The Top 10 Destinations for Wellness Vacations in 2021

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Most of us have dealt with a significant amount of stress this past year. Many parents have struggled with helping their children deal with online learning. Others have found themselves out of work or temporarily laid off from their jobs.  And of course, many have been ill or had family members affected by the pandemic. In the process, these disruptions in our lives may have resulted in some less than desirable habits. In dealing with more immediate concerns, we perhaps neglected our own health and wellness.

If that’s the case, then it might be time for a well-deserved wellness vacation. What is a wellness vacation? In essence, it’s an escape from your normal routine that allows you to focus on your well-being. A wellness retreat not only considers your physical health, but it also promotes mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness also. Likewise, traveling to remote destinations for this purpose makes it easier to break bad habits and adopt healthier ones. With that in mind, here are 10 of the top wellness retreat destinations to consider for 2021.

  1. Crestone Mountain Zen Center (Colorado) – If you wish to indulge in a meditative experience, a wellness vacation to this Zen Buddhist monastery may be ideal. Located in Colorado, this wellness retreat is located at the base of majestic, picturesque mountains. As a result, the healing power of nature and the benefits of deep meditation can be easily enjoyed. Choose to escape into solitude, or join monks in their meditation ceremonies. (Read more about PBL publisher Ed Kopko’s 365 consecutive days of meditation in this Project Bold Life story!)
  1. The Barns at Troutbeck (New York) – Located in New York’s Hudson Valley, the entire Troutbeck campus is roughly 250 acres. However, on the campus lies the perfect wellness vacation for those seeking relaxation and pampering. The Barns is a 1,250 square foot wellness retreat center that offers a variety of health experiences. In addition to daily yoga practice, the Barns is a full-service spa. It also offers somatic experiencing, which is a practice designed to alleviate mental and physical stress.
  1. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort (Florida) – If you’re interested in a broader list of healthy options, this wellness retreat might be a good choice. The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is recognized as the largest spa on the East Coast. But in addition, it provides numerous wellness activities including boot camps, yoga, hydrotherapy, and acupuncture. It even has a sensory deprivation tank and an igloo for some unique wellness vacation experiences.
  1. Golden Door (California) – Sometimes, the best wellness retreat is one that gives you plenty of space. If that’s the case, this Japanese-style wellness destination in Southern California may be a good choice. It’s located on 600 acres surrounded by mountains with numerous hiking trails, Zen gardens, and a bamboo forest. Likewise, Golden Door also provides daily massage, private fitness training, skin therapies, and a personalized wellness plan. No matter what type of wellness vacation you seek, Golden Door can likely accommodate you.
  1. Dunton Hot Springs (Colorado) – Located in Dolores, Colorado, between telluride and Mesa Verde National Park, this wellness retreat is all about restoration. The natural hot springs are rich in calcium bicarbonate, lithium, manganese and iron, which offers an array of health benefits. In addition to enhancing circulation and energy, these minerals are also good for skin health. In addition to the hot springs, this wellness retreat has 13 luxury cabins and includes all meals and beverages. It’s a great option for those wanted to truly relax and escape life’s hectic schedule.
  1. Rancho La Puerta (Mexico) – This wellness retreat is located just south of San Diego in Tecate, Mexico. Since 1940, Rancho La Puerta has offered guests a tranquil escape that encourages both self-healing and self-care. Medicinal herbs and plants, labyrinths, sunrise excursions, and organic farming are among such activities. The resort also boasts a wonderful culinary experience and is well known for its cuisine. If you’re itching to get out of the country, this wellness vacation is a great choice.
  1. Four Seasons Hotel Lanai at Koele (Hawaii) – This sensei resort is designed to help you experience your own personal health journey. Located in Lanai City, Hawaii, you can enjoy a variety of activities ranging from serene to active. You may indulge in massage and beauty treatments, which are among the best in the world. Or you may participate in horseback riding, yoga, water activities, or golf. And you’ll enjoy top-notch organic meals created by Japanese celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa.
  1. Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel (Peru) – Located on the famed Machu Picchu hillside, this wellness retreat provides more than just spiritual wellness pursuits. Its 83 hillside casitas provide a wonderful escape from the grind. Plus, the resort also has a pool that’s spring-fed, a sauna, and the UNU spa. At the spa, you can receive coca leaf massages, which reduce altitude sickness and enhance skin health. This destination offers a more holistic wellness vacation beyond what Machu Picchu traditionally offers.
  1. CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa (Arizona) – From classes, to spa therapies, to fitness activities, CIVANA is a great choice for a wellness vacation. There are over 70 complimentary health and wellness programs available ranging from yoga and spin to spa services and aquatherapy. Options to explore gut nutrition, baking and mixology are also included as are wine tasting classes. Located only half an hour outside of Phoenix, this is both a comprehensive and convenient wellness retreat destination.
  1. BodyHoliday Saint Lucia (St. Lucia) – One option is to escape to the islands for a wellness vacation. BodyHoliday in St. Lucia is a great choice in this regard because of its focus on restorative health. It offers a variety of Ayurvedic practices designed to promote better aging, mindfulness, and detoxification. Offerings include yoga, spa therapies, weight loss programs, as well as medicinal therapies. This destination also allows you to immerse yourself in an island culture that’s conducive to a true wellness retreat.

Making Self-Care a Priority

Each of us has an abundance of responsibilities and demands of our time. All too often, we can become so immersed in life’s routine activities, we forget to care for ourselves. A wellness vacation lets us refocus our attention on our own well-being by allowing us to escape that environment. And in the process, we can make the decision to adopt better habits and lifestyle choices once we return. A wellness retreat is therefore a great way to hit the pause button and reassess your life. And any of the above choices can help you in these efforts in making self-care a priority.


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