Smart Home Gym Equipment Tips for a Healthy Lockdown

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Hundreds of millions of people are in lockdown or quarantine throughout the country due to the coronavirus epidemic. Likewise, numerous businesses are closed by government mandate to prevent further spread of the infection. And among these businesses are gyms, yoga studios, fitness classes, and more. Not only are we socially isolated during this time, we are physically limited as well. But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a home fitness routine into your schedule. All it takes is some creativity, some home gym equipment, and perhaps some apps!

During this time, home fitness is actually very important to our well-being. Naturally, staying in good shape can help your immune system fight off any illness and infection. But likewise, routine exercise can elevate your mood and give you energy. Exercising can also reduce stress and anxiety, which is critical presently given the pressures most of us face. With this in mind, the following offers some sound advice on how to create your own home fitness routine. From home gym equipment to great low-cost strategies, these tips can help you stay fit.

Home Gym Equipment Essentials

When it comes to home fitness, it never hurts to have some basic home gym equipment. Of course, no one wants to break the bank doing so. Fortunately, there as some home fitness essentials that you may want to have on hand that cost very little. Whether you want your own home workout routine or use a fitness app, this equipment can be quite convenient. With this in mind, the following pieces of home gym equipment might be considered.

  • Dumbbells and barbells – A set of lightweight dumbbells is a great home gym equipment addition. These are used in a number of fitness classes online. Likewise, they can be included in a variety of home fitness exercises to help build strength and muscle.
  • Jump Rope – Great for cardiovascular and your calves, a jump rope is a very inexpensive piece of home gym equipment. It can also be used anytime, anywhere (as long as your ceilings have adequate height).
  • Workout or Yoga Mat – Whether doing sit-ups or yoga, an exercise mat is an essential home fitness item. Depending on your floors at home, you may prefer one that is more or less padded. Also, consider adding a yoga block or strap to the list if yoga is your thing.
  • Music, Headphones, and the Internet – These items may not be specific to home gym equipment needs, but they are important for home fitness. Access to streaming apps, tunes, and other media can help you stay engaged and committed to exercising.

Great Home Fitness Apps and Streams

In addition to the smart home gym equipment mentioned, there are several home fitness apps and streams available. In addition, many can be enhanced with the home gym equipment described. The best part is that many of these are being offered for free or with extended free trials during the pandemic. The following are some home fitness apps you might want to consider.

  • CorePower Yoga – The company, CorePower, offered free fitness classes through March 30th However, this is likely to be extended. Classes include yoga, strength, and meditation sessions perfect for a home fitness routine.
  • Les Mills – In addition to the popular Body Pump track, roughly a dozen of other home fitness classes are offered through this app. Other classes include boxing, dancing, yoga and others. The app is being offered at a 30-day free trial and provides on-demand access.
  • Blogilates – If you’re Pilates fan, this home fitness app has a massive library of sessions to stream. Likewise, Blogilates is currently offering a 14-day quarantine workout plan ideal for individuals who need structure.
  • Peloton – In addition to Peloton bikes, the company also offers home fitness videos to stream on their app. These last anywhere from 25 to 45 minutes in duration. Likewise, most classes require no home gym equipment and are available for free during extended trials.

Larger Home Gym Equipment Investments

From an economical perspective, home gym equipment basics and apps are certainly the way to go. But if you find yourself more committed to a home fitness investment, you might also consider more advanced purchases. If this is the case, the following are some options that you may choose.

  • Peloton Bike – In addition to the app, you may decide to invest in an actual Peloton Bike for your home fitness. Thousands of people have made this selection and swear by their purchase. But with a price tag around $2,245 and a monthly subscription, make sure this is the fitness investment for you.
  • Mirror – Overall, this home gym equipment option is several hundred dollars less than a Peloton Bike. Mirror offers a virtual, online system to better ensure you stick to your home fitness routine. And as its name implies, it looks like a hanging mirror that doubles as a virtual interface to help guide your workouts. For many, the Mirror offers both style and features that are appealing.
  • Tonal – This home fitness system offers a revolutionary, digital exercise at home. Tonal combines software, an LED screen, and electromagnetic weights as part of its home gym equipment. And its programs automatically adjust resistance to optimize your workout. This system is another hi-tech option that some may find intriguing.
  • Treadmills and More – In addition to these modern, advanced home fitness systems, traditional options also exist. Treadmills, stationary bikes other than Peloton, and rowing machines are additional consideration. Depending on the type of exercise you enjoy, any of these home gym equipment options may be ideal.

Making the Choice

Though many negatives surround being in lockdown mode, this time period does offer you the chance to recommit to exercise. Not only will a home fitness routine offer healthy distractions, it will also improve your attitude and mood. But in deciding which home gym equipment is right for you, budget, space, and commitment level should be considered. There are many great home fitness options today, and by exploring these areas, you can make the right choice. And when this lockdown finally ends, you will be the better for it.

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