similar attentiveness to their eating patterns.

In 2024, fasting or intermittent fasting will become one of the popular eating patterns for many people. Intermittent fasting is avoiding all food and drinks during the fast except water, unsweetened coffee, and tea. It’s a time-restricted eating pattern offering longer fasting periods and short eating windows.

5.   Prioritizing Gut Health

Gut health has become a popular health and wellness trend in 2023 that will stay in 2024. New studies on prebiotics and gut health showed the significance of keeping one’s stomach healthy. Due to this, the gut health industry continues to thrive in the new year.

In addition to supplements and exercises that keep one’s gut in peak condition, many people are also creating their diets to prioritize gut health.

6.   Better Focus on Mental Health

Although talks for better mental health treatment and understanding began emerging before the pandemic, it had become a significant topic post-pandemic. Due to the rise of people suffering from mental health conditions since 2020, the global healthcare industry is now focusing its efforts on lowering the rates and solidifying more effective ways to deal with them.

2024 is the year many people and industries will put mental health at the forefront. The health industry aims to make society more comfortable and amenable to psychiatric therapy and medications. It also includes the development of teletherapy and other digital mental health solutions.

a heart on a tablet
Technology is going to play an even bigger role in keeping humans healthy.

7.   Robotics in Healthcare

Although robots are now strangers to the health and medical fields, more robotic innovations will revolutionize healthcare as everyone knows it, starting in 2024. Many new creations are creating significant impacts across the industry, from nanorobots designed to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and drug-resistant infections to bionic limbs with receptors allowing patients to experience sensations similar to natural arms and legs.

In addition to making health workers’ daily tasks more convenient, these inventions are also shaping the future by increasing efficiency and safety, improved patient outcomes, and better patient care.

2024 is shaping up to be a year full of innovations that will enable people to focus on their health better and deal with massive shifts in technology and wellness safely, accurately, and conveniently.


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