Project Bold Life’s Biggest Fitness Trends of 2023

a look at some of the biggest fitness trends of 2023

Fitness and wellness always dominate people’s yearly resolutions, and 2023 saw a variety of ways materialize to achieve those goals. Although numerous health and fitness trends emerged throughout the year, only a handful of them warranted the public’s interest and attention. What was hot? Here are seven of the biggest fitness trends of 2023, courtesy of Project Bold Life!

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Outdoor Exercises

a bunch of people doing yoga outside
Some of the biggest fitness trends of 2023 included… working out outside.

Wellness and the outdoors are major focal points in 2023 throughout most industries, including the fitness industry. Due to that, outdoor activities and training were highlights of many health and fitness professionals’ fitness programs. These workouts include hiking and walking trips, which have become a huge pastime for many people.

In addition, the biophilia movement, one of 2023’s biggest trends, revolved around the physical, emotional, and mental reconnection to nature. Recent studies cited its numerous health benefits, including mood improvement, increased cognitive function, and development of creative thinking. Fitness trends focusing on biophilic exercises also showed lower stress levels and higher comfort while working out.


Metaverse Wellness

A survey from ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal in late 2022 helped determine 2023’s top health and fitness trends, using hundreds of responses worldwide. The results came, with the industry experts citing that wearable technology would be 2023’s hottest fitness craze. 2023 witnessed the boom of metaverse wellness, with technology becoming the popular addition to daily fitness workouts and training programs.

In 2023, more of the fitness world has turned digital, from personalized workout tracking apps to fitness-related technology and devices. Wellness sectors, including fitness and beauty, started introducing and incorporating new technological devices and virtual worlds to deliver more immersive experiences and convenience to the public.

In addition, wearable technology has become more developed, letting users know more than the steps they took and their heart rate during workouts. Many smartwatches also track the calories burned during fitness training, body temperature, and daily movements. More companies are also collaborating with fashion brands to make them more appealing.

Primal Fitness

Although wearable technology and metaverse wellness were at the top of 2023’s fitness trends, many people also opted to disengage with anything digital for their fitness resolutions. Post-pandemic, many workers continue to work from home, and while it offered numerous perks, it also meant a lack of movement for most of the day while working in front of a computer. Due to these constraints, the primal movement started.

Primal fitness or functional fitness training is an exercise that mixes yoga, gymnastics, and calisthenics. Some notable benefits include strength improvement, increased flexibility and mobility, and improved body balance. Unlike most workouts, the primal movement encourages exercising for functionality rather than aesthetics, meaning preparing and keeping the body ready for daily tasks, which include many multi-joint activities. These workouts rarely use technology or equipment, focusing on moving every part of the body instead.

Free Movement

Strict routines and consistency are essential to many fitness programs, but some people find it stifling. In 2023, one fitness trend catered to these people’s need for freedom while working out. The free or intuitive movement focuses on reconnecting with one’s body and finding joy in moving. It steps away from structured workouts and promotes tapping into intuition and fluidity.

Although many people mistake them for primal fitness, free-moving exercises don’t follow the rules or specific training regimens. People let their bodies go wherever they feel, providing them with a connection on an energetic level.

Women and Weight Training

a woman doing some hip flexor stretching
Incorporate weights into a workout is always a good time.

One of the hottest fitness trends in 2023 is having more women incorporate weight training into their fitness programs. Although weight training has become a widely accepted part of workout regimes, not many female gym-goers add them to their personalized exercises. But in 2023, more women are embracing strength training and including them in their daily cardio.

In recent years, more medical and fitness experts have cited the benefits of doing weight training, including its positive effects on one’s mental health. Weight training improves metabolism and bone density, strengthens joints, and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In addition, they add confidence and a sense of empowerment, especially to women.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT, isn’t a new fitness craze like most trends that became popular in 2023, but it’s now at its peak. HIIT is a trend that uses short bursts of intense exercise followed by rest periods that range from 20 to 40 seconds.

It promotes a more efficient way of doing full-body workouts without too much time. Due to the fast-paced lifestyles of many people today, HIIT provides them the convenience of adding fitness training to their busy schedules. In addition, the exercise burns calories fast and helps improve strength, endurance, and overall fitness.

Step Aerobics

One of 2023’s most notable crazes was a throwback pop culture trends, which fueled people’s passion for vintage and nostalgic fads from decades past. The fitness industry is no exception, with more people bringing back step aerobics and other workouts that became popular during the 80’s and 90’s.

Step aerobics has become a hit for 2023 fitness enthusiasts for several reasons. Unlike other workouts that require large spaces at home or in studios, the equipment used takes up little space, and the exercise itself could work in a studio or inside one’s bedroom, making them convenient.

In addition, it incorporates music and fun, colorful outfits that make them more entertaining. People also found improved balance, coordination, and agility.



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