10 Ways to Improve Your Relationships During the COVID-19 Lockdown

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With spikes in COVID-19 infections occurring again, it seems likely we are in for several more weeks of social isolation. Even if lockdown restrictions don’t resume, many will choose to play it safe and stay home. That means we are once again limited in our social encounters and distanced from those we love. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you cannot invest in better relationships during this time. A commitment to a few small activities can make all the difference in the world.

Psychologists appreciate the anxieties and worries that the pandemic has caused many individuals during this time. Quarantines, health concerns, and economic pressures mount and weight on our minds. Add social isolation and lockdowns to this, and you get a perfect recipe that can lead to strained relationships. But instead of ignoring these struggles, we can not only overcome these challenges but actually enjoy better relationships. The following are some important tips during lockdown that might help tremendously in this regard.

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A lockdown shouldn’t get in the way of better relationships.
  1. Daily Downloads

With increased levels of stress, one way you can create better relationships is encouraging expression. For couples, relationship tips during lockdown should consider setting aside time for each of you to “download” the day’s events. These moments show you care, and they allow you to become more connected as a couple during these unusual times. This is also quite effective for parents of children and teens as well who are experiencing the quarantine blues.

  1. Make Time, Make Space

Being quarantined inside means less space for everyone. Likewise, it also means less “alone time,” which can be important for some. Open discussions about how both of you can have time and space to yourself is important. Not only does this promote better mental health, but it also helps avoid feelings of resentment. In turn, this makes the time together much more enjoyable.

  1. Thank-you and Please

Just like you were taught in kindergarten, saying “please” and “thank you” goes a long way. These small phrases show respect for one another and naturally encourage better relationships. Additional tips during lockdown should also include efforts to embrace positivity. In addition to expressions of appreciation and gratitude, these can transform your home environment into a much more pleasant one.

  1. Dinner Dates

Date nights and intimate dinners are commonly included as tips during lockdown when pursuing better relationships. These moments allow more personal conversations, closeness, and opportunities to resolve differences. But why not go a step further? Try assigning a night each week where each of you prepares the other’s favorite meal. This is a great way to show respect and appreciation, which will enhance your evening together further.

  1. Dancing Moments

This is one of the tips during lockdown that is both easy to do and incredibly rewarding. A few minutes of dancing with your partner each day adds a bit of fun to your life. And it reminds you of some of the wonderful things you enjoy about one another. It’s amazing how something so simple can foster better relationships almost immediately for many couples.

  1. Game Nights

Without question, levity is needed during these troubling times. Thus, one of the tips during lockdown for better relationships is to schedule game nights each week. For couples as well as families, this can inject some much-needed fun into your home environment. And we all appreciate that laughter is sometimes the very best medicine when stressed. Game nights are therefore a great way to lighten the mood and strengthen relationship bonds.

  1. Virtual Gatherings

Of course, social isolation means you will not be able to see friends and some family members as often. These relationships are important to our wellbeing as well. Therefore, you might also consider arranging virtual events and gatherings in an effort to create better relationships. Virtual happy hours, family reunions, and other activities can be included in your relationship tips during lockdown. Until it’s safe to get together in person, these are great alternatives.

  1. Future Fantasy Plans

When things are tense, and arguments occur, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Once things have cooled off, however, it’s important to remember relationships are in it for the long haul. With this in mind, one way of creating a better relationship is to talk about your plans after lockdown. Create your dream vacation or getaway together when things improve. This type of planning helps remind your partner that these current times are just temporary and better days are ahead.

  1. Weekly Connections

Prior to the pandemic, most of our lives were hectic and busy. As a result, some relationships with old friends and distant family members may have suffered. Therefore, one of the tips during lockdown for improving your relationships may involve reconnecting with these individuals. Commit to making weekly phone calls, texts, or even videocalls to people with whom you have lost touch. This is a great way to use the extra time you have while stuck at home.

  1. Self-Care Indulgences

Perhaps, one of the best tips during lockdown is to take care of yourself. Unless you invest in self-care practices, it will be hard to create better relationships. Therefore, you should arrange time to exercise, meditate, sleep, and perform other important self-care activities. By doing so, you will not only be better able to handle stress but also invest greater energy in others.

Appreciating the Power of Positive Relationships

Having strong, supportive relationships in our lives is important. These enhance our wellbeing in numerous ways. Not only can these foster greater social health to offset the social isolation we are feeling. But better relationships also improve our mental health and make us more resilient in tolerating stress and anxiety. While the pandemic and lockdowns have many negative effects, they do highlight the importance of social relationships in our lives. And by investing in these simple tips during lockdown, we can honor these relationships. In doing so, we will enjoy their benefits both now and in the future.

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