Adventures in Parenting: The Pandemic Lockdown Edition

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It’s been weeks for most of us spent in lockdown mode. For us parents, that can seem like an eternity, especially when we’re trying to work from home. But the good news is that a number of kids activities are available. Not only do these activities help kids stay engaged, but they also expand their minds and wellness. From Internet resources to simply stay-at-home fun, there are several great parenting ideas to consider. And you might find you will want to continue these activities well after the pandemic is over.

When it comes to parenting ideas about what your kids like, naturally you will be the expert. But at the same time, several resources are available to help stimulate your creativity. From learning resources, to virtual tours, to dance exercises, a variety of kids activities exist. By encouraging your children to participate in these programs, you can help them deal with their own boredom and frustrations. At the same time, you will also enjoy an even deeper relationship with your children by participating in these activities with them. With this in mind, here are some great parenting ideas for kids activities to consider during this time of COVID-19.

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Keeping kids sane during a lockdown is tough – thankfully, we’ve got some bold parenting ideas that may help!
  • Parenting Ideas for Learning

For many children, schools have been trying to offer education through online platforms. While this has resulted in many frustrations, it has also promoted many new kids activities in learning. As a result, a number of Internet-based programs are available for children to stimulate their curiosity and promote their education. From reading, to audiobooks, to online story times, a variety of libraries and sites offer language arts education. Likewise, there are several videos, apps, and documentaries designed for children to foster online learning. Scholastic, PBS Kids, National Geographic, and are just a few resources offering these kids activities. Naturally, parents should examine the content being provided, but these are great parenting ideas to foster your child’s learning.

  • Parenting Ideas for Art and Creativity

Not only is art beneficial for allowing kids to develop their creative side, but it also serves as a means for expression. This is naturally important during this pandemic, which likely invite its own sets of stresses for children. Amazingly, a number of kids activities involving arts and art projects are available for all ages. For example, Nikon is offering free photography lessons online for teens. The Louvre provides virtual tours of its museum. And the Metropolitan Museum of Art is showcasing interactive art modules called MetKids. In addition to these online resources, creative art projects at home are other great parenting ideas. From painting, to making playdough, to major architectural projects (like DIY sheet forts), children can explore their creative side. Without question, art is fun. And bonding with your child in your own combined art project can be something you both can will value.

  • Parenting Ideas for Health and Wellness

With all this time inside, and with many online resources, children may be engaging in too much screen time. All children should continue to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. But this can be challenging if they are in lockdown and/or if the weather is less than favorable. Fortunately, several kids activities are also available to help keep your kids physically fit and active. For example, how about some indoor balloon volleyball? Or perhaps a TikTok dance medley competition? Some sites like GoNoodle and Cosmic kids offer these parenting ideas and more to promote healthy kids activities. In fact, Moovlee even offers kids’ yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes for children in promoting holistic wellness. Explore these options and take your children on outdoor expeditions when possible. These are additional ways to enhance your parent-child relationship.

  • Parenting Ideas for Music

When it comes to music, most everyone appreciates its benefits that range from relaxation to entertainment. For children, this is not different. Some children may be interested in reading music or playing an instrument. Others may enjoy listening to a variety of musical concerts and performances. And others will want to create their own music playlists and dance tunes to pass the time. In this regard, a number of resources are available to parents for these types of kids activities. For example, chamber musicians have already held a number of concerts on-line as have local musical artists. Examples include the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Opera. Likewise, Spotify has playlists designed for kids to help them learn new genres or simply have fun. You may even take the time to create your own family song list to commemorate your times together. All of these represent some great parenting ideas to expand your child’s horizon.

  • Parenting Ideas for Fun!

None of us were built to learn all day long, and this is true for parents as well as kids. Therefore, it is also important to have some kids activities that are just simply fun and entertaining. Naturally, this may involve watching cartoons or a movie. But many other great parenting ideas for fun exist that can enhance your parent-child relationship. For example, playing board games or building a puzzle together is a great bonding activity. Likewise, having a household scavenger hunt or kids’ fashion show can be great fun. Other kids activities for fun might also involve a family hair salon or kids’ cooking nights. As fun activities, these should be no-stress events without competition or other things that can ruin the mood. These types of fun activities are excellent ways to help everyone unwind a bit.

Parenting Ideas Now Foster Lasting Memories

Like many things in life, challenging times can be seen as setbacks or as opportunities. By embracing the current pandemic with all its difficulties as an opportunity, parents can make the most of this situation. This is naturally important for parents, but it is also important for kids as well. By taking the time to arrange constructive kids activities, parents will not only empower their children but themselves as well. These will be the times that children will favorably remember. And these will be the ones that create strong and powerful relationships that will last a lifetime.

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