First There Was Hybrid Work, Now There’s Hybrid Dating

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In the years before the pandemic, dating trends had changed a great deal. With the growth of smart devices, social media, and mobile platforms, a variety of different dating apps appeared. (Want to learn more about the top ten dating apps of 2021? Project Bold Life has got you covered!) Swiping left and right, those seeking a relationship, short-term or long-term, had dating opportunities at their fingertips. But essentially overnight, that suddenly changed. In-person dating took a big hit once everyone began sheltering in place. Those seeking relationships had little choice in the matter, so they turned to the only platform available… video chat dating.

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Over the last year, most of has become accustomed to using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other videoconferencing tools. So, it wasn’t such a big step to expand these skills into the realm of dating. But as things began to reopen, something interesting is happening. Rather than going back to the way things were, many individuals are continuing to use video chat dating at times. Hybrid dating, as it is now called, is simply the combination of online and in-person dates. And because people have learned that both have some pros and cons, they’re choosing to pick the best of both.

The Advantages of Hybrid Dating

At first, it may be a bit hard to grasp the concept of hybrid dating. But if you think about like working from home, it becomes much easier. As the pandemic forced us to work remotely, we realized there were some serious benefits to this new model. No commuting, no traffic jams, more flexibility, and greater autonomy. Now, many employees and employers alike are adopting a hybrid model post-pandemic. Staff may go in one or two days a week, but otherwise they continue to work from home. The lessons taught to us by the pandemic changed the way we behaved.

In a very similar way, the pandemic appears to be affecting dating trends. The more we engaged in video chat dating, the more we realized how efficient it was. For one thing, video chat dating is certainly a time saver. Unlike in-person dates, virtual dates require much less preparation, travel, and face-to-face time. Plus, it’s much easier and faster to get out of a bad date if all you have to do is sign off your computer! Likewise, it costs much less to go on a video date than a traditional one. These aspects make it much less risky, especially for first dates and blind dates. These are the reasons hybrid dating is becoming more the norm every day.

A Snapshot of Hybrid Dating

When it comes to hybrid dating, each person may have some specific preferences. But overall, most people prefer video chat dating early on before they will commit to an in-person experience. This allows them to break the ice a bit without having to invest too much time, energy, or money. If all goes well, then video dates can begin to intermingle with traditional dates. This formula seems to work for a lot of people seeking a relationship in a post-pandemic world. But it’s certainly not the only model of hybrid dating you might consider.

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Video chat dating and hybrid dating is safe dating.

There’s a number of factors that might be considered in your own personal approach to hybrid dating. For example, if you live in a delta variant COVID hotspot, you may prefer video chat dating for the time being. This may even be the case if you had started going on some in-person dates beforehand. You may also persist with video chat dating if you’re limited in your schedule or if you simply prefer its convenience. In fact, recent surveys report two-thirds of people now expect to keep video dates as a part of their relationship. That’s a pretty big shift from our pre-pandemic state of mind.

Some Best Practices for Video Chat Dating

You might be really adept in conducting Zoom conferences at work. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re an expert at video chat dating. Incorporating video dates into hybrid dating requires that you take a different approach. For one, video dates are supposed to be fun, not work. So, the background of your video date as well as your attitude matters. Your background should be intriguing and say something about who you are. This will stimulate conversation, which will definitely make the date much better. This along with a positive and lighthearted attitude will help get the date off on the right foot.

Of course, not all dates go well. Therefore, it’s also important to know how to handle video dates that may be one and done. As always, honesty is appreciated when in such situations. Perhaps, you’re just not ready for a relationship, or maybe, there is simply no strong connection. In these instances, be polite but also sincere and honest when it comes time to end the video call. Remember, this can be a two-way street. So, approaching such a situation in a way that you would want to be treated is usually a good guide.

Other Trends Favoring Hybrid Dating

In addition to other factors, there seems to have been a social shift related to dating since the pandemic. During the year, many have reflected on their lives in a general sense and what they want out of a relationship. Instead of simply going on a date for a good time, more individuals seem to be taking dating more seriously now. This too has encouraged hybrid dating rather than video chat dating alone. Once a video date shows potential, many are interested to see how well the in-person experience might be. This is another reason why hybrid dating is becoming more popular.

In total, nearly half of people today who are on the dating scene have tried video chat dating. As a result, they have come to appreciate its pros as well as some of its cons. Using it to save time, money, and hassle makes logical sense. But at some point, a traditional date is needed for obvious reasons. There might be a sense of chemistry and physical attraction online, but you’ll only know for certain when in-person. Hybrid dating thus provides a great way to get the most that both types of dating have to offer.


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