Thinking about Doing a Detox? Here’s What You Should Know

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Did you gain a few unwanted pounds over the holidays? If so, you’re not alone. On average, holiday festivities result in an additional 7 to 10 pounds for many of us. Hence, all those New Year’s resolutions to get back in shape that are destined to follow.

If you’re among the thousands making such a resolution, you likely want to lose those extra pounds quickly and easily. With this in mind, a real food detox might just be your answer! As one of the most popular diets today, you may find a real food detox is perfect for you.

Knowing Your Options—Exactly What is a Detox Diet?

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Historically, the concept of detoxifying the body is not new. Since ancient times, medicine has recognized toxins exist that can undermine your health. Ancient Indian cultures practiced Ayurveda using herbal formulations as detox agents. Traditional Chinese medicine used acupressure and acupuncture to enhance energy flow through the liver for detox. And more recently, detox diets have increased in popularity along with a more naturalistic way of life.

When it comes to detox diets, however, people often define detox differently. Some define detox diets as intermittent fasting where you avoid foods and allow the body to recover. Other detox diets involve providing the body with necessary nutrients to boost liver and kidney function. And still, others associate detox with colon cleansing. While all of these reflect types of detox diets or approaches, the healthiest is that of a real food detox diet.

The Real Food Detox Diet—A Healthy Approach to Wellness and Weight Loss

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The real food detox diet is unlike some of the other types of detox approaches. Rather than fasting, juicing or cleansing the colon, a real food detox diet gives your body what it needs…healthy food! Your body needs food to function well, but what it doesn’t need are toxins. Unfortunately, many foods today are loaded with such toxins.

A real food detox diet means you cut out all the foods that have these toxins. It means eliminating refined sugars, refined grains, processed foods, and preservatives. It also means eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables with adequate whole grains. And it encourages you to eat whole, fresh, organic foods while watching your calories. By giving your body what it needs without contaminating it further, your body will naturally detox itself.

Losing Weight on the Real Food Detox Diet

By eliminating unhealthy foods from your diet, you will likely lose weight. But keep in mind, the real food detox diet helps you adopt a healthy dietary lifestyle for the long term. Therefore, the weight loss might be more gradual than you like unless you count your calories. To achieve the weight loss you want quickly, reduce your total calories to between 1200 and 1600 calories a day. In addition to feeling healthy and energized, you will also quickly shed the pounds!

Tips for a Successful Detox

So, you’ve decided to try the real food detox diet. Good for you! Here are a few tips to help ensure your detox experience is both positive and productive.

  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Drink plenty of water during your real food detox diet. In addition to being healthy, drinking plenty of water helps your liver and kidneys work more effectively
  • Choose Whole, Natural and Organic. Making good food selections is important for a real food detox diet. These food types lack the common toxins that many other foods contain.
  • Watch the Calories. Eating healthy food will help your body rid itself of toxins. But if weight loss is your goal as well, try keeping your calories between 1200 and 1600 daily.
  • Whole Grain is Your Friend. Despite the anti-gluten craze, whole grains reduce hunger and promote good intestinal health for most people.
  • Stay Active and Exercise. In addition to burning extra calories, moderate exercise suppresses your appetite. This is handy during a low-calorie real food detox diet.

Is the Real Food Detox Diet Right for You?

The real food detox diet is not for everyone, and a word of caution is warranted in this regard. Specifically, women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid detox diets for weight loss. Also, individuals with eating disorders or on specific medications should not pursue this approach either. Always consult your doctor before starting a detox or weight loss plan.

For others, the real food detox diet offers many benefits. Certainly, it helps your body rid itself of unhealthy toxins. But it also promotes weight loss, provides higher levels of energy, and creates an overall feeling of wellness. If you’re looking to give the real food detox diet a try, check out my 5-Day Winter Detox. It will help you get off on the right foot and provides everything you need to get started including, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and even a short-on-time option for those of us that are too busy to cook every meal. Learn more HERE.

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