Secrets to Making Your 20s as Bold as Possible

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For some, their 20s embodies freedom – a freedom they never knew as a teenager, or a freedom that they look back longingly on when they’re older and responsibility weighs them down. However, regardless of where you stand on the timeline of your life, your 20s will always represent a unique time with unique opportunities to live boldly. How that manifests is up to you… but here are some suggestions to push you in the right direction.

Secret #1: If you’re single, make the most of it

Sure, you get asked a lot why you didn’t bring a date to your cousin’s wedding. Or, perhaps, you’ve been cornered too many times by friends who relentlessly ask you about your dating life. Either way, it certainly gets tiring (and let’s be real, many times, annoying!) BUT think about it: YOU. ARE. SINGLE. You are unrestricted to do what you want when you want and how you want to. Virtually and relatively, you are free as an uncaged, wild bird. Because you don’t need to ask permission about any plan, trip, or activity, you can make choices anytime, anywhere with no impediments.

Really, being single in your late 20s is not such a bad thing. Here are some other valid points to help you shift your mindset to the positive:

  • You practically control your own time.
  • Your budget is yours. You have only yourself to support or feed, first and foremost.
  • You don’t have to worry about what married couples usually worry about.
  • And in the words of a Kelly Clarkson song: “It doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I‘m alone.” (That one hits the spot, don’t you think?)

Secret #2: Explore who you are in your own pace and on your own terms

Let’s face it, even in your late 20s, there is a high chance that you are still getting to know more about yourself. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all grow at our own pace. And, more often than not, many are still figuring out who they are at an age close to their 30s. Hence, get to know more people. Discover more about yourself by trying out new things and venturing into new places.

By choosing to leave your comfort zone, you’ll be able to find out more about your temperance, personality, likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams. Being single gives you the opportunity and freedom to explore and grow at your own pace. So, when you decide to go out there and dive into your own adventure, you’ll soon discover that being single in your late 20s is terrifically wonderful, after all.

Secret #3: Pursue a graduate degree or build your career

Because you’re single and you own your time and manage your own budget, you can spend the bulk of “me” or “single” time developing your mental capacity and your skills by pursuing higher education. Likewise, you can focus on building your career by giving all that you can at work without worrying about the common problem of “not giving enough time” to a significant other. This secret will surely give you a sense of fulfillment that can be the sweet nectar on your being single in your late 20s.

Don’t get me wrong—although married women or men can pursue a graduate degree even while building a family, it is so much easier to accomplish this feat when single. (Just ask anyone who’s done it!)

Secret #4: Aspire for a higher fitness level

Remember: Age should not limit you—especially not in staying or working toward being more fit. Exercise and keep those happy hormones flowing! Even if your metabolism rate has gone down a tad (because you are in your late 20s), you can increase it by keeping an active lifestyle that involves a balance of exercise and healthy eating habits.

How to enjoy being single, you ask? Exercising daily is one of the sure ways to help your mind and body achieve it. By deciding to aspire for a higher fitness level, you not only develop a healthy body but you also essentially help yourself culture a positive mindset about being single.

Secret #5: Work. Save Up. Travel. Volunteer. Repeat!

There is a running quote in the world about traveling, which equals to the idea of working, saving up, traveling, and then happily repeating that cycle. Well, on the question on how to enjoy being single in your late 20s AND, at the same time, live a bold life, you can add volunteering to the cycle!

When you get to a new, unfamiliar place when traveling, try looking up the potential nonprofit organizations in the area you can tap. Sign up to help out the community you’re staying with. Small or big tasks—it doesn’t matter. As long as you volunteer, you’re sure to take your single life up a notch because this one gives you a level of fulfillment unlike no other!

About the Author

Kira Gochuico is a creative writer and a hungry reader of short stories, novels and self-improvement books of all kinds. Plus, she's into fitness and the endless search for great coffee. As a copy editor with Project Bold Life and Bold Business, she loves to encourage and support other writers with much gusto to hone their craft. She also believes that while it's great that people are reading works from writers of this generation, it's always good discipline for everyone to read the classics or the works of the writers that came before us.
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